Celtic apply pressure and Newco fumble


That pass from Tom Rogic, that’s the reason he is there.  Yes, I know he does not get up and down the field as much as most other central mids, I hear you, we need to consider him an impact player, but not for the first time in his Celtic career, he made all the difference to the outcome of the game.

Jota’s first touch at the opening goal was worthy of the ball from Rogic.  It would not have escpated your notice that it was a Kyogo tackle inside his own half that won the ball back for this move.  No, I don’t remember Eddie doing this either.  With players of this calibre, we will score a lot of goals and win a lot of games.  The sublime shot from David Turnbull underscores what he is capable of.  Don’t even waste time talking about the double handball inside the box: a foul to Celtic, or play on.

Six points adrift at kick off, winning a lot of games would not necessarily be enough.  We need Newco to struggle for form and points.  Fortunately, Newco look like an aging boxer slogging it out in one fight too many.

After the late winner at Pitodrie two weeks ago, I wrote, “When Jota got on the end of that cross, the season pivoted.”  We were seven minutes from going eight points behind before that huge goal.  What Celtic did not do last season was put pressure on Newco at any point in the season.  Now, with more players coming back every week and fitness improving, pressure is being applied and the gap is down to four points.  Momentum is with Celtic, we all know it’s true!

Anyway, that pass from Rogic……….. can you imagine being able to play like that?

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  1. Ernie Lynch,


    I’m more inclined to believe the words spoken post mortem by his priest friend and another of his friends as opposed to cribbed ontiuary/tributes by journalists or reports of his opinions that he held in 1983.

  2. Paul 67


    Good post and I tend to agree with you .


    The result in Aberdeen few weeks back was massive and could yet prove to be a pivotal point in our season HH

  3. Re the murder of David Ames, have we heard any condemnation from our FM on this?


    Or would doing so flag up her reticence in condemning death threats from her own party members directed at one of her own MPs Joanna Cherry?

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Brilliant from Rogic and not for the first time this season. Looking like the player he was last time we had a quality coach.


    Forget what is happening at It’s-Definitely-Not-Rangers! It has no relevance to Celtic. Just be the best we can be!

  5. At Motherwell o Saturday, I felt that we would have beat ay Scottish Team. The all round game was impressive but Motherwell did play open as they thought the could match us. Wrong, We were streets ahead, I feel we will see other teams packing the defence.



    The movement of the ball was good abd made a difference. I would play this same team next saturday. Tuesday I feel different tactics are needed.



    I feel that come New Year we will beat the Huns with this team. Hopefully, by then the 4 points will have evaporated.



    If Angeball clicks then I feel we can win the League

  6. DHARMA BAM on 18TH OCTOBER 2021 12:10 PM


    Ernie Lynch,





    I’m more inclined to believe the words spoken post mortem by his priest friend and another of his friends as opposed to cribbed ontiuary/tributes by journalists or reports of his opinions that he held in 1983.







    He voted for the reintroduction of the death penalty.



    Can you show me a quote from the priest saying he was opposed to the death penalty?

  7. Paul



    I have frequently gone on record about my views of TR’s limitations, but credit where it’s due.



    I hope he maintains his current level of form and fitness, both of which appear to be at hitherto unsustained levels.



    As has frequently been said. If he was an footballing athlete, he’d be worth £40m and playing in EPL.

  8. AP is definitely doing something right with Rogic, looks fitter and sharper, lasting games better as well, he was outstanding on Saturday.

  9. Too soon for my overly cautious mindset Paul67. I think we play some lovely football but too often the last 3rd lacks quality ball – better now that Kyogo is back but if Angeball is constant crossing into the penalty box then we need a) better quality from the flanks and b) more height and presence in the box.



    Big focus on GG coming good, Jamesey Forrest coming back soon, Bolingoli and Juranovic in situ and an uptick in performance from Mikey and Liel.



    Let’s keep that winning feeling going though.



    p.s Love big Tam but we won’t get consistency and I’m still not convinced about either of them against quality opposition. However, that can wait until January.




  10. Twelve players how many squad fillers?



    We needed numbers we beat paucity, but we definitely didn’t buy enough starters, and the sight of the lone Nir Biton midfielder come centre back, come midfielder might be common till January. With Soro’s bid for a berth now receding and clubless James McCarthy still ‘getting fit’ the sooner James Forrest, Ewen Henderson, Liam Shaw, Mikey Johnston, Osaze Urhoghide, step up the better.



    With the sieve steadied after two good pro away wins and AP’s score first, score more game holding up, Celtic are in better shape than we’ve been all season and the SPL is there for the taking from Rainjurz , Hampden, Holyrood, and nick the devil. Expect more team shuffling tomorrow with 50,000 tickets already sold, we do apparently care if we win, lose or draw, but the league this season is every single bit, as important as last year.




    No lifelines for Sevco CSC

  11. Ernie,


    I believe I didn in my very first link in my very first post.


    Will you apply the same standards to your own links, actually, provide a direct quote that is more recent than 1983?



    Or is this another case , where you’ll try to muddy the waters with semantics because someone has provided something that disputes your latest statement?



    Your belief that Ireland didn’t help the Allied war effort in WW2 is one that I remember.

  12. Gallagher! good point, expect the whatsnats to attack!!! ps hows the education and health system doing in haggis land ! never get independence, 😂😂😂😂

  13. They’re struggling, and they know it. They have a manager with a history of being clueless in being able to arrest a decline, they have players who take two years to learn a system, they have no money to buy quality in January.



    They don’t seem to be able to handle the pressure of playing in front of their own fans



    They’re scratching their heads in exactly the same way we did a year ago. Well, some of us.



    We have plenty of room for improvement with new players bedding in, key players due back, and the promise of quality in January.



    We also seem to have a manager with the resourcefulness a d mentality to deal with big setbacks

  14. stephenofderby on

    If Rogic did 100 sit ups when hes not on the ball some people would say he still doesnt do enough. This site has some weird ‘football’ analysis. Ive seen people criticising David Turnbull. Haha. Some great football analysis here.

  15. If you want to be a good passer of the ball, it helps to have really quick forwards.



    Makes it all so much easier.

  16. We’re on the up and they’re in decline ?






    Surely to jaysus people recognise it’s a bit more complex than that?



    Loads of twists and turns ahead and none of them will be foretold by mad Phil’s twitter rantings of ‘boardroom sources’ and ‘reports of one last bill to kill them off’…



    Let’s get our sh*t in order first. Those haven’t gone away ya know.




  17. Agree with Paul67, we certainly do require Gerrard’s outfit to ship points on a regular basis. The more negativity coming out of Ibrox the better, doesn’t matter if it’s managerial speculation ( M Beale taking the Newcastle job ;) Morelos taking the cream puff , any sort of bad vibes will do. Hearts scoring late was a bit of karma given the jammy good fortune the south siders have enjoyed so far this season.



    Celtic played well in patches on Saturday, though Motherwell stood off us a bit more that expected. Would be nice if we could start getting a three goal cushion after 60 minutes, give some guys a rest and game time into others who need it. Maybe just being a bit greedy with that one.

  18. “Surely to jaysus people recognise it’s a bit more complex than that?”



    Do you think? Maybe that’s why I gave a small amount of context. I would have thought it was a given that I was talking about the entire season, mentioning the January transfer window.



    Or is the optimism the problem?

  19. stephenofderby on

    James Forrest return will be huge also. Then Sevco will have to go away to all the hard away grounds. Time to lump on Celtic for the league!!

  20. DHARMA BAM on 18TH OCTOBER 2021 1:15 PM







    I believe I didn in my very first link in my very first post.







    Go back and read it again. Then show me the quote from the priest saying he was opposed to the death penalty.



    The guy was in favour of the reintroduction of the death penalty. No one is contradicting or disputing that.



    You are hardly honouring his memory by seeking to misrepresent his views so that they (I presume) more closely align with your own.



















    ‘Your belief that Ireland didn’t help the Allied war effort in WW2 is one that I remember.’



    Then your powers of recall are on a par with your ability to critically read a text. From memory my posts concerning Ireland’s position on WW2 included a link to Dev’s broadcast on why they were remaining neutral (and Churchill’s reaction on hearing the broadcast), the air corridors for the RAF, the treatment of downed RAF crew, and Dev sending fire engines north to deal with the Luftwaffe’s air raid on Belfast.

  21. I think we’ll win the league for the same reason I thought it after a couple of games. They can’t handle pressure, they had none last season but now they do they are struggling, and I can’t see how that changes



    Our team is developing and there’s more to come





    There’s a cohort within the support who prefer the sweat and snotters type of footballer where all that matters is the physical effort expended. It’s maybe a reflection on their own attempts to play the game. Rogic was never going to be their cup of tea.

  23. Gallagher


    A surprising source.


    My judgement is from watching Celtic for 60 years. I was in upper tier row GG on Saturday. It gave me a bird’s eye view and an angle to analyse our shape and movement.Our work off the ball was great. Support for teammates was there too. Even though Abada was overhitting his crosses, we still got behind them and turned the defence. It was not perfect but there is still more to come. Of course, we need consistency but the League looks on to me.



    Ironically I want Scotland to regain her independence, basically to escape the anglo imperial empire but realised a while back that our globalist FM only desires to move under Washingtons wing. I’m now resigned to waiting on the multipolar world of sovereign nations equal under international law to overtake the unipolar Anglo empire run by Washington & London.


    Qué Sera Sera & HH☘️



    I concur & apologise for validating your take on things with a report from the dark side 😀


    HH ☘️

  26. stephenofderby on

    Ernie, each to their own. Balance is the key. Off at a tangent but I hate the term “Angeball”. I thought at the very start that it would be used against him after a bad result. Attacking, fast football when you can. David Turnbull will probably be player of the year. Absolute quality.

  27. Ernie- i haven’t read all the exchanges re David Amess,GMTV showed part of an interview with Iain Dale on LBC,from May this year, saying he supported the death penalty, as do i in certain circumstances, Friday being one of them.

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