Bipolar Leipzig immense challenge


Ange Postecoglou will emit a sense of business as usual, but his team will take the field in Germany tonight with a central defensive pairing of Moritz Jenz and Stephen Welsh, which is more reminiscent of his early Champions League endeavours in the summer of 2021.

Are you worried? It doesn’t matter how you or I feel, only how Stephen and Moritz cope.  Perhaps playing away from the ‘feedback’ so result available at Celtic Park on Saturday will be a benefit.

We’ve both been watching Celtic a long time without ever seeing a win on German soil. Despite Leipzig’s bipolar results, it would be an immense achievement if that status changes tonight.

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  1. Have to say I’m nervous tonight.



    Still, I hope we surprise to the upside and take some of our chances!



    Mon the hoops

  2. We’ll go out and give it a go. A defeat isn’t a disaster, we can still recover next week at Celtic Park. No fear, Celtic.

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  4. Struggling to be positive but we do have more than a punchers chance.



    We have a much stronger squad with a defined method compared to a year ago when we ran Betis and Leverkusen close away from home.



    O’Riley Maeda Hatate Jenz GG Abilgaard Habsobanovic added to that squad.



    Leipzig and ourselves play a similar game but they have their challenges too. And a lot of pressure on them.



    It will be a massive 16 man effort tonight. Who knows maybe a cameo from our most experienced and much maligned European performer off the bench might just do it for us.

  5. Kick off is right in middle of work day for me.



    Start strong, don’t concede and settle into our stride. We can bring points back. Don’t see us having 3 lethargic, off the boil games in a row. Not this team.

  6. Paul, we will surely only have truly progressed as a footballing force, when CQN finally stops predicting and priming us for an imminent Euro pumping. Welshy was much improved versus ‘Well.


    We can take these Leipziggers!! Mon ra Bhoys!



    DrNormanVincentPeale CSC

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Indeed, Paul – no doubt this is a quality side. Just looking at their lineup against Real – Poulsen, Andre Silva, Halstenberg, Gvardiol and Kampl ON THE BENCH!


    Was really impressed by the MF Schlager when he played against us for Salzburg in 18-19.


    Not so much worried about the CBs as the spaces ahead we might get caught out in. Maybe a case for Abildgaard to play but probably too early. Whoever plays we are going to have to be fully concentrated, especially on the defensive transitions.


    As you say they can be a bit up and down (natural result of the style they play). Let’s hope it’s an off night.

  8. Play the scorers and take the game to them from the start.



    Take our chances and a match winning performance from Jota.




  9. Still Strange Chris Julien was never part of this squad. Better player than both starters tonight

  10. bournesouprecipe on

    The probables



    back line picks itself tonight






    Jura….Welsh… Jenz….Taylor



    So does the midfield,



    O’Riley… MacGregor… Hatate



    Forward line



    Maeda ( or Haksabanovic)….Kyogo…Jota ?



    Known injuries ( and Yom Kippur) limit the starting line up subs Turnbull and possibly Abildgaard will feature along with a rare unleashing of James Forrest?



    Not expecting variations in format from AP, we’re in season two and philosophy hasn’t altered a bit. Even if the Danish defensive midfielder was fit enough to start, I don’t think he would. If Celtic can do a Donetsk it could be a landmark, with two winnable games ahead.

  11. If we play to our capabilities, we will get something out of the game.


    If we play with a CL downer then it will be a tough night.



    We lack CL experience.


    Where we have it — it seems to bring back anxiety.



    Hopefully we are starting to believe in ourselves.


    After last night’s match — the CL is going downhill at pace.



    Plus the Napoli result shows where the CL is at.

  12. Bundesliga — topsy turvy / severe lack of quality.



    RBL — 11th place with 11 points.


    Last 5 games — 3 wins / 2 defeats.



    We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

  13. Celtic will play as the mostly do, attack and keep attacking,it’s Ange’s way, very much doubt it will be 0 0, better giving it go than wondering what if.

  14. Be brave.


    Be disciplined.


    Be clinical.



    They’re not effin world beaters.




  15. HRVATSKI JIM on 5TH OCTOBER 2022 1:17 PM





    I had some knowledge of the Budapest question but could not have provided a precise answer so I am not going to claim credit here.


    Another great history question from you as well as the multiplicity of photos to which you post links. Your contributions to this blog during a very barren time (football wise) is highly appreciated by me.

  16. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    ●●A few to ponder with●●Euro related●●


    Q1) Celtic became the first British team to defeat an Italian side over two legs in an European tie.Who are they?


    Q2)Who made his European debut in goal for Celtic v Honved at Celtic Park?


    Q3)…and who made his debut in goal v Borussia Dortmund 1987?


    A few football questions to follow shortly.

  17. Chris Julien was a £7m purchase for us. He’s not, nor does he see himself, as a 4th choice CH.



    4th choice Centre Halves are normally plucked from the youth ranks and are happy to develop their game when called upon to step up.



    We have Welsh. Seems happy to do that but a definite drop down in quality from a CCV. Do we have a better alternative for Number 4 ? I liked Dane Murray but a long term absentee and Bosun Lawal was as raw as sushi in pre-season.




  18. BW @ 1.44



    We paid well over the odds for CJ — no Reggie Perrin jokes please.


    Excellent footballer but an average defender who was over emotional.


    Some days he looked a world beater – other days he couldn’t beat Casey’s drum.



    CJ was not the future — happy to see him go.


    The issue was that we needed a new starting CB.



    CCV and CS — OK for a season but surely not what we need in the CL.



    MoJ = raw but worth the effort / punt.


    Excellent 4th choice CB — 20 games this season if he is lucky.


    10 / 10 — starts / subs.



    SW = huge gaps in his game / needs more time on the park to build his game.


    Should have gone out on loan for a year — similar to LS.


    However we need him for the CL squad numbers.



    Another issue is that no-one from the B Team can even get on the bench in these circumstances. Might be that the games clash but when required we should have people in the B Team that can step up.



    Overall — we had issues at CB at the start of the season and we are now paying the price.

  19. FT – Young uns’ Celtic B win 2-1 in Germany…



    On LiepzigQuickNews, blogger SauerMitch bemoans the ole St Gertrude’s undue influence on their youth ranks.




  20. BW @ 1.56



    We missed a penalty as well seemingly.


    In other news — don’t give up your day job.

  21. BW @ 2.05



    Phasers set to malky …


    That scares me to the core.


    70’s TV has a lot to answer for.



    The AUG being a local manifestation.

  22. Jullien becoming another McGinn saga on here,he’s away, was a drama queen, Ange didn’t rate him,move on….

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ange didn’t get where he is today by trying to persuade CJ to stay at Celtic Park.


    (If you’re old enough …….)

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