Celtic on “additional value” and dominating


Unlike elsewhere, Celtic’s statement yesterday contained no promises or predictions on when fans will be able to attend games in Scotland.  The “fans attending by late August” brigade might be right, but no one knows yet.  That being the case, better to under-promise.

After their “thanks for your pure brilliant support” (not a literal quote) message, they reiterated an earlier comment, “it is our firm intention to give additional value to our season ticket holders for this and coming seasons”.  What that looks like will be determined by how many games we miss. What is appropriate for two games would be inappropriate if you missed two months.

When we get back will ultimately be determined by the politicians.  Football is an outdoor activity, where the science suggests the disease is less contagious, but science and political decisions have not always been in step, just look at what politicians did to care homes, so we can expect continuing randomness.

I loved the “aim… to dominate Scottish football” line.  Winning is nice but dominating has always been my thing.  Good to see we are all on the same page with that one.

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  1. Petec 11.44pm



    Always a special team :-)



    Broony is a living legend



    The Griff … one of the best finishers I have ever saw in the hoops so glad for the Bhoy



    In this very difficult time for many…



    Celtic is our constant …



    football without fans is nothing ??



    More importantly we need all fans to be safe while watching



    Hail Hail

  2. Petec … 11.58pm



    At different parts of the season they all played their part … Ryan C was immense for a few months before injury, big Fraz 6 or 7 terrific performances, Edouard would be a cert if not out for a period … in my opinion it’s a straight shoot out … Broony or Calmac ? For me it’s …. Broony … Calmac will hopefully have many more to earn :-)

  3. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    I know he’ll be reading this, so Happy Birthday to the Weemhan ( grandson )


    17 today , omg where have the years went?


    6ft 2 of pure Scottish hormones and his Celtic kit on for school soccer today .


    Have a great day.


    Good to see GFTB, nice wee holiday from CQN Gerry?


    H.H . Mick

  4. Odsonne is Magical.



    He deserves the POTY award but so do a few others.



    If Odsonne and Callum stay we will have a great chance of CREATING History.



    That bhoy Mo El is a player too.😉

  5. Melbourne Mick on




    Just can’t see past Broonie POTY.


    I’ve seen many captains of our great club in my lifetime and


    he is up there beside big Billy as joint numero uno.


    H.H . Mick

  6. Melbourne Mick 12.11am



    A wee sabbatical … (enforced) due to typing rubbish :-) thankfully P67 has opened the door … it’s quite refreshing sometimes being away from the internet, and while taking to Celtic fans in real life it’s a different attitude to some online punters … but it’s good to be back …. as many others have posted there are far too many good Celtic fans on here to not appreciate this place 🍀

  7. Wee Karamoko will be there or there abouts this Season.



    Hatem should be Available too – he seriously impressed me, especially in Rome.

  8. Melbourne Mick on

    Yes, everybody needs a wee sabbatical now and then, even MACJAY.


    Not many agreed with his points, but i hope he’s well.


    Sometimes posting from Oz is difficult due to time difference,


    For instance i’m just wakened and you bhoys are going to bed lol.


    I hope the other missing CQN’rs let us know how they are.


    H.H . Mick

  9. MM 12.31pm



    Having met Macjay in real life (only for a few hours) and his lovely daughter and latterly his son who was out all night “experiencing” the Glasgow nightlife the previous night … I don’t care a jot about what other posters think of Macjay I base my opinion on the Celtic fan I met … Celtic should always be our constant

  10. Melbourne Mick,



    Hopefully we make a serious impact on Europe this coming Season. We have the small matter of trying to get 10 Domestically. 🍻🤯🤯🍻⚽️😉🇮🇪

  11. Bada, I agree re Douglas but that is the only certainty for me. Forster is the best GK I’ve witnessed for us – though Boruc had an amazing season (or 2) when with us.



    Broonie for Lennon? Edouard for Hartson? They are tough calls to make.

  12. Melbourne Mick on




    The hun will throw everything ( if there’s anything left ) at us this season.


    i’m in the ” get the ten ” camp first and foremost.


    Wins in Europe a wee bonus.


    H.H . Mick

  13. Melbourne Mick on




    Tough right enough, different players styles suited different teams.


    But i’d have loved to have seen it.


    H.H . Mick

  14. If we can get the Griffalo Bach to his Original Ruud Bhoy best.



    What a player as Gerry says. He is Kickass Good. Boy that Bhoy can finish.

  15. Petec 12.50am



    The Griff and the Kano Foundation are so important to the young team ..after 11yrs trying the get my daughter into Celtic … without being a crazy dad the Kano foundation have took her through her school to a few games and Leigh Griffiths on “ticktok” ???? Am so glad it’s called “tic” to send the Huns over the edge … anyhow she now loves our Leigh …. social media is scary :-) am just glad it’s not HUN tok :-)

  16. What I meant to type … in my 11yrs trying to influence her… the Kano foundation done more in two 90min games …. AND our board should realise the Kano Foundation are bringing young fans into the club that could be missed … in fact they are bringing fans that WILL be missed 🍀

  17. Melbourne Mick on




    Should be hun mok, happens regular lol.


    Nice talking again ghuys, got a big Scottish steak pie to make


    for the weemhan, you know, the Desperate Dan type, full of


    steak beef and pork sausage, big bhoy to feed on his birthday.


    H.H . Mick

  18. We are truly Blessed Gerry.🇮🇪⚽️🇮🇪⚽️🇮🇪⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️🇮🇪⚽️🇮🇪⚽️🇮🇪

  19. MM 1.00am



    You enjoy your Aussie steak pie ..



    Cheers for the mentions while “away” Dallas Dallas always told me while you were “calling me out” … I told Dallas am not reading so I don’t know … it’s Paul67s house … it’s not like the Huns .. of you break the rules … your oot :-)



    Going for 10 on CQN …. 🍀

  20. Petec 1.04am



    Serious question …



    Going for ten ?



    Or stopping 10 ?



    Petec … there is no wrong answer but I think we must be around the same age (Obsession – Ultra sonic) … stopping 10 or maybe getting 10 ?????

  21. Wow Gerry.



    That is a question.😉



    Turned 48 June 2nd.



    That really is a Question.



    I think stopping 10 – I dinnae like being negative too.🙄



    WTF you pulling deep fitba Philosophical questions at this Time. 👍👍👍👍



    Brilliant howevaaaah.

  22. Petec 1.24am



    F the this ten ….



    Growing up when the cheats were cheating …



    God bless Harold Brattbak :-)



    But I will celebrate like every other title we earn … remember



    Brendan Rodgers left Celtic for Leicester for more money ….for the premiership



    Neil Lennon (Leicester Captain) left Leicester for less money … for the SPL



    Two professionals proclaim their love for one club …. one professional shows his love 💚

  23. Anyway hopefully Celtic win their 10th Title in a row.



    It is gonnae be so hard to get.



    More than ever the Hun games are gonnae determine where the Trophy resides. We need to up our game in this regard.

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