Celtic apply pressure and Newco fumble


That pass from Tom Rogic, that’s the reason he is there.  Yes, I know he does not get up and down the field as much as most other central mids, I hear you, we need to consider him an impact player, but not for the first time in his Celtic career, he made all the difference to the outcome of the game.

Jota’s first touch at the opening goal was worthy of the ball from Rogic.  It would not have escpated your notice that it was a Kyogo tackle inside his own half that won the ball back for this move.  No, I don’t remember Eddie doing this either.  With players of this calibre, we will score a lot of goals and win a lot of games.  The sublime shot from David Turnbull underscores what he is capable of.  Don’t even waste time talking about the double handball inside the box: a foul to Celtic, or play on.

Six points adrift at kick off, winning a lot of games would not necessarily be enough.  We need Newco to struggle for form and points.  Fortunately, Newco look like an aging boxer slogging it out in one fight too many.

After the late winner at Pitodrie two weeks ago, I wrote, “When Jota got on the end of that cross, the season pivoted.”  We were seven minutes from going eight points behind before that huge goal.  What Celtic did not do last season was put pressure on Newco at any point in the season.  Now, with more players coming back every week and fitness improving, pressure is being applied and the gap is down to four points.  Momentum is with Celtic, we all know it’s true!

Anyway, that pass from Rogic……….. can you imagine being able to play like that?

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  1. JVR.


    I can recollect thems being referred to as “The Darnel.” I haven’t heard it for years, snd have no idea what is the origin.

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    French Eddie having a good game as he scores to put Palace one up. Did he down tools last season, on the few games I have seen so far, yes!

  3. squire danaher on







    The parable relates how servants eager to pull up weeds were warned that in so doing they would root out the wheat as well and were told to let both grow together until the harvest. Later in Matthew, the weeds are identified with “the children of the evil one”, the wheat with “the children of the Kingdom”, and the harvest with “the end of the age”.

  4. Got to wonder how Arteta and Solskjaer are in charge of clubs that size,miles out their depth

  5. Ernie, never mentioned the English.


    I said the union, 4 countries.


    Southend named a city today I believe.



    Thank you for the rationale! Sounds like a very logical explanation to me!


    Every day’s a school day.😊

  7. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Some great goals in the Celtic ghirls game against Spartans on CTV.


    Young Jacinta looking awesome in that iconic hoops top and playing


    very well, and obviously disappointed in only getting a draw.


    Proud to say I had a small hand in her development and instilling the


    Celtic ethos.


    For once the game tonight is on at a decent time for us Aussies, but CTV


    it’s only on audio…bummer, never mind earphones on and another


    good result expected.


    H.H. Mick



    Nakedly blatant manipulation of the system by the Board to forestall awkward questions. A despicable attempt to stage another stage managed event with the real issues brushed under the carpet.

  9. INIQUITIOUSIV,, darnel I think came from a quote posted . It may have been from the bible . From memory it was something to do wheat and the chaff .

  10. IniquitousIv



    I often use to refer to them on hear as The Darnel.



    Google The Darnel .




  11. Is that the same Eddie that scored twenty two goals for Celtic last season, top scorer in the SPL?


    Tant Pis!





    Shareholders of the World Unite……


    You have nothing to lose but your debentures




  12. prestonpans bhoys



    Not as often as I watched him playing for Celtic.


    But dont mind me, feel free to follow Paul67s narrative, and those of many on here.


    I’ve seen that movie too often……..


    A licence for all the fellow travellers to boo should Odsonne ever return to Celtic Park in opposition



    Include me out

  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    Celtic Mac



    I wouldn’t be booing him if he returned anyway. Last season he looked disinterested although scored goals as did Boyd who sat around the penalty box and scored loads.


    However my point is the increased effort put in by him is chalk and cheese.



    Anyway all about opinions…..

  14. Delighted that a couple of my sons pals ( one Irish and one Italian ) get to experience Celtic Park for the first time tomorrow. And in a European tie as well.



    Pity about the pathetic and totally unnecessary passport obligations being imposed on the club and those attending.



    If this stuff were in a George Orwell novel, or even supposedly happening in some totalitarian state I probably wouldn’t believe it.



    Incredibly it is happening in 2021 Scotland and folk who are otherwise cynical about media manipulation seem to simply accept this fueled by the greatest weapon of all ….. fear ! …..State controlled fear.

  15. glendalystonsils on




    From what I have seen , I’d have to agree . It looks like the same Eddie but with a rocket up his arse .



    PS I would never boo a former Celtic player (Mo Johnston excluded).

  16. prestonpans bhoys on




    Misread that thought you said Johnston included. Was about to say……….😂

  17. Prestonpans



    Worth remembering he is only a kid, was in a foreign country on his own during Covid ( which he had ), his mates Ncham and Frimpong left the club with one vilified by the crowd and the other by his manager. He was left isolated with a manager who was not developing the guy and a support system at the club which was non existent.



    For me there are plenty of mitigating circumstances for Eddie’s last season malaise. I will always prefer the remember his treble treble winning and more importantly the red card red card winner which I loved and viewed from directly behind the goal.

  18. Was at Celtic Park today only to sort out a faulty season card, then decided to go into the Celtic SuperStore and buy a hat. Smart and stylish doesnt half go with good looking though. Ended up kitted out in a selection of Four Leaf Clover Addidas winter aparell….. minus the hat. Couldn’t justify the hat with so many other things with hoods attached.


    Looking very much more forward to tomorrow than the ping with the new bank balance. 4 – 2. Bet more sensibly than my shopping spree please.

  19. prestonpans bhoys on




    I know and appreciate that, I personally would down tools for this reason you highlighted.



    ‘He was left isolated with a manager who was not developing the guy and a support system at the club which was non existent’

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Pleased for Kieran and Odsonne.



    They have the talent to play at the top level.



    Just read back four pages of comments.



    Lots of positivity …. followed by a “we’re not having that” post.






    Couldn’t understand Motherwell fans booing Turnbull?



    Is it just a thing some people do?



    He was sold for c. 55% of their annual turnover … which set the club up for a few years and funded inclusive season ticket prices.



    If we sold a player for £35m I certainly wouldn’t boo him on his return.



    Nor would I if we sold him for £10.5m




  21. https://celtsarehere.com/end-of-an-era-for-one-of-celtics-most-famous-cscs/



    Really sad to hear The Parlour, home of NYC Celtic CSC, is to close.



    The Squire-ess and I watched the May 2004 Green and Whitewash game there, 7:30am ko and the joint was bouncing. Deli round the corner selling food, every second New Yorker asking about Celtic and knew The Parlour as a piece of home for us. A great day.



    Hope they get sorted and find a new home.

  22. State controlled fear vs what B78? A possible funeral.



    The club are doing what they have to,to comply with covid law.



    It honestly amazes me that good intellect like your own wastes time on it.but each to there own B78 :-)


    It is 1 subject I avoid here.no minds will change


    Are they on playing staff for us?(your friends)It is a pity B78.Missing Celtic is no fun.





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