Browns’ inevitable red, on being disrespectful to St Johnstone


With St Johnstone visiting Ibrox, St Mirren visiting Pittodrie and Celtic off to Rugby Park, this was an unlikely week for the champions to extend their lead over all three in the chasing pack.  But, thanks to a 90th minute shot from Scott Brown that was deflected into the Killie net, that was how it played out.

This was Celtic’s first win in three league games on an artificial surface this season and there was no mistaking how unaccustomed they were to the surface.  Even Kilmarnock players suffered as any forward ball on the deck ran out of play.  While it is unlikely we will play on plastic again this season, we need to get a game plan for this surface.

Kirk Broadfoot was given a straight red for a studs-first challenge on Scott Brown’s calf.  The Celtic captain then collected his second yellow after fans, in what looked like a tribute to Newco fans celebrations of SPFL wins, invaded the pitch to celebrate with the players.  Brown did not actually approach the perimeter of the stand but was quickly engulfed by fans, and inevitably, two cards.

I heard Steven Gerrard’s harsh post match assessment of his team’s application against St Johnstone.  If publicly telling players how inept their application is leads to unbridled success, Newco will do the double this year.  I do, however, have a nagging suspicion that there is more to management than getting angry and telling players they are not “real Rangers”.

Gerrard is new to management and it tells.  Moreover, he split the team by absolving two players of responsibility, not on account of their exceptional performances, but because others did not do enough for them.  If you Play Favourites, those favourites better be exceptional.

St Johnstone looked broken at the conclusion of their recent encounters with Celtic but there was more at stake than a football game at Ibrox on Saturday.  After winning in Perth in December, Steven Gerrard said, “We shouldn’t have to work that hard to win at places like this, with all due respect.”

With all due respect, that was transparently disrespectful.  It was also naive and would motivate every single St Johnstone player.  Well played, ‘Stevie’.  Sort your own attitude out before attacking your players’ and they might do better.

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  1. I was just thinking, IF we win the league for number 8, that is the mirror of us losing the 1995/6 league when the original rangers got 8.


    That year we played some of the best footie I have seen from Celtic and lost only one game. This was only the second season from our almost Armageddon.



    They still had England’s favourite player in midfield and Jim Farry blocking Cadete when Celtic were screaming for a new weapon to turn draws into wins. They had all the money. But for Farry , TB would have stopped the 9.



    Remember how we felt then with a great team just pipped vs the Huns now 8 points behind and playing crap footie



    Even in our worst times, it had been better than what the Huns endure now




  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Unless it has been changed,the responsibility for stadium safety lies with the home club.



    They are the ones who sell the tickets and are required to hire stewards and commission enough police , appropriate to crowd numbers.



    Some clubs think that the ticket price is all profit into the club. Whereas one of te deductions is the cost of police and stewarding.



    This is why these costs are higher at Celtic Park and elsewhere.



    None of this excuses the morons and cretins who toss smoke bombs and coins, etc., just so that they will be noticed.



    Celtic supporters? Not in any meaning of the word. Parasites ? More like it.

  3. As per a few other commentators, I find myself increasingly frustrated, concerned and embarrassed by the moronic actions of a very small % of our fan base – especially at away grounds…..



    Surely ALL can see that this type of activity / behavior simply provides “fuel” to our many enemies at a number of levels…..media / governance of the game / judiciary!



    WHY give them the chance ?



    Please cut it out and if individuals who are blackening our great name by their actions are “known” the have a gentle word……



    #ThinkCeltic ??

  4. It’s just a bit of silly bhoystrus behaviour bhoys, let’s calm down.


    I blame Peter Lawell. ?


    Sorry WITS



    D. :)

  5. I’m still on a high from yesterday, nothing to beat a last minute winner.


    That’s Naka, Rogic and Broonie all done it down there




    8 clear with 12 games to go.


    All the other tosh is deflection from the media.


    Stuff them, hurting huns is what they are.


    Hail Hail

  6. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    FRANNYB67 on 18TH FEBRUARY 2019 7:14 PM


    Weah got booked for arguing with a Killy player after the FT whistle H





    Weah said that three Killie players bad mouthed him when he came on to the park.


    This was his way, he said, to show that although he was well mannered etc., he wasn’t soft or a pushover.

  7. Interesting that throwing flares that effect supporters with heart and breathing problems, smashing up seats in a stadium and throwing a coin at another person is just “bhoystrus fun”. Surely it is behaviour that needs to be weeded out as it gives all of us a bad name. The media are set on churning out false stories about us, but we give them the opportunity to publish the bad behaviour of our support through the infantile actions of the few.

  8. Just watched the end of the game again, luvly jubbly.


    What a beautiful sight all those exuberant young fans celebrating with their Celtic heroes after the goal.



    By the way, when Weah is getting booked that RAT Jones the Hun assaults him twice by pushing him in the chest, in front of Maddhun and Lino and not a word to him..



    Their pain is my joy?



    D. :)

  9. BIG PACKY 1 on 18TH FEBRUARY 2019 5:41 PM



    FANATIC AND TONTINE, the joes boys guild team in glenboig were the bees knees when I was a nipper, or am I being romantic,hh.



    *BP when the “Rockies” were there St Pats allegedly went 25 without losing on them.




    …..Hurting as well on Clyde.Some citizen phoned up complaining about Celtic fans taking selfies with Celtic players at Rugby park yesterday.Sad,sad people.



    *Seemingly this was when kilmasonic were trying tae kick off after our goal lol

  11. By the way, I will say it again, crowd control is down to the home team.



    Also any damaged seats, although unacceptable will get paid for in the same way as the last game at rugby park and it has been for years, by an agreement between both clubs. Why are we hearing about yesterday’s and not the last time, because the hurt and pain is killing them???


    I hope the coin thrower is identified and dealt with.



    A basket of Squirrels.



    When you allow pitch invasions, you cannot then make rules on the said pitch invasions. Again as was said after other pitch invasions this year, bhoystrus fun. Loving the pain of the sevcoratti/smsm.


    A great day yesterday , if carling done weekends



    D. :)

  12. VFR if your about, according to my bhoy and his mates a great rebel night fundraiser for An Gorta Mor statue in the Calton was had by all in St Rochs in the Garngad on Saturday night.



    I am sure when I met you in Coias you had said you were helping with this.


    If not I apologise.



    D. :)

  13. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Not read back yet as i’ve not long returned from a deleariousley


    happy rebel peninsula, but i take it most of the posts are positive


    after Captain Marvel’s late winner on Sunday.


    Phew! what a weekend for us, started with a nice trip further down


    the rebel coast to a little town of Rosebud and a new Irish bar


    called McDade’s, take note lurkin Cqn’rs from Oz.


    Not the usual plastic affair but lovely Irish owners and being greeted


    with the music of Sean South as we entered the door started a


    terrific weekend.


    Checked out the lunch menu, Beef and Guinness pie, Colkannon, or


    Irish stew, food heaven for me, thought about having the lot, but after


    the princess calling me a fat bassa i had the pie, delicious.


    Then the ugly mob dropped points, this could only get better, another


    great Celtic Sunday at our CSC lunch with visitors from places like


    France, Hungary, and even a strange place called Renfrew, what would


    be the icing on the cake?




    Don’t we just love this Celtic life?


    Special mention to BIGYINMILAN from this parish who once again


    honoured our club with another visit to what was a sold out event.


    H.H Mick

  14. Melbourne Mick at 8:13 pm.


    Had a great time with you all on Sunday afternoon. Great company of committed Celtic supporters. So far from Celtic Park but the charitable nature of Celtic is ever present. A brilliant illustration of all that is best in the Global Celtic Family?



    Special thanks to Mick and PaddyMacOz of this parish and their wives and friends. The lunch was great and the Guinness flowed ….. well nearly, since it was Draft Guinness in Cans?.



    Anyone in the general vicinity should plan a trip or detour down to the Rebel Peninsula. The welcome is very warm and the supporters are great people.



    Thanks for the tee-shirt: I will wear it with pride.

  15. Awoke this morn


    radio on,


    radio scotland.


    totally davemurrayed,ignored,deliberately edited out,not a wimper



    Aye something bout some rugby guy being injured,……………….



    Sipped my tea and smiled,


    They are hurting.





    Magic Celts at Cement park.


    It’s not right.football at this level is grass.



    Dedryck some performance.


    Keep at it Celtic:-)


    Keep at the winning,:-)


    Keep at the work:-)



  16. Picture it, its around 4:44 on a dreich April Saturday, we are heading for a draw against the team we clapped ontae the park at 2:55 in light of them taking a point aff deidco 3 nights earlier down at Inverclyde, we went out of both the Big Cup and SC in the opening rounds, lost tae the durtiest team this side of Athletico M in the Inter Continental Trophy and dropped 3 points (2 for a win back then) tae deidco.



    And yet, because of a 13 game winning run, amazingly we are top of the League by virtue of goal average over a hun side that has choked on the run in.



    They had withdrawn from the Glasgow Cup at the semi stage stating that they had too many commitments with League, Scottish Cup and European Fairs Cup to contend with although by this time they were out of the Scottish Cup, had lost the League Cup and had been pumped out of the Fairs Cup by Leeds Utd.



    On the night we humphed the Bully Wee 8-0 in the GC Final they were dropping a point down in Cappielow. In fact their winning run came tae an end 2 weeks before up at Tannadice where they salvaged a 0-0 draw against the arabs and if my memory serves me well a wee dive bomber fae Kilbarchan who they swapped for orange persson missed an open goal when it was easier to score, it was so bad the smsm highlighted it although looking back they were probably rubbing our nose in it with the once a ger always a ger slant.



    After their Morton game however they were now saying that if both sides finished level on points then the League should be decided by a play-off and not by goal average which had been used all along till then. Trying tae bend the rules back then as well.



    So 3 days after the GC Final and we were all in good spirits singing and dancing, it was ours to lose now, we had a 20+ goal difference going intae this game with the Buzz Bomb having scored in every League game since dropping a point at New Year, in fact he had scored a hat trick in the GC Final.



    After about 15 minutes Wispy scored with a diving header and as has happened before when a win is so vital we seemed tae labour a bit after that, then on the stroke of half time the aptly named joe mason (he signed for them about 4 year later after he scored the winner against them when he was 32 lol) equalised.



    We battered them, literally battered them in the 2nd half and spent most of it in their penalty box but still couldnae score, meanwhile down at the aptly named rugby park the huns, both sets, are celebrating a 1-2 victory for the visitors as we look set tae put them back in the driving seat.



    And then big Tam went galloping down the wing belting the ball intae the 6 yard box, missed again by Wispy only for our wee Talisman fae Saltcoats tae bundle ball intae the net (they should build a statue tae him lol) his 19th goal in 13 games and he wisnae done yet as he would score 2 more in 10 days at East End Park as the Champs beat the Cup Winners 2-1.



    Cue bedlam, and why not, even the Big Mhan doing a Tommy Burns leaped out of the dugout and hirpled (due tae an injury against you know who which would end his career) along the track toward the Celtic End, evading the polis on the way, it would take a big man tae stop oor Big Mhan, naebody booked or sent aff and nae public inquiry. That’s what fitba is all about, as big Rod would later say “passion everybody needs some passion”.

  17. I don`t usually bother with English football but as Chelsea V man U is on BBC, I thought I would have a look. Good game. Chelsea, IMO, slightly the better side but 0-2 down!


    Hazard is a wonderful player but Calum McGregor would, again IMO, not look out of place among these players.




  18. Reading back,numerous comments,some accurate,some not.



    My view of the Boyd event only,as I was in the Moffat Stand 2nd row from front directly above the 2 disabled shelters and within speaking distance of Kris Boyd. ( I never said a word :) )


    Firstly the Frank Beattie stand ( Main ) runs the length of the Park and is exclusively for Killie fans,at the end there is an open section then the Moffat Stand begins.


    Boyd could easily have warmed up at the end of the main stand but chose to go as close as possible to the away section to indulge in the ” Banter ” until it suited him otherwise.


    The coin hit him on the leg,he laughed it off and lifted it and put it in a sand bucket,which at the time I thought was decent of him as there is no justification for this behaviour.



    I was therefore surprised he has chosen to now escalate the event ,considering he chose to put himself in a position likely to provoke a reaction from idiots who should know better.



    I have seen seats broken in Main Stand at Celtic Park if pressure put on backs, so given the amount of movement in the crowd this was an inevitable consequence, as opposed to malice.

  19. The Board of Kilmarnock Football Club wishes to express its dismay at a number of events which occurred during yesterday’s game against Celtic.



    During the course of the match our club captain Kris Boyd was struck by a missile thrown from the crowd, a number of Chadwick and Moffat Stand seats were damaged or broken while some Celtic supporters invaded the field of play and confronted our players.



    We condemn all of these incidents in the strongest possible terms and reiterate that the safety of all players, staff and supporters is paramount at all times.



    Under SPFL Rule H40, Celtic FC will be required to pay for the damage caused to Rugby Park.



    Over the course of the day, initial investigations have begun and we will be seeking meetings with Police Scotland and G4S.

  20. Celtic Park was once a clue on Only Connect when the answer was Paradise.



    Tonight it was part of a question on University Challenge the answer to which was 60,000.



    I must have missed the episodes of these quiz shows when Ibrox was the answer. Did anyone see those episodes and what were the clues?

  21. Not that I am condoning it, but if the Celtic support stopped throwing coins and damaging seats, they would be the only support in scotland not doing so.


    Funny how taking batteries to the game, obviously premeditated and throwing them at a Celtic player doesn’t merit any condemnation whatsoever.

  22. Under SPFL Rule H40, Celtic FC will be required to pay for the damage caused to Rugby Park.



    Over the course of the day, initial investigations have begun and we will be seeking meetings with Police Scotland and G4S.



    Never seen such a ridiculous inclusion in any statement ever, totally unjustifiable to attack Celtic FC whom I’m i’m sure a perfectly aware of the rules.



    I look forward to Celtic’s rebuttal of this new phenomena of public statements and crocodile tears.

  23. Statement o’clock from Killie now. Want compensation for their broken seats, about £35 quid should cover it. The photos I’ve seen show rusty fittings that look a h&s hazard. Celtic supporters could have been injured. Looks as dangerous in the stands as it does on their joke of a pitch. How many of our players have been crocked? Maybe we should ask for compensation.


    Anyway, it seems Broonies last minute winner hasn’t gone down well with our wee football community. There seems to be a pattern emerging here. Earlier in the season other clubs criticised refereeing decisions and the disciplinary procedure. Quite right said the msm, standards are shocking. Then Celtic, quite rightly question a series of highly contentious decisions that materially affected the outcome. Cue outrage from the usual suspects, a referees strike was mooted.


    Yesterday’s ‘pitch invasion’ was unwelcome, but it isn’t the first this season. Sevco supporters invaded the Toni Macaroni stadium pitch. It was seen as ‘good natured’ and the commentary team had a laugh about it. Similar situations, different reactions.

  24. Anyway, why do they need compensation from Celtic for new seats? can’t they just take them from the hundreds of unused ones in the home stands?

  25. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    I see Stewart Robertson has been wheeled out by the huns to fuel the fires of injustice burning like Napalm in the hearts of the Entitled Ones.



    The SFA review procedure is re-refereeing games, he parps.



    Well, yes. That’s what it’s there for.



    Robertson is basically complaining that the blind eye has not been turned in the last tranche of review decisions.



    I think this falling-out-of-love between The Brothers at Hampden and The Brothers at Edmiston Drive is interesting.



    I might be completely wrong, because I know bugger all about anything, but it looks for all the world to me like the Big Masons (SFA) want to put the Wee Masons in their place, before they give the game away completely.



    Anyway, it’s always a joy to watch bad guys rip themselves, and each other, apart.



    Somebody skilled in screenplays could write a bittersweet movie about it. They could call it The Going Down Of The Hun.



    Meanwhile, we horse on doing what we do, which is trying to win fitba games with style. Sometimes we don’t win them. But we try.



    And we’re clean.

  26. For my sins I listen to SSB most nights, they are good for a laugh most of the time, Keevins said tonight that there has been a marked improvement from this time last year with the huns, yet the stats say otherwise.


    Win % is as follows


    Warberton (65.85%)


    Pedro (53.85%)


    Murty (62.07%)


    Slippy G. (52.27%).


    I wonder how much they will spend in the summer trying to stop the nine, fools and their money are easily parted.

  27. !!BADA BING!!



    The Book Of Tim



    And Lo!



    In the land of Sevconia there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth, the straw clutchers came forth and did decry the Victorious Timmites with all manner of untruths, mad fantasy and desperate pleas.



    Broony the mightiest of the Timmities had smote them with his mighty Fenian Boot and they were laid low in the face of the Eight.



    And the Sevcoinans were greatly troubled as their New Messiah Slippy threw his own men under the onrushing chariots of Level 5.



    And verily I say to thee to be a Sevconian is to live in a dark land beyond all hope…

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