Brendan takes an early psychological lead


I listened to Brendan give due credit to St Mirren at the weekend, and then to the granular analysis of his comment that they were the best Scottish opposition we have faced this season, and recalled an old story.

Archie Macpherson, a good friend of Jock Stein, told me that Jock would make sure he controlled the headlines in the week ahead of playing Rangers. He set the agenda by giving the media ready-made material.

Brendan’s assertion was not fanciful. Whatever has gone on in St Mirren’s season, their recent wins over Hibs and Ayr United, and their performance on at the weekend, they have clearly turned a corner. They were unequivocally better prepared for Celtic Park than most of the Premiership teams who have visited this season. If it was a stretch to say they were the best, at 56 minutes into the game it didn’t feel like one.

Kilmarnock (conceded 6), Motherwell (5), Newco (5), Aberdeen (4) and Hearts (4) were each clueless at Celtic Park this season, so there is a degree of accuracy in manager’s observation.

The Rangers Stein faced is a different proposition entirely from that which Brendan Rodger’s will be up against on Sunday (literally), but Brendan has taken an early psychological lead, whether he needs it or not.


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  1. Thought that Brendan was playing mind games as well when he said SS will get twenty goals this season. He’s on eighteen just now, wouldn’t be surprised to see him get two this weekend.

  2. What i found interesting about the comment Brendan made was that he wasn’t prompted to say that. He went out of his way to say it. What he is basically saying is ‘you have watched that and think you will have chance next week, well let me tell you…’

  3. Bobby Madden confirmed as the 12th man going head to head with ours.



    With a small c. He’s not been Confirmed.

  4. As for the psychological advantage, he’s had that since the moment he was announced as Manager. Newco were spooked the next day and blew the Scottish Cup. They are terrified of him at every level of their club. I had a discussion with another CQN’er recently and we both agreed that we are essentially half a goal up against the tribute act when the teams line up in the tunnel.

  5. South Of Tunis on

    DAVIDOPOULOS @ 11 53 .



    KRUG .



    Life’s ironies include Rube supporters hating Krug for his performance in the 98 Final v Real Madrid .Madrid’s winner was a yard offside and Krug seemed happy to let Real kick lumps out of Del Piero and Inzaghi..

  6. bournesouprecipe on 7th March 2017 12:30 pm



    What happened to the Boabby Madden season ticket money?





    I believe his season ticket is a benefit in kind. Is he paying the tax on it though???

  7. I heard quite a few boos at half time on sun. and some unfathomable comments. some fans need a reality check to what their raison d,etre is, either to SUPPORT the best club in the world, or to be like the orcs, hating anything/everything when things are not going 100% for them . Plueease lighten up. even when I first saw the size of Wayne biggins arse when he came on as sub on his debut, I still did not boo my team(still have nightmares tho)

  8. Mursheen


    Perhaps I have selective hearing but, whilst hearing many groans and moans, I did not hear any booing on Sunday let alone `quite a few`. Where is your seat?





    I remember my brother, around the time that we won the Big Cup, saying that we would do much better in Europe because the refs were fair. A perspicacious chap, my brother.




  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Mursheen-a lot of the ‘malcontents’,were probably not there during the RD seasons….

  10. bournesouprecipe



    There will be a ballot amongst the brothers. Bobby can’t just decide to give it to Beaton. That would be favouritism, and if there’s one thing SFA referees can’t stand it’s…

  11. weebobbycollins on

    Breaking News….Breaking News….Rangers can upset Celtic and win the Old Firm derby this weekend, says former Rangers midfielder Kevin Thomson….Breaking News….Breaking News….Rangers can upset Celtic and wi…

  12. I’ve not been on for a while so I dunno if anyone else has posted this observation already, but…



    I think that the gullibles are falling for a fast one yet again with the reported intention to appoint Pedro Caixinha as Head Coach, Team Manager, or whatever.



    Apparently Dave King contacted Jose Mourinho, hoping that the schemer of Celtic’s 2003 UEFA Cup Final defeat could help out his beloved Sevco. The conversation went something like this:



    DK: Hi Josey. Got any tips on how we can beat Celtic?


    JM: You looking for new money, Ger?


    DK: Always Josey!


    JM: Have you thought about Caixinha?


    DK: Oh aye Josey, I’ll have a bit of that. But dunny tell the tax office.


    JM: I’ll get him to give you a call.


    DK: Nice one Josey, I’ll tell my accountant to open another Cuban bank account for me.


    JM: What?


    DK: No. We tried Wattie already and it didny turn oot too well. I’ll stick wi’ the cash in ya, er secret bank account. Thanks for the advice.









    Celtic 2 Sevco 1


    Soft penalty scored for Rangers


    Stone-waller (or two) denied Celtic


    At least one serious injury for a Celtic player


    At least one red card for a Rangers player


    …and Broonie sent off for “retaliation” to even it out

  13. South Of Tunis on




    One of my fave Rube things is the 10 minutes Helmut Haller spent talking to a German Ref at half time in a game where Derby County were absolutely shafted by some absolute your kidding Ref decisions.

  14. weebobbycollins on

    Bigchips…Aye, and can you imagine what Baird shaver would have done to them in the desert?

  15. South Of Tunis on 7th March 2017 1:09 pm






    One of my fave Rube things is the 10 minutes Helmut Haller spent talking to a German Ref at half time in a game where Derby County were absolutely shafted by some absolute your kidding Ref decisions.





    Leeds were also shafted by a ref (or so they claimed) that same season against Milan were they not?



    Before my time but I read an article a few years ago about the great conspiracy theories involving English clubs in Europe (in the aftermath of the Barca putting Chelsea out of the CL in controversial circumstances).

  16. West End of East End on

    mursheen on 7th March 2017 12:44 pm



    We were talking about it just before HT and I said to listen out for the boos when he blows his whistle, pleasantly surprised when it was only a few.



    I don’t know where you sit in the ground but in the JS lower where there’s loads of grumpy ******** the reaction was don’t panic Brendan will sort this out…

  17. South Of Tunis on




    Leeds were shafted by a Greek Ref in the 73 ECWC Final v Milan @ Thessalonoki in 73 .



    A game which also featured the wonderful Rivera losing it at the umpteenth assault from Norman Hunter and running his studs down the back of one of Hunters ‘ legs . Ref saw it , Ref did nothing .

  18. http://www.philmacgiollabhain.ie/celtic-build-for-the-future-as-the-press-propagate-feelgood-falsehoods-about-sevco/



    Phil is up. Posting some of his usual nonsense about how Celtic are run. Talking about a “highly professional scouting system” that’s been introduced lately.



    The club’s strategy has remained intact. Celtic have always scouted 3 or more players for any one position.



    The difference now is that we have a coach who can get players to play to their potential. Look at the improvements made by Scott Brown, Stuart Armstrong, Paddy Roberts, James Forrest & Boyata.



    Sometimes you wonder who else Brendan could have got a song out of…. could he have rekindled the careers of Beram Kayal, Mubarak Wakaso, Jo Inge Berget or even Derk Boerrigter?



    Phil is right that Celtic are run in a professional manner. This is the reason there is no salacious gossip being leaked time and time again. He resorts to regurgitating rumours that appear on Celtic forums as if he has some sort of “scoop”



    Interesting that he mentioned Solanke though. As for the Serbian CB who knows? We had previously been interested in Aleksandar Pantić but he’s just moved to Dynamo Kiev. Nikola Maraš is the latest young CB to get into the Serbia squad.





    They got totally reamed in the final in ’75 v Bayern.

  20. The truth is, Sevco have a shot at causing an upset in the semi final.



    But they’ll need Bobby Madden’s help





    Yer improvement article was going well but you should have stopped at Beram Kayal.



    God and CPR couldnae have put life into them three.

  22. Geordie Munro on

    Bobby Madden has done ok for us at Hampden so far.



    There, I said it :)




  23. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    An Teach Solais on 7th March 2017 11:57 am



    E-mail me at vfr@girfuy.co.uk and I’ll pass on my mobile and we can get something sorted.











    Yer improvement article was going well but you should have stopped at Beram Kayal.




    God and CPR couldnae have put life into them three.





    I can’t agree with you on Kayal. I believed he was a fine player but he couldn’t stay fit enough when he was here. He’s remedied that and is doing well at Brighton & Hove Albion.



    As for the other three?



    Berget had a terrible debut because Ronny felt it was worthwhile throwing him into the first team without even having a training session with his new teammates. He returned to haunt us later on. Berget is no Moussa Dembele or Scott Sinclair but he’s a far better player than he was ever given credit for.



    And Derk…. we never really got to see much of him. He probably never wanted to play for us but he was highly regarded in Holland at one point. You just wonder what he’s capable of.

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