Celtic long term land dividends


As we reported yesterday, Celtic have been busy buying up land around the periphery of the stadium for many years. The club managed to get the deal to buy land behind the Jock Stein Stand done before the mineral seam running below it was discovered. I hear the excavation rights are estimated to be worth £50m to Celtic, who bought the land for £3m in January 2009 with money which had been earmarked to buy Stephen Fletcher. Hibernian thought the Fletcher deal was done but Celtic pulled out at the last minute when the land deal became available due to an emergency cash requirement at the Council, who needed to build schools to educate children arriving in the city from Eastern Europe.

Back then, when I asked why we weren’t signing Fletcher a senior source at the club told me, “We can only spend that £3m once and we need the land for burger vans and stuff.” Before kick-off, fans currently go off-premises to spend their money, cash that could be going to Celtic. Source added, “We’ll be able to buy a Fletcher every year with the catering income we’ll make from this land deal.”

Made sense at the time, makes more sense now.

That £50m is due to arrive in time to get the Co-op off our case and leave a substantial amount available to deal with what could be the first season we ever face Sevco- keeping them in their place.

Good luck to the Celtic fans based in North America ahead of the Féile on the weekend of 17-19 January. Events are based at The Plough & Stars, Philidelphia, include live music, a tour of the An Gorta Mor Memorial, a live Beyond the Waves broadcast and a Q&A with Celtic Youth Coach, Willie McNabb.

Visit ploughbhoyscsc.com for more details, including how to secure accommodation.

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  1. Tim Tanium


    11:12 on


    9 January, 2014



    I can’t tell if you’re trying to be funny or not, so I’m going to ask straight out. You do realise Paul67 isn’t being serious, don’t you?

  2. Tomtheleedstim, like it.



    DougC, they must have been aware of this one already.



    Len Brennan, that has a ring to it.



    Exiled Tim, £50m for Celtic but Dermot had to have his cut first, for guaranteeing the deal.



    Doc, aye.



    Steinreignedsupreme, no arguments from me.



    EmeraldBee, deadly serious.



    Bada Bing, I like what you did there.



    Tim Tanium, I don’t think permission is seen as a problem.



    praecepta, shhhh, indeed.



    GuyFawkes, it’s on a need to know basis at the moment, you don’t know who might be reading this stuff.

  3. Tim Tanium



    Don’t worry about that, Glasgow City Council will rubberstamp any planning permission application we submit. #unseenfenianhand




  4. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Why would Sporting Lisbon sell a future super star for 1 million ? I think any club with a genuine future super star would want to hang on to him and if they needed to sell to get cash would want more than 1 million for him.The MSM dont half clutch at straws to fill there pages.H.H.

  5. SydneyTim thanks for you reply but I did,nt ask for some of the information you supplied. You say get rid of 5 or 6 but list 8. You are certainly entitled to have a view/opinion on how our club is run but your obsession with PL is like Groundhog Day. Once again who of our U-20,s do you think will make the grade? Hail Hail Hebcelt

  6. Following on Paul’s revelation about the mine, did shares go up and somehow I did not notice. Secondly, is someone looking after the mine because I sit on that side of the stadium and I would not like to end up down a mine through lack of proper safety measures. I will blame the Board if I land up down a big hole.

  7. Joe Filippis Haircut


    11:39 on 9 January, 2014



    the report I read this morning said he has a buyout clause in his contract of £1m

  8. guyfawkesaforeverhero @ 11:29 on 9 January, 2014



    “…where our underground coach-park is going to be situated after 2054”



    You’ve got it wrong. The new stadium will be underground once the mineral extraction is complete. Ground level will be where we park our jet packs.

  9. connaire12


    11:44 on 9 January, 2014


    is someone looking after the mine because I sit on that side of the stadium and I would not like to end up down a mine through lack of proper safety measures. I will blame the Board if I land up down a big hole



    That will make you a true mineshafter!!

  10. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on






    Thanks for the feedback, I’m satisfied that the Res12 sub-committee is sufficiently briefed.



    Genuine question, CQNers:



    How do these bankers shave each morning as they surely can’t ever look themselves in the mirror?

  11. To those that have,.. more will be given.



    To those that have not,.. what little they have will be taken away & divided amongst the con-men & the spivs.



    MATTHEW 25-29.

  12. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on

    Hi guys


    When is Oor game on to- day?


    No mention in the so called Sorts bit of the Herald which advertises Celtic Prepare on P 5 but actually has an article on finances in Turkish football !



  13. From TSFM


    A wee bit of seasonal cheer (bit late, but it is good to be reminded).



    Over the festive period one of Mrs Zilch’s distant relations over in the East End posted a wee message on Facebook that I would like to share….



    Sitting in the house of an afternoon, there is a knock at the door and her cousin’s wife answers to find two blokes on the doorstep.



    “Hello. We are from Celtic Football Club and we would like to wish you and your husband a Merry Christmas. All the Best”, they hand over a brown envelope and walk off.



    Slightly stunned, she goes back upstairs and finds £200 in the envelope. Later finds out that the club have asked local schools to nominate families that could do with a wee helping hand and they were suggested.



    The family are not fans or connected in any way to the club. However, the money helped a lot at a very difficult time of year, and was very welcome.



    Only reason I know it happened is they wanted to tell people about their good fortune.



    Celtic are far from perfect and I will criticise them wherever and whenever I see them getting it wrong. However, I have to say that I think they are also doing a lot of things right and my hat goes off to them for this kind of initiative.



    Brown envelope payments: not always a bad thing!



    Happy New Year to all you Bampots

  14. What happened to the minerals money?



    Is their gold under the ground in the environs of CP?






    Many Hoopy returns to ACGR.



    Today’s numbers are 50 and 50 million.




  15. e=mc2 skiving at work on

    what is the CQN definition of:



    Moon howler



    Hand wringer



    Mine shafter



    Happy clapper?

  16. And so it all begins to make sense. But one question remains. Was Willo bought to:


    (a) Work in the mine,


    (b) Work in the burger van,


    (c) Go on secondment to the Council.

  17. Amazing how eager smsm are to run with highly speculative negative tittle- tattle about Celtic.


    There are much bigger stories out there open to a bit of conjecture.


    Only the other day, I met a taxi driver in the pub who told me an interesting story involving Charlie Green, uefa, Greek criminals, match fixing and sevco.


    But it was far too fantastic a story for any of our diligent journos to touch.

  18. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Very funny leader Paul. I bet thousands of Zombies are discussing the implications at this moment.

  19. greengreengrass on

    It’s not Paul67’s fault but this blog has become soooooooooooooooooo boring. (except for KevJ)

  20. greengreengrass



    12:04 on 9 January, 2014





    Makes it all the more important that posters like yourself are here to stimulate & educate.




  21. Steinreignedsupreme on

    The all new underground stadium will install the old Celtic Park floodlights which were used to guide the heavy-sleepers among the Luftwaffe during their bombing missions in the late 1950s.

  22. Frank Ryan



    You and Ernie are of same ilk. I am voting for independence which IMO will within a couple of years provide a centre left Labour Government. A true egalitarian government.


    Most people on this planet strive for independence and no one on this site has given a reasonable reason why we shouldn’t be like the rest of the planet.


    All reasons forwarded are based on fear. We are too wee, too bigoted, too ignorant, too dependent on London. What will happen to Catholics? I have brought up 4 children, two ghirls who have been through Uni, and two bhoys, one now 17 that will be going to Uni next year. This wouldn’t have happened under a Labour Government as they are determined to follow the Tory line of massive debt to be incurred: then – like the Jesuits- they have them for life.


    I just think it’s a natural state to want to be responsible for your own determination. That’s all

  23. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Tim tanium



    I was speaking to a taxi driver 10 minutes ago and from what he tells me Paul’s reported valuation of the mineral rights may be wide of the Mark. A friend of his is a geologist who works for a mining company with a high level of expertise in the field. He told the taxi driver that Celtic could pull in upwards of £60 million easily if they sell their land at the right time.

  24. johann murdoch on

    Will the mineshafters have the extraction rights?




    Ps Paul your headline was comedy gold.



    (sorry didn’t mean to say that incase BBc shortbread broadcast the “new” find)

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