Brendan and Peter will tell the Dedryck and Jason story


Jason Denayer played his first senior football during his 2014-15 loan season at Celtic.  Before that season ended, he was a full Belgian international.  We tried to retain him, but parent club Manchester City wanted him to go elsewhere.

There followed a season at Galatasaray, then Sunderland (where he played central defence, full back and central mid), before going back to Galatasaray on loan last season.  His last appearance for Belgium was in the quarter finals of Euro 2016, a defeat to Wales.

While City would not loan Jason in 2015 they sold us Dedryck Boyata instead.  Dedryck made a 45-minute cameo appearance for Belgium as a teenager in 2010 but didn’t play for his country again until near the end of his first season at Celtic.  Belgium were preparing for Euro 2016 at the time but decided against his selection.

While Jason drifted out of the national team picture as he dodged around Europe on an enormous wage from Manchester City, Dedryck is in Russia.  He has earned less money than Jason since leaving Manchester City, but his achievements are far greater.

These things matter at this time of the year.  Brendan Rodgers and Peter Lawwell will speak to players and agents and will relay this narrative.  Come to Celtic, become a better player, win things, and gain international recognition.

Jason has two years left on his Manchester City contract, when he will be 24, but he needs to find another Celtic to put some wind beneath his wings, if he is to make it to the top.

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  1. Here’s the Spanish FA president and former Hamilton Academical defender Luis Rubiales explaining the decision


    “We have to decided to fire the national coach. What we have achieved in getting here is due in great part to him, and we must thank him and wish him luck. The Spanish national team is the team of all the Spaniards. We only found out just five minutes before the announcement that he was leaving for Madrid. There is a way that you must act. Julen has worked in a great way with the team, but we cannot accept how he has acted in this case.”



    I blame the Accies.

  2. Not strictly true. Citeh gave Denayer £50k per week. Perhaps too much to soon and he hasn’t kicked on after making some bad moves. The fact remains Dedryck can double his wages and increase his exposure and international prospects by playing at a higher level if he moves in the summer. He is however unlikely to win any trophies at a mid table Club. The choice is his, I hope he chooses to stay.




    Jobo – France and Griezmann





    Brazil and Neymar



    JOBO BALDIE – France and Griezmann


    GARY67 – Argentina and Messi


    DAVID17 – Brazil and Neymar

  5. Paul interesting parallel between Dedryck and Jason,



    i feel Dedryck improved somewhat towards the end of the season …alas poor Jason,



    hope alls well and good on Cqn,




  6. No disrespect to Jason Denayer but seems like playing alongside Virgil made him appear to be a better defender than what he actually is.




  7. BadaBing



    Wee bitty arrogant of Real to covet a manager just recently signed a new contract ? remind you of another club,now gone who seen themselves as their FA’s works team :-)



    hope yir good mate




  8. 2026 World Cup to be held on a continent rather than a country. I suppose Infantino has form for this with the 2020 Euros shambles. Two countries not interested in football and one who has already held it twice.


    Its all about the money, nothing to do with the game or the fans!!

  9. Enough money to be very comfortable for the rest of your natural, throw in a right few medals, International recognition & playing at a packed paradise. Versus, making obscene amounts of lolly and potential football wilderness with no medals or caps , but money is never a problem. A conundrum for some. Is there’s any middle ground or just either extreme ? Jobo . Carvani and Uruguay.

  10. mike in toronto on




    American national team is miles better than Scotland’s. In Canada, our national team needs work, but now More kids play football than hockey, so the game here is improving.



    MLS is improving all the time, while the SPFL has gone backwards since the 80’s.



    And TFC’s Michael Bradley is a better midfielder than Scott Brown. Yes, I did.




  11. Auldheid on 13th June 2018 12:54 pm



    from Previous blog



    THE EXILED TIM on 12th June 2018 6:21 pm







    I admire your faith that justice will prevail, but mi amigo, how many times has it been said they are bang to rights, jeezo, half of the sfa and most of the hun board should be in jail, yet they are still in situ scamming the honest supporter.




    I won’t be holding my breath for any form of justice cos it’s no gonna happen :-(






    Back in my working days after bringing a large project in on time and on budget during a period of temporary promotion I was asked by my boss to continue being his deputy at my temporary promotion grade.




    I was delighted to accept of course but I remember one of the reasons he told me he wanted me as his cover. He said “You make things happen”




    So I like the challenge:




    Here is a reminder of what has happened. :)




    Here are all the things that folk from CQN were saying.




    “Res12 guys have been duped and Res12 has been kicked into the long grass.”




    It clearly hasn’t. It cut the long grass. (where is TD btw?)




    “UEFA will not get involved.”




    A way was found to do that and whilst the question was never asked, UEFA provided authority carrying evidence that TRFC/RIFC are a new club/company as in not the same club as RFC. They also provided key dates that allowed the SFA narrative to be challenged.




    “The Compliance Officer investigation will come to nothing.”




    Yet there is now a JPDT going to look at how honest RFC were in 2011.




    Finally “the JPDT will come up with a fudge.”




    Given the previous claims that prediction is no racing certainty because the information that has brought us to the JPDT point still exists.




    In Celtic’s words to the Res12 boys in lead up to the last AGM “this isn’t going to go away” and one of the reasons is the evidence to ensure it doesn’t.




    As an even older colleague once said to me in the late 60s.




    “There are two kinds of people in the world.




    Those that are willing to work and



    Those who are willing to let them.




    You are spot on about who deserves a medal though lol.

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    AT- can see why Spain chased him, he told them 5 minutes before it went public, Del Bosque could return….HH

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on




    JOBO BALDIE – France and Griezmann



    GARY67 – Argentina and Messi



    DAVID17 – Brazil and Neymar



    BADA BING- France and Mbappe

  14. Re-post from last blog



    As Celtic have sold out their season tickets could we introduce a system that if a season ticket holder can’t make the match or pass on their ticket then the seat is opened up for £10 and the money goes to the Celtic trust/ Mary’s meals etc?

  15. mike in toronto on 13th June 2018 12:53 pm



    Debatable if USA soccer team is better than Scotland’s at present. They’re in the easiest confederation to qualify from and they couldn’t even get past Panama.


    The decision has nothing to do with football and supporters and everything to do with money. Its FIFA’s raison d’etre. A corrupt organization lining each others pockets.


    What next, Europe as a continent to hold the World Cup, then the whole of South America, Africa, Asia????

  16. Paul67



    Mind, we’ve got £40M of CL money sitting in the bank no counting the Moussa, Tierney, Armstrong yada yada yada money.



    UnfairAdvantages CSC

  17. !!BADA BING!! on 13TH JUNE 2018 1:02 PM


    Hierro takes over for Spain





    He always made my world 11 team when I was a school kid. Loved him as a player.

  18. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    France and Griezmann, got them at 35/1 for the winner,


    top goalscorer double.

  19. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Australia and Timmy Cahill



    H.H Mick




    JOBO BALDIE – France and Griezmann



    GARY67 – Argentina and Messi



    DAVID17 – Brazil and Neymar



    BADA BING- France and Mbappe



    DELANEYS DUNKY – France and Lewandowski



    THE EXILED TIM – Spain and Griezmann



    NYE BEVANS REBEL SOLDIER – France and Griezmann



    MELBOURNE MICK – Australia and Cahill

  21. Auldheid


    You and I think from the opposite sides, you are the glass half full kinda person…


    I remember a while back you said that Pedro told you ” Give me the bullets and I will fire them ” you did, he didn’t, so you can see where I am coming from.


    IMO the only hope they will have any kinda justice dished out to them will be self inflicted, you have lived in scotland long enough to know that.



  22. traditionalist88 on

    Always enjoyed watching Hierro as a player. Didnt expect to see him there as a manager this time! Spanish media got the story completely wrong, at 10.59 they said that due to intervention of the players Lopetigui would be getting kept on as manager. At 11.01 the screaming headlines confirmed he’d gone!



    Its not just our media…




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