Celtic 2-0 Dundee


Fabulous goals from Gary Hooper and Victory Wanyama put Celtic back on winning ways, their first victory in four games in September but Dundee held out until minutes before the break, aided by an excellent performance from Rab Douglas.

Another ex-Celt, Gary Irvine, had a penalty claim 7 minutes in but the ref wasn’t convinced; Irvine’s tumble was a tad overdramatic.  Celtic were cut open on 15 minutes when Colin Nish found space inside the box but his shot was blocked.  The rebound broke to John Baird who should have converted but fired over the bar.

A minute later Lassad, making his home debut, dribbled to the edge of the six yard box when he appeared to be tripped but again referee, Beaton, denied the claim.

Kris Commons then stepped up the pressure.  His cross was dummied by Lassad but Gary Hooper’s shot was saved.  Commons then played a diagonal ball through to Lassad who shot wide.

Charlie Mulgrew brought a good save from Douglas from a free kick on the edge of the D after Wanyama was brought down.  The Dundee keeper then topped that effort with a save from Forrest after a good cutback from Lassad, before saving again from the same player a minute later.

Lassad’s movement eventually brought a reward when Beaton pointed to the penalty spot after the former Deportivo striker had his legs clipped.  Scott Brown has been reliable from the spot this year but this effort didn’t get anywhere near the post, allowing Rab Douglas another opportunity to show what he can do.

Brown made amends a minute before the break when his forward pass was collected by Gary Hooper.  Hooper still had a lot to do but nutmeged his marker before firing home, from an angle, into the far corner.

The advantage was almost doubled a minute into the second half when Gary Irvine tried to chest the ball back to Rab Douglas but found the post instead, however, Dundee were two behind three minutes later.

Victor Wanyama shot low and hard from 26 yards, clipping the inside of the post before crossing the line.

Lassad almost opened his scoring account for Celtic with a good header but Rab Douglas was a match to the attempt again.  Tony Watt used his impressive strength to get a cross to Gary Hooper, who steadied before shooting against the upright.

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  1. ‘gg



    18:38 on 22 September, 2012


    favourite uncle



    18:23 on


    22 September, 2012


    Was initially confused with your game report re East Fife 1954. However my addled brain eventually worked it out.


    My first game was against East Fife also but it was Marxh 54. We won 4-1 with Johnny Higgins scoring twice.


    My next game was at Broomfield on St Patricks Day 54 when we trounced Airdrie 6-0 on our way to winning the league and cup double.


    Amazing I can remember these when I forget what I had for dinner yesterday. Friday it was fish. Old habits.

  2. Saint Stivs


    18:23 on


    22 September, 2012


    Football wise, I might be in a minority of one, but I really enjoyed it, and thought we were worth many more goals.



    The bucket collection, actually a pleasure. Good to reaquaint with so many faces, it was actually a good laugh.



    Met Ton Che Dan for the first time, good bhoy and his weans are doing great.



    Highlight, Dundee supporters bus stopped at the school and most of the older well oiled guys gave generously.





    I need to apoligise to the teacher from Carlisle in Battaltion E.


    He didnt take kindly when he said ” i dont post on CQN”


    i gave the standard “is it cos your a hun”



    sorry bud, its a ritual on here.







    Tommy Bhoy Tommy,


    jumping about his room with a pair oh tights on



    For Real.




  3. Im 51 and many days in my life have been squaundered for one reason or another.


    Today thanks to the celtic family I sit here knowing I have had a productive and satisfying day.


    I am taking this opportunity to thank everyone involved in today If you are aged two to eighty, male or female put two pence or twenty pound into my bucket THANK YOU:))


    The generousity of our family never fails to amaze me.


    Today at points I was nearly reduced to tears from kids(with coppers in money bags) to pensioners putting in what they could and more.


    The game itself was an exibition in passing today broonie and vic top men for me but others also.


    It was magic putting faces to names


    Ps a special thank you to Lennybhoys good lady for getting us in and out today.


    God bless wee Oscar & family, Ohhhhhh and how come Mouldy got all the wags in his group :))))). HAIL HAIL

  4. if anyone caught Guidi on Clyde, he made his only interesting comment in the last 5 years when he stated



    “if the transcripts of the SFA meeting with Charles Green were made public, people would see him in a different light”



    he wouldnt be drawn on it, in other words he is a cowardly journo.



    publish and be dammed Jabba Junior.

  5. Good performance.


    2-0,…going on 5-1.


    Some lovely movement.


    No negatives.



    Well done to all the big spirited bucketeers.



    YOU were the ‘man of the match’.



    Apologies to the many enthusiastic young Celtettes.

  6. God bless wee Oscar & family, Ohhhhhh and how come Mouldy got all the wags in his group :))))). HAIL HAIL



    its the other way , how come the poor wags got mouldy.

  7. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Saint Stivs – hope you didn’t scare any of the Bucketeers with your “do want a sweetie” line?!



    Leftclick – I bet Mouldy was screeching more than the WAGs! Which WAGs were in attendance?




  8. GG did you see my post to HAMILTONTIM last night.i said same thing.JOCK got booked for dropkickiing the ball which hit the ref on back of heed.thats why all those years later when JOHN DOYLE GOD BLESS HIM got sent of for hitting ref with ball at an attempted cross,the big man knew he meant it and didn’t complain.ps what kind of fish??

  9. tommytwiststommyturns


    18:48 on


    22 September, 2012


    Saint Stivs – hope you didn’t scare any of the Bucketeers with your “do want a sweetie” line?!



    I was next to VHMAN , that was the first question he asked me, “wheres the mars bars”







    on wags, what about the 4 celticmobile leaflet girls.



    for real

  10. Teuchtar



    Incredible mate truly the generosity today would bring a tear to the most hard hearted of souls.

  11. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Back in from the game ……… Really good day, highlight of which was the efforts of the bucket collectors, young and old …… You are obviously loved very much by the Celtic Family, LOscar…



    Two new players did really well and the atmosphere was brilliant ……. Thought Dundee played a very sorting game, not like some of the other teams, who substitute brawn for brain ….. And even the ref got pass marks in my book …..don’t think I’ve ever said THAT before

  12. favourite uncle


    No I dont remember seeing it. I may have read it though.


    Salmon. We always have salmon on Friday.


    Marinated in lemon juice and grilled with a garlic crust on top.


    Served with salad. No chips unfortunately.


    I would have home grown tomatoes from my deck, but the crop has been horrible this year and three plants produced nothing at all.


    The bees have been MIA

  13. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Were you no greetin’ then?



    You know i am kidding!



    Always proud to be a Celtic supporter but you ghuys are more than special, you really are.



    I wish FIFA knew about your efforts on behalf of wee Oscar.



    God bless wee Oscar and everyone who supported the cause today.



    I include the Dundee fans in that.



    A very special day for a lot of reasons.



    Well done to all involved.

  14. GG see paulsatim at 16.38.says it all. RE salmon.i think we are related,no pesto????think we just started a fish on friday debate!!!!!!!

  15. Philbhoy



    Had a tear in my eye a few times, today was a day to tell the grand weans about!!!



    Time for a pint……

  16. Kayal33




    18:54 on 22 September, 2012






    18:52 on 22 September, 2012


    welcome back gary Hooper



    welcome back Izzy




    hopefully mate, hopefully



    i thought he was getting back to something like the old Izzy and the we played St Johnstone – Wednesday he looked okay and the he has a 5 minute spell where he gave the ball away every time he got it (the crowd didnt help either) – to be honest i think he is gone, the crowd have decided and he has turned into the whipping boy

  17. Watched the game on Celtic TV and enjoyed it. It was easy on the eye football and we could have won by a lot more. Two well crafted goals, Victor’s was a cracker with some amount of swerve on it. I really wish I could have been back in Scotland today for wee Oscar Day. A massive well done to all the bucketeers and all who contributed for wee Oscar, God bless him.


    I dare say we’ll be seeing loads of photos of Mouldy and the WAGS being posted on-line or by e-mail. Never one to miss a photo opportunity :-) .


    Attendance given as over 41,000 which is not bad on the September weekend after a CL game, especially in these times of austerity.

  18. favourite uncle


    I’m from a very big family. So we could be related. When I say big I mean big.


    When they brought out the substitute rule my old man had his first heart attack.

  19. leftclicktic:



    Mrs. Lennybhoy says your welcome. Just finished a curry, feet up, a bottle of Vino and chill time. Not got the laptop out yet, using the phone…



    To everybody today contributed a big thank you on behalf of Wee Oscar.



    To my fellow lorryload of Bucketeers, thank you.



    What a great family I belong to…proud Bhoy today…




    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

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