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  1. CELTIC: Hart, Starfelt, Scales, Bitton, Giakoumakis, Rogic, O’Riley, Maeda, Forrest, Ralston, Welsh.


    Subs: Bain, Oluwayemi, Jullien, Taylor, Abada, McCarthy, Jota, Carter-Vickers, Hatate, McGregor, Juranovic

  2. With that midfield I don’t expect anything other than a right royal (for JHB) rogering.





    Happy to be proven wrong but I’ll be surprised if we lose any less than three goals tonight.

  3. Sunday’s the priority so won’t be too disappointed if we don’t go through and hopefully no injuries HH 🍀

  4. My pledge to the blog –



    During the Live update blog I will abstain from any political comments, I shall refrair from engagement with those who wish to steer their own agendas, and I will ignore those who cannot help themseves to slag players, coaches and club.



    In turn my support of those who represent us, on the field of play with a celtic crest on their shirt, shall be unconditional.



    Greenock Shamrock Celtic Supporters Club.



    Saint Stivs.

  5. Does anyone think a midfield of Bitton, Rogic and O’Riley would ever get played in a domestic match?


    I don’t, so I assume Ange has given up on the tie or is doing an impersonation of an intransigent Lennie.


    Whichever it is I hope the defence is absolutely on top of its game tonight, they’ll need to be.



    Why not play McCarthy? Makes absolutely no sense. If he is that far out the picture get rid.

  6. Sunday is obviously the more important game and Ange has been pragmatic.



    I think he’s right. I’m shocked he didn’t go all in because that’s all we’ve seen from him so far.



    This more pragmatic side to him will hopefully pay dividends on Sunday as we take a big step towards that league title.

  7. Saint Stivs – well said.



    I’ve mentioned this before but please restrict ‘FFS’ for goals, penalties or red cards against us. Not for a bad miss or dubious free kick.



    Don’t use numbers in a post like ‘A good 1-2’ as one’s eyes are drawn to anything that looks like a change in scoreline.



    And finally, if you have to ask sommeone did they go to school with your wife’s cousin, leave it till after the match.

  8. Possibly the plan is to let the B Team have a go for an hour, if we are still in with a chance at that stage then bring on the Cavalry and give it a go for last 30 minutes.


    The Hibs game is the more important of the 2,

  9. I’m in the camp who want us to prioritise the league. If we win tonight, great. If we don’t, I’ll be a little disappointed but I’ll get over it quickly.



    C’mon the HOOPS




  10. An Dún on 24th February 2022 5:01 pm



    Bitton, Rogic and O’Riley is more pragmatic? Surely Bitton, McCarthy and O’Riley would have been pragmatic? Maybe even starting Jullien?


    I worry this team is being thrown to the wolves this evening and it really worries me. Its not fair in particular on Maeda who is still finding his feet and Welsh/Starfelt/Ralston/Scales none of whom need a chasing at the moment. Not prayed for about 30years maybe I’ll start again tonight.


    Anyway off to make some dinner before the game starts.

  11. In these uncertain times please spare a thought for those who have already booked flights for Albania in May.

  12. ERNIE LYNCH on 24TH FEBRUARY 2022 4:53 PM


    You naughty boy :-))





    Re Tonight. Not really sure why but I am struggling to feel enthusiasm for tonight`s game. Also, i am not envious of the players having to perform on a plastic pitch in the Arctic Circle !

  13. midfield looks slow with zero protection for the defense – this will be messy tonight. Ange has started a team with a view on hibs – I’m perfectly ok with that!

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  15. onenightinlisbon on

    Surprised O’Riley and Rogic are playing together again. Way too slow.


    Ange is the boss but fear the worst here….

  16. If Scales and Gia get on the same wavelength i see goals there.



    Ange is his own man, I trust his selection is best for the club.



    COYBIG 🍀



    Some people love doom and gloom……

  17. Clearly prioritising the Hibs game but asking squad to man up



    Happy with that



    WITS will be happy Scales is playing



    All good

  18. Good height and a proven Celtic goal scorer in Norway in this team !



    3-1 for the hoops. Then the cavalrycome on to win it in extra time.

  19. Those two in the studio are the type we need in our team along with another few of the blessed martins team ,big .hard and arrogant players . Think ange has his eye on Sunday , that will do for me . HH

  20. UEFA meeting on Monday to decide on venue for CL final in May.



    I also expect them to announce the immediate expulsion of all Russian teams from European competition.

  21. Ernie



    I am delighted to be going to Albania in May regardless.



    Maybe even send you a postcard.



    I hear their health service is good too.



    No doubt you can Google up some facts and pretend to be clever / obtuse though.



    Always makes me smile.

  22. Martim 1980



    As my old man was won’t to say ….. Celtic are an easy target to kick for folk who are impotent to sort out the other problems in their worlds.

  23. park the bus 442 on



    No doom and gloom, opinions surely welcome, this is a blog?




    Only if your in the wee gang hut thingy! 👍

  24. The McCarthy situation doesn’t sit right with me as a union man (not in Ireland, the capitalist nirvana) and Socialist.



    We employ a man on a 4 year contract (lucrative I assume); we then embarrass him my putting everyone above him in the pecking order



    As a Celtic fan, i can’t believe he us happy with no games or just picking up a wage



    I’d love to know the story there

  25. Was thinking 2-0 over 90mins wasn’t beyond the bounds of possibility…until I saw the team selection






    make us proud, Bhoys

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