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  1. Forster; Matthews, Wilson, Mulgrew, Izaguirre; Forrest, Brown, Wanyama, Commons; Lassad, Hooper


    Subs: Zaluska, Ambrose, McCourt, Rogne, Watt, Ibrahim, McGeouch



    Hail Hail

  2. anditsthepoleagain on




    Thanks hope Paddy appears at some point for more than 10mins and Dylan and Watt

  3. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Forster ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    Matthews :::::::::::::::: Wilson ::::::::::::::::::: Mulgrew :::::::::::: Izaguirre



    Forrest :::::::::::::::::::: Brown ::::::::::::::::::: Wanyama :::::::: Commons



    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Hooper ::::::::::::::::::: Lassad :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::




    Not too optimistic looking at that line-up. Wilson and Mulgrew = our weakest CB pairing in 4-4-2, Lassad = unkown quantity. Still, it is Dundee, and all it takes is a goal, I suppose.



    If he’s chosen those players, I’d rather Lenny switched Commons and Forrest.




  4. anditsthepoleagain



    I can’t see Lenny playing Paddy but hopefully he’ll get a part to play. Love seeing the guy play.



    Hail Hail

  5. C’mon the zombie killers, hail hail to all fellow tims from sunny Palm Srings. Well it will be in a couple of hours. 109c yesterday only to reach 107c today. My prediction 4-0 to the hoops. Please please don’t let the blog crash left me demented on Wed night. Hail hail PB

  6. The Shortbread cheerleading for league reconstructionis in overdrive today. Hurting that their favourite club isn’t getting a slice of the sort of Euro money Celtic are getting. Are Sevco in deep financial trouble perhaps?

  7. Sevco made a huge mistake in being Sevco under La Coist (BSR copywrite) they will be lucky to get out of the 3rd and no amount of MSM cheerleading and wishful thinking or crossing their wee fingers will change that…

  8. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    I’ve always said mcleod’s a fud.



    Sometimes I think he’s being told what to say because I really don’t think he’s very, ahem, bright.



    Actually I think he’s as thick as sh*t in the neck of a bottle.

  9. McLeod says that it doesn’t matter what neil Lennon says, Celtic will miss Rangers financially and that it was the wrong decision not to have them in SPL. Chick Dung echoes the sentiments.


    Context being an interview with NL in which he was repeatedly goaded into saying that he missed Rangers . NL was diplomatic but importantly said he couldn’t do anything about it so life goes on.


    Shortbread back to its default position.





  10. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Good luck to the bucketeers today.



    God bless wee Oscar and all other kids who need help and prayers.

  11. now you know why murdo has a slot on shortbread,murdo mcleod is


    a sevco man now, former rangers supporter end off.

  12. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    ….they are hurtin’ hurtin’ huns! And they cannot hide it. In fact they do not want to hide it!



    You can see it in their faces and hear it in their voices!






    Man am luvin’ it!




    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. is Miku injured?



    wanted him to get a wee run against the likes of Dundee, maybe get a goal or 2 to set him going – 2 hard games he has had in the famous “7” shirt – St Johnstone (where he was booted all round the place) and a champions league game



    Lassad to score first 3/1 – get on big style

  14. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Someone tell that fud mcleaod that not only do we have no debt (thanks to sale of Ki etc) but the CL is going to throw us about another £20,000,000.



    He really is an incompetent fool of a hun.



    Thank God I support Celtic.



    Thank you so much for that, Dad.

  15. Philbhoy


    Indeed. Just wait till they get their titles stripped and all the brown brougers get the jail!




  16. McLeod is a disgrace -not just a former player but also Wim’s assistant.



    He’s not much better than Burley.




  17. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    I would type your name in full, except my typing is soooo slow!

  18. It is precisely because so many of the ‘experts’ in Scottish football see only the money that the game is in the abysmal state it is in.


    Money is all that matters to them and if it means jettisoning every rule so be it.



    What they should be hammering home is that the rules of the game, the very constitution if you like, must be strictly adhered to. Without it, no amount of money will save the game from extinction. And yet they continue to peddle the money, money, money crap.

  19. Buffalo Bills Bhoy on

    Anyone have the right link for the Celtic commentary on BBC Scotland online? I can only seem to get the open all mikes link?

  20. (From the “Inverbervie Bugle &




    By Sports Reporter Angus Og….


    Borough Briggs Park will play host to


    the Third Division’s biggest crowd of


    the day,as Ross Jack’s High-Flying


    Hielan’ Laddies take on Glasgow


    Southside’s best team ,


    with only goal difference separating


    the sides at the top of the table….


    Ross Jack names an unchanged


    side,as Forbes & Wyness look to add


    to their reputation as the Division’s


    deadliest striking partnership…


    On their Centenary Year twenty years


    ago,Elgin were controversially


    stripped of the 1992-93 Highland


    League Title…


    Winning the Third Division Title this


    year will go some way towards


    erasing the memory of that bitter




    Half-time entertainment will include a


    Sheep Dressage Display by the Royal


    Morayshire S.D.Soc.


    Today’s Match Sponsors are McDuff


    Master Butchers…..


    Purveyors of Moray’s Finest Black