Bizarre fantasy-rant from Miller


Someone forwarded me the statement from US based Bill Miller which I read and ignored, thinking it was a wind-up.  Incredibly, it’s ““Real””.

Bill tells us he will invest £11.2m into the club and:

“There is no way that Ticketus would agree to accept a “pence on the pound.

“It is apparent that there will be several lawsuits that will emerge in relation to a potential CVA exit.

“In order to preserve the club’s history, records, championships and assets, I will put the “heart” of the club into an “incubator” company while Duff & Phelps works to make the “sick patient” healthy through a CVA process that effectively works to “radiate” the toxicity of past administrations’ sins out of the patient while the “healthy heart” is preserved and moves forward.”

The above is an actual quote.  I’m not even sure the pubs are open in America at this time of day.

But Bill, the “sick patient” owns the stadium, and as you suggest, a CVA would be prolonged.  Craig Whyte owns security over the stadium and your refusal to deal with him might make playing there…. awkward.  Any creditor, like HMRC or Whyte, could and perhaps would challenge a disposal of assets like the one you suggest.

He goes on:

“Any suggestion that Rangers history is lost by such a process is preposterous.

“Using such logic, Rangers would not actually have a 140-year history as its current corporate structure was only created in 1899. To suggest that Rangers thus have only a 113-year-old history is absurd.”

We’ve explained this one before.  Rangers were incorporated 113 years ago; “Real”.  The same entity, owning the same assets, existed pre-incorporation as an unincorporated football club.

Buying and selling history is almost as entertaining as buying the Eiffel Tower in cash off a guy in a Bellshill pub.  If it’s possible, I demand Celtic PLC get off their bums and buy the history of ancient Greece.

Bill adds:

“My offer is contingent upon the regulatory bodies agreeing that the club will begin play in the 2012/13 season in the SPL and that they will do so without any loss of points and with all historic titles intact.”

Ah, “contingent upon”.  A condition; just what Duff and Phelps asked to be excluded.  You’ve underplayed this one, Bill.  If the SPL will agree to this they will surely agree to give you a 10 point bonus next season, just for being so nice.

“The time for talk is over. The club is in serious jeopardy of dying. “Real” [sic]liquidation is looming.”

I like this guy.  He sounds like a “Real” level headed custodian for Rangers. Alas, I fear Duff and Phelps will be in sombre mood when next we hear from them.

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  1. The Honest Cover-up on

    Is this guy Miller even for real? As amusing as it is, it really is high time this pantomine was brought to a close. Liquidate them, lets get our jelly and ice cream then we can all get on with our lives.

  2. The Meet



    I went to talk to the sfa


    They didn’t say go away


    In yae come have some tea


    We’ll listen to yir forlorn plea



    Nae mair points aff? Right yae are


    All forgotton, wunderbar


    Yae want to be champions once again


    Mr Miller wit are you saying?



    Nae mair cheatin, so that they know


    Keep it hidden down below


    Don’t want nae changes, mair awe the same


    The best way forward, I do proclaim

  3. The Pantaloon Duck on

    Paul – Celtic already owns the history of ancient Greece. It came as part of the deal with Sammi. Pay attention.

  4. Paul67 launched new article seconds after I posted this – “Somebody on here predicted that if there was to be a major announcement it would be at close of business today. Well I’m hearing that a 5pm press briefing has been called..”

  5. The 5 oclock press briefing is to unveil the ibrox incubator.



    sally “the man of many pies” mcmoisty has told jim whyte


    “an incubators just what we need, itll keep my greggs gear warm after that wee git whyte sold off our microwave”

  6. Paul67 – Can we keep him? Please? Pretty please?



    I like him. I hope it isn’t the last we have heard of him and his business ideas.

  7. Miller & Moisty



    What a double act.



    On a more serious note, does the SFA / SPL have authority to engage in dialogue with him ?

  8. What a fascinating story from the south.


    Like all the others that can predict the laptop loyal headlines for tomorrow, I predict a ‘Whyte holding saviour to ransom’ headline



    Oh I want them to die, but lets see them continue to suffer all through the summer, all the way to mid July, when they implode with their band mates playing the last post with their flutes.

  9. Those incubators cost a fortune and as for Sally!!!



    We’re goin to need a bigger incubator.

  10. The Pantaloon Duck on

    TimsinOhio ( formerly TimsinYYZ ) on 20 April, 2012 at 16:23 said:



    Inspired by Awe Naw on the previous thread :-)

  11. Tennessee Tim on 20 April, 2012 at 16:22 said:



    Don’t know – but it’s definitely Rangers related given what else I heard.

  12. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. Tennessee Tim.. Great Sobriquet!!


    @ 16.19.






    Hey.. Ah hiv guid News fur ye..!



    Bill Miller is an ENGLISHMAN.. Born and Bred..



    Guess, the wull Mak ye Happy.. Huh?



    Delighted tae Oblige..





    yer pal. .who likes ye, already.



    Still Laughin.. Even .. Mairer.. Noo!

  13. Auld Neil Lennon heid on



    Previous blog: perhaps more accurate to say that had D&P made this known recovery would have ended weeks ago.


    I remember watching Brian Rix farces from the Whitehall Theatre, this has them beat all ends up. :)

  14. johann murdoch on

    If ever I need a portable toilet in Tennessee then Bills gettin my business!..I like the guy.



    Dump in Bills !

  15. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul67 –



    Bill seems more like some LSD casualty to me.



    Maybe it’s a case of Miller Lite (Entertainment) though.

  16. Jelly And Gelato on

    That statement is just what Duff and Duffer need at this point. Clarity, straight talk and practical solutions from the man who did walking away, then took a wee sneaky peek over his shoulder.

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