Being formed by immigrants still has power to shock


A club formed by the Irish immigrant population sends best wishes to Scotland and Ireland. Read all about it! It’s as though our heritage still has the power to shock. How timely the outrage came hours before Celtic launched their “We are Celtic – and we say No To Racism” initiative.  This morning Scott Brown reminded us, “Celtic has been a club open to all people since its formation in 1888”.  Stick to task, Celtic.

Congratulations to our former boss, Martin O’Neill, in getting the Irish to at least the knock-out round. Commiserations to our other former boss, Gordon Strachan. Gordon will be feeling sore right now but he should lick his wounds and stick to task. He got the better of Ireland on their head-to-head and came within a whisker of also getting the better of Poland. The loss in Georgia was typical Scotland – you cannot change everything in two years, while Ireland taking four points from six off Germany is inexplicable.

Gordon is by far the best man to take Scotland the World Cup 2018 qualifiers; get on with it.

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  1. Reverse pod and placed!




    South of Tunis






    Big Jock was part-time manager of Scotland in 1965.

  2. Paul 67



    “while Ireland taking 4 points from 6 off Germany is inexplicable”



    No, it isn’t.



    They happen to have a great manager.



    Not the first miracle he’s worked.



    Don’t forget a 36 point turnaround with Advocaat’s Rangers, and the 2 cups, to win a treble in his first season.



    Well, I thought it was a miracle, given the previous 10 years.

  3. Zbyszek on 9th October 2015 12:15 pm



    Congrats mate the best team won,although it was still a hard one to take.

  4. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    The 6-2 game against the now defunct Rangers was the first miracle. I actually remember saying to a room full of open-mouthed steaming Tims, “that was a f***ing miracle”.


    Undoubtedly MON is a miracle worker.



    ⚽️ Love Celtic

  5. Two things that always shock me about Scotland and Celtic for that matter. The inability to head the ball to a team mate whether in defence, midfield or attack and, even worse, the inability to tackle properly.



    Scotland are slightly better a throw ins tho :-)

  6. Delaneys Dunky on




    Well done Poland. I enjoyed last night’s entertaining game.


    Lewandowski and Milic are top quality players.


    Hope Poland make France and do well.

  7. Hunderbirds are gone



    Joy unconfined that day!



    And all while they were cheating, let’s not forget!

  8. glendalystonsils on

    I didn’t see any of the Ireland game but I was not too surprised by the result. it often happens towards the end of a qualifying tournament when the favourites have already qualified.

  9. West end of east end



    How can you be liquidated again?



    Or is that the Johnjames guy’s perspective you’re giving us?

  10. South Of Tunis on

    John James .



    Obsessed me can’t see the name John James without thinking about this great choon .



    Rudy Mills -John Jones ( Move and Groove ) .



    A gem of a Derrick Harriott choon from 68 .Used to blast it out from my wee first term at Uni room ——made all the more enjoyable by the knowledge that it bugged the shit out of the King Crimson fan next door

  11. Those suggesting we need coaches and managers who have their teams playing football rather than the variety that all too often passes for it in Scotland have my support. I have been calling for it since 1986 when Hearts almost won the league through


    Substituting physical endeavor for skill.

  12. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    How bad was Hutton?



    I mean,. how absolutely awful was he?

  13. South of Tunis


    Nothing wrong with the mighty Crims! Saw them in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago – great night. I’ll give Derrick Harriot a listen – The Jiving Juniors sound like a good Ayrshire band!

  14. Glendalys,



    I hear ye neebs but Germany are not one of those teams to take the foot of the gas in qualifying.



    Germany can lose top spot now, albeit a little unlikely.



    I don’t know if this will have any bearing on the tourney draw




  15. Regarding the leader…



    Nothing surprises me with our media. Scum bags the majority of them.



    God bless the internet bampots




  16. Brisbane67


    How dare you criticise a mercurial talent like Hutton.


    Pull yourself together and single out any fenian B that disgraced the Scotland jersey last night as the result was surely there fault.


    Thats what any proud member of the smsm will do.


    Everyone prematch talking about Lewandowski as the best in form striker in world football and yet not a peep about the most in form striker eligible for Scotland not played.




    The same reason why Scotland will never succeed at football.


    Crap administrators with a self serving agenda.


    The entire SFA are also Scotlands shame.

  17. AwNawNoTheHoldingCompanyGoingBustAgainAnawNoo



    So,who’s only got £170,000 left – RIFC or TRFC? If it’s RIFC and they go under does TRFC carry on somehow? Jj seems to think so.



    Do RIFC pay the wages of the players at TRFC? I wouldn’t have thought that was allowed. So,….



    ach, I’ve got a sair heed noo!



    And the boss has just caught me.



    Aff oot.

  18. Gutted for Scotland and Wee Gordon – hope he keeps his job, we’ve made real progress under his guidance.



    Watched the Ireland game in my local, despite the odds there was a real sense they could take something from the game as they battled miraculously……..



    There’ll be some sair heids this mornin’…………



    Good to see Snake P posting again btw……………………..




  19. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Wonder what the journalist’s outrage level was when a Scottish team allowed a foreign team to use their training facilities ahead of a game against another Scottish team…….?

  20. I mentioned yesterday afternoon that CQN would come out of the International Break much stronger than we went into it so it’s great to see ole Snake Plisken back posting, joining the welcome return of DBBIA and Livibhoy.



    So to those former posters that now just lurk, please – let’s be ‘avvin ya…. ;-)

  21. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Didn’t Moonbeams persuade Dave King to invest somewhere in the region of £20million in the dead club?



    £20million down the Swanee.



    Dave King wants that money back, or some of it at least.



    That is, in my opinion, is his motive/objective.




  22. I’m still surprised that Sean Mullony is not up on a charge by the SFA for blessing himself going on to the hallowed hampden Hun turf when was used as a sub.


    Mind you still time.

  23. Jobo,




    Snake hasn’t been away.



    Well, the name has. Poster hasn’t.




  24. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    2 Corinthians 1:3



    Psalm 46:10






    Happy Friday.




  25. 16 roads


    He got £17m back in less than a year.


    Dirty Rand in, clean Sterling out

  26. GEORDIE MUNRO on 9TH OCTOBER 2015 1:52 PM







     Snake hasn’t been away.



    Well, the name has. Poster hasn’t.”






    Must be great having your own unique, unmistakeable style of posting, Snake!!







  27. That ‘s not I heard he was dead.



    That’s Snake Plissken, that is!



    I’d recognise those subordinate clauses anywhere.

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