Celtic floored by lack of mobility


I don’t know if there is a good way to go out of Europe but that was certainly not one.  Copenhagen won their first match by more than a solitary goal since 3 November.  That they had a two-month winter break since then is not a mitigating factor.  We could not have hoped for a better opponent in the knock-out stage of a European competition.

Neil Lennon was correct to say individual errors was to blame; he was also correct in not throwing players under the bus, but this does not tell the whole story.  Copenhagen, tactically and individually, played the game of their season.  They knew what to do to leave Glasgow with a result and set about doing it.

Celtic were the better team until Copenhagen took the lead, but that superiority never overwhelmed the visitors.  In particular, we were short in midfield, where Copenhagen had greater mobility.  Odsonne Edouard was a spectator for much of the game and he often found himself surrounded with three defenders when the ball came his way.

Christopher Jullien was very good, Mohamed Elyounoussi was a real danger until the tank ran dry.  The same affliction befell Tom Rogic, who looked dead on his feet long before the second Copenhagen goal.

While this was a poor performance and dreadful result, it does not compare to the Cluj defeat in August.  Going out of the Europa League at this stage, the last sixteen or quarterfinals makes little difference.  As I said a few days ago, this week’s biggest game in St Johnstone on Sunday.  That becomes our immediate focus.

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    Hibees security men out number calley fans 2 to 1.



    Calley fans hardly known for trouble .SHIRLEY.










    Adi Dassler



    Lets face it…that’s your opinion. Galvanise the support ?. And if they dont spend money… ? You ok with that ?.



    As I said…anyone tell me who it should be ?






    BTW Not easy.



  3. A bit late to the party but just my thoughts on last nights game, the team sent out last night was a fine technical team, but when pressed more so after the first goal our backend collapsed not for the first time, for me this is where a lot of our problems lie, Forrest, rojic Elyounoussi and Edouard in this particular team just don’t have a good work ethic to track back and defend which leaves our midfield ‘brown and McGregor’ well fucked

  4. Iniquitous IV



    Thanks for reconsideration of the post. We all have to be careful of using that word “never” to emphasise a point:-



    SFTB never says anything negative


    Iniquitous never says anything positive


    James Forrest never tracks back


    A club can never survive a liquidation event.



    Apart from the last one, most sentences are rendered meaningless by the inappropriate use of the word, “never”. At the very least, you suspect the powers of observation of the posters who tend to routinely reach for the absolutes in their terminology.



    They’re never very convincing! :-)

  5. Boli and Bayo were both on the bench last night, along with Biton, Griff and Hayes. That’s a lot of money on the bench and in the stand, and on the pitch. What’s your point??

  6. if you can’t get your head round 13 million worth of talent not being on the pitch when celtic are floundering, then we as a club have problems

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on 28th February 2020 6:59 pm


    ‘Celtic would NOT be guaranteed Premiership title if coronavirus leads to mass cancellation of sports events’







    I can’t see matches being cancelled, more likely to be played behind closed doors.



    And the possibility of that happening seems to be increasing every day.

  8. !!BADA BING!! on28TH FEBRUARY 2020 1:55 PM


    Impartial boton Boyd saying ‘we’about the huns ,


    Was that wee ratbag Billy Dodds giving it the “we” last week.


    This is gonna be sweet.



  9. If I’m being honest last nights result didn’t mean much the performance does ,and if you’re being honest that performance was bad, Neil doesn’t seem to rectify it on the big games, but as long as he does it in the league I don’t care

  10. To be honest I care about the league form as well, December wasn’t fun for me. Lenny seemed to try out a different 11 and formation each game, and it was such a toil.



    After the winter break he appeared to be forced into playing 352, not a favourite formation of mine, but we got 2 strikers on the pitch and we got goals and excitement. Great.



    Yet Lenny seems reluctant to play the 2 up top, maybe just my opinion but he appears too eager to revert back to 1 up top and then shoehorning midfielders into the team.

  11. Big G on 28th February 2020 11:01 pm



    Not as unfunny as celtic being denied 9




    We’d get the 9 the following year

  12. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    We are of Scottish Football and we’ll never be any different apart from one miracle.

  13. celtic I Hope will win 9 in a row with a bit of luck,But next year let’s see how much it means to our board to win ten



    Yep, should have said “rarely”, rather than “never.“ Type in haste, repent at leisure!

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    49 competitive games already this season.



    5 defeats one of which was a dead rubber.



    In the scheme of things – pretty good going?

  16. What a big disappointment Thursday was. :((



    I thought Ryan Christies yellow card was harsh over there. Olivier not making it as well compounded things. I was worried before a ba’ was kicked. Broonie was obviously not 100%, not even near it tbh.



    Our bench should have been stronger, and used. January failure, IMO.



    Credit to their goalkeeper as he was excellent over both legs.



    Callum was carrying the midfield, although Tom put in as good a shift as he can do these days, it isnae gonnae happen for him anymore at Celtic.



    I expect Eddie to leave in the Summer, I was hoping that a cracking run in Europe would sway him towards staying for the 10, I hope I’m wrong as he is just such a Superb fitba player.



    We simply have to keep Callum for next Season and he should be Captaining a lot more games next Season.



    On towards the QT.



    Go get the prizes Neil.



    Still Fighting



    RIP Andrew Weatherall




  17. Bring on the saints of Johnstone on the sabbath



    Forget the EL its pish, for my small mindedness let’s just concentrate on 9,10,11,12,13,14,15 IAR.



    Our domestic success is what eats away at them. Those pesky Fenian bassas is what they think, they hate that me, you, our children and grandkids are celebrating great times, at football and society. Good football, good jobs, trophy’s galore….lurking Huns GIRFUY.



    Feck the EL no one will remember some no mark team (Sevco) getting knocked out in the last 16.



    They will remember 9,10,11 IAR CHAMPIONS though🍀🏆



    D. :)

  18. neil lennon is a puppet of lawells there in lies the problem accepts when we don’t get players we wanted anybody thinks different have a reality check will never change while lawell has a say and desmond doesent give a f—.

  19. Tontine Tim,



    I wash ma hair less and have less dandruff than when I washed it all the time. ;)



    Great Tim, I’m worried aboot this virus and its attack on the older wans, the wise wans being taken away.



    I got 3 big Sisters and ma Ma and Da. Swine Flu was not as dangerous as the media made out, I think this Time the media is downplaying it for a reason.



    IMO, it is further Birth Pains…..Stronger wans…. Matthew 24.



    The Attack on the God of the Bible is relentless.