Browns’ inevitable red, on being disrespectful to St Johnstone


With St Johnstone visiting Ibrox, St Mirren visiting Pittodrie and Celtic off to Rugby Park, this was an unlikely week for the champions to extend their lead over all three in the chasing pack.  But, thanks to a 90th minute shot from Scott Brown that was deflected into the Killie net, that was how it played out.

This was Celtic’s first win in three league games on an artificial surface this season and there was no mistaking how unaccustomed they were to the surface.  Even Kilmarnock players suffered as any forward ball on the deck ran out of play.  While it is unlikely we will play on plastic again this season, we need to get a game plan for this surface.

Kirk Broadfoot was given a straight red for a studs-first challenge on Scott Brown’s calf.  The Celtic captain then collected his second yellow after fans, in what looked like a tribute to Newco fans celebrations of SPFL wins, invaded the pitch to celebrate with the players.  Brown did not actually approach the perimeter of the stand but was quickly engulfed by fans, and inevitably, two cards.

I heard Steven Gerrard’s harsh post match assessment of his team’s application against St Johnstone.  If publicly telling players how inept their application is leads to unbridled success, Newco will do the double this year.  I do, however, have a nagging suspicion that there is more to management than getting angry and telling players they are not “real Rangers”.

Gerrard is new to management and it tells.  Moreover, he split the team by absolving two players of responsibility, not on account of their exceptional performances, but because others did not do enough for them.  If you Play Favourites, those favourites better be exceptional.

St Johnstone looked broken at the conclusion of their recent encounters with Celtic but there was more at stake than a football game at Ibrox on Saturday.  After winning in Perth in December, Steven Gerrard said, “We shouldn’t have to work that hard to win at places like this, with all due respect.”

With all due respect, that was transparently disrespectful.  It was also naive and would motivate every single St Johnstone player.  Well played, ‘Stevie’.  Sort your own attitude out before attacking your players’ and they might do better.

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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    See the MSM must have been paying attention to social media, now reporting that the Hun is only 3 points better off than last year. Also found this note from a blogger too:



    Rangers managers win %



    Warburton 65.85%,


    Pedro 53.85%


    Murty 50% First stint


    Murty 62.07% Second stint (combined 60%)


    Gerrard 52.27%

  2. Broonies last minute goal v Killie reminded me of Jock Steins advice to his players to shoot-on-sight because when your up against a packed defence anything can happen with ricochets deflections etc. See also the 1967 winning European Cup goal. It is something that, IMO ,the team should be doing much more often.

  3. John Mahon (left) is a man in demand


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    Celtic have stepped up their interest in Sligo Rovers defender John Mahon – according to a report.



    The Republic of Ireland U-21 international is attracting attention from Scotland and England, with Rangers also believed to have scouted the 19-year-old.



    According to the Express, Celtic ‘s U-21 head of recruitment Willie McStay watched the teenager last Friday as Sligo drew 1-1 with Dundalk in the League of Ireland.



    Derby County and Blackburn Rovers are also on Mahon’s trail and he’s claimed to prefer a move to Celtic or England

  4. 50 shades of green on

    I see the mock outrage is still in full mode, keep on deflecting fae the zombie inadequacy, hopefully Stevie G is here for 10in a row ya Muppets



    Just makes Broonies shot all the sweeter..




  5. Why would anyone want to compete in the Champions League, it’s unfair on the small Countries to compete in these games, our chances of winning the Champions League, or the Uefa League are vitually nil.



    I was one of the lucky one’s that managed to see us win in 1967, but it was a fairer competition back then,the winners of each League played each other in a knock out version of the European Cup,Now it’s the Rich teams versus the poor teams,and the poor teams have to eliminate each other to compeate in the Champions League proper.



    My pet hate is the thought that we have to compeate against 4 teams from England, Germany,France,Spain. Because they are the money rich teams,it’s simply an unjust competition to compete in, The UEFA League competition is equally unfair,



    I’ve come to the conclusion that we, as a small country should call a halt to this mega cheating and refuse to compete in unfair competitions,Maybe others, with Balls,would join us in the Mutiny,



    Below is a chart of the copetitions that we must partake in to Qualify for both unfair Cups.



    First qualifying round


    (8 teams)


    8 champions from associations 47–54


    Second qualifying round


    (34 teams)


    30 champions from associations 16–46 (except Liechtenstein)


    4 winners from the first qualifying round


    Third qualifying round Champions


    (20 teams)


    3 champions from associations 13–15


    17 winners from the second qualifying round




    (10 teams)


    9 runners-up from associations 7–15


    1 third-placed team from association 6


    Play-off round Champions


    (10 teams)


    10 winners from the third qualifying round for champions




    (10 teams)


    2 third-placed teams from associations 4–5


    3 fourth-placed teams from associations 1–3[UCL]


    UEFA Europa League holders[UEL]


    5 winners from the third qualifying round for non-champions


    Group stage


    (32 teams)


    12 champions from associations 1–12


    6 runners-up from associations 1–6


    3 third-placed teams from associations 1–3


    UEFA Champions League holders


    5 winners from the play-off round for champions


    5 winners from the play-off round for non-champions


    Knockout phase


    (16 teams)

  6. If we start well and manage to get the first goal over there, it will be interesting to see how Valenica react.



    We’ve scored three away from home in Europe under Brendan, we could do it again .



    Don’t rule us out just yet.




  7. Why are we refereeing games twice?


    We already have a team of incredibly proficient, wholly impartial and fair officials to ensure each game is contested fairly, honest and absolutely above board, on the day.



    Having a team of ex-incredibly proficient, wholly impartial and fair officials to review each game is completely unnecessary, a massive waste of resources.


    They are also completely incapable of following simple instructions but let’s not go into that just now.

  8. DBhoy



    I’ve ruled us out. We don’t seem to have the Euro smarts to play a different kind of game so in going after it like that I fear a gubbing on the obvious counter.



    Motherwell on Sunday more important, especially as it’s me and Wee Wavy’s trip to Paradise together….

  9. DBhoy


    Just seen my son off to Glasgow Airport with his seven mates to Valencia for 4 nights. Must admit to being green with envy. ??



  10. Big Wavy



    I don’t think it’s smarts as such and think it’s more down to belief more than anything. I think we’ve got an outside chance.



    I do agree that our domestic results are more important and the prospect of a treble treble is tantalizingly close.




  11. DD


    Get the first goal over there and anything’s possible. I’m sure your sin and his mates will have a blast win, lose or draw.



    Dare to dream …




  12. Hope the travelling army have a great craic in Valencia and it is great to know there will be no riots and that Valencia will have nothing but good memories of the event,


    Obviously I’m talking about the off field activities as I hope that Valencia have nothing but bad memories of the result.


    Having said that I am not confident but as long as we acquit ourselves well on the night, I am happy to park Europe for a year & concentrate on the Rebel Treble Treble.

  13. Valencia won’t be looking forward to facing Fast Eddy from the start on Thursday.



    He caused them a few problems in the first leg and their defence looked vulnerable when he ran at them.



    Obviously he’s had more game time since then and will be sharper fitness wise.



    Reasons for optimism .




  14. I’ve been watching Ollie very closely and can see his obvious talent, and what an asset he is to our team.


    My only criticism is his poor touch, to me that need working on, but I’m sure he already knows this as well as BR does.


    I watched the Chelsea /ManUre game last night and hate to say but I was very impressed by Manure defensively, but the thing I noticed in most cases was the first touch by most players was brilliant.


    I expect a few pelters but there you go!!



  15. I notice that Killie supporters have added the wearing of “paramilitary-style jackets” to the charges they levelled at the Celtic support after Sundays win. Looks like a Tim wearing a green coat is considered a terrorist by some- I’m sure a few regiments in the army have used the same excuse!

  16. Stairheedrammy



    I don’t own a green coat but thankfully I’ll be collecting from the dry cleaners my old trench coat, sam brown belt and broad black brimmer in time for Sunday’s trip ?

  17. Oldtim67



    Good to see you post and a fair summary of how exclusionary the tournament has become.


    It’s damaging football.


    Scandinavian football is virtually non existent in CL.


    Scottish football heading that way,


    Not to worry more teams from the league’s with the biggest tv audiences will replace them.


    It is sad.UEFA negligent.



    Hope your good




  18. Big Wavy- thanks for letting me know beforehand- means we dont turn up in matching outfits! I can put it back into fathers room then?

  19. KINGLUBO on 19TH FEBRUARY 2019 10:26 AM



    Take your point to the highest level, how many times have you seen Messi miscontrol a football? As you go up through the levels of the game a players touch gets better as do other facets. The better the touch, the higher the chances of keeping the ball. At each level there is less space and less time on the ball therefore it becomes more important but less obvious on the eye.

  20. Teuchter ár lá on 19th February 2019 12:23 am



    Thanks for the shout – out last night .



    If anyone is in Valencia already or knows anyone who is , could they get in touch @ sannabhoy@gmail.com



    Travelling over tomorrow night and will be in Valencia early afternoon on Thursday. I believe tix are being sold next to Celtic section and would like to nab a couple .



    PS. Anyone landing in Alicante Thursday morning – I’ve got space for 2 in hire car .







    I’m Fine,A wee problem with my ticker,but I received medicine to keep it steady now.



    I was at the Doctors last month and he said my blood pressure was high and eratic,he tested my pressure three times when I seen him.



    next day I tested myself once an hour for 13 hrs, I wrote the readings down and found that not two reading were the same, All higher than acverage , But the medication he prescribed me works, but it’s not down to what it should be 120/80.



    but the last check I done was a reading of 122/79,so getting back to normal,

  22. Oldtim



    Those readings you’re now reporting are v v ghood my Fhriend. So you just keep on keeping on.



    Great post earlier btw.



    HH jg

  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    OLDTIM67 on 19TH FEBRUARY 2019 10:57 AM



    Average your readings.



    Checking too often raises your B.P.



  24. MACJAY.



    I know they can interfere with my blood pressure,but when I went back to my doctor four day’s after the first visit, I told the doctor that I had done so, and I showed him the readings, he put all the reading into my medical information and didn’t say I shouldn’t have done so.


    He seemed happy that I had done so.

  25. Regarding Kilmarnock’s statement, they can sort out the problems, of supporters breaking seats celebrating or encroaching on the pitch, very easily.



    Just allocate both goal ends to KIlmarnock supporters and give the away fans the side stands. Problem solved.



    Oh wait…

  26. Jamesgang.



    Thank for your comment re my readings,when my doctor told me my heart was a bit erratic, it gave me a fright,but the medication has brought it down to near perfect.



    Re the first post,I wrote the first part of the post, but C&P the last part.

  27. From mcfurgly on SFM



    From the latest sfsa newsletter:


    Hate crime at football – have your say


    This is a general reminder to notify you that the Scottish Governemnt Hate Crime Bill Consultation is open for responses until 24th February and can be accessed via this link.






    This may be of interest to some as it deals with the definition of sectarianism in Scots Law



    certainly of interest to cqn too.




  28. >a href+https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1CHBD_en-GBGB743GB743&ei=CAdsXJG5IrOX1fAP7tyQiA0&q=talented+commuter+train+celtic+you%27ll+never+walk+alone&oq=talented+commuter+train+celtic+you%27ll+never&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.33i160.18595.26721..29613…0.0..0.227.2582.11j8j3……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i71j33i21.exQQRRi6qYk>Talented Celtic Train Commuter

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