Celtic on “additional value” and dominating


Unlike elsewhere, Celtic’s statement yesterday contained no promises or predictions on when fans will be able to attend games in Scotland.  The “fans attending by late August” brigade might be right, but no one knows yet.  That being the case, better to under-promise.

After their “thanks for your pure brilliant support” (not a literal quote) message, they reiterated an earlier comment, “it is our firm intention to give additional value to our season ticket holders for this and coming seasons”.  What that looks like will be determined by how many games we miss. What is appropriate for two games would be inappropriate if you missed two months.

When we get back will ultimately be determined by the politicians.  Football is an outdoor activity, where the science suggests the disease is less contagious, but science and political decisions have not always been in step, just look at what politicians did to care homes, so we can expect continuing randomness.

I loved the “aim… to dominate Scottish football” line.  Winning is nice but dominating has always been my thing.  Good to see we are all on the same page with that one.

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  1. Hi Bhoys



    Big Jimmy I know you’ll keep fighting Big Mhan 💪



    The last post on page 4 copied from Mahe on Sentinel Celts. It disnae miss you and hit the wall.




  2. A very Hoopy Happy birthday to GENE.


    Thanks to ALL on here for their good wishes etc…hopefully THIS hospital admission will NOT include a further “Heart Attack” like my previous admissions in Oct and Dec 2019 did ?


    LOL ?


    Maybe some Blood Transfusions will help matters…and maybe some BEER Transfusions also… once I get home again and Pubs are open ?


    DAVID66 is my local hero…a real STAR…with all the help that he has given me in recent months.


    What a Bhoy !



  3. Big Jimmy



    Keep on keeping on … use CQN to keep in contact with fellow Celts there is plenty of good people on here as David66 has proved



    Philbhoy ….



    Confrontational ??? Moi ?



    Never initiate … only respond (Macjay)



    Hail Hail :-)

  4. TONYROME on 25TH JUNE 2020 10:50 AM


    Hi Bhoys



    The last post on page 4 copied from Mahe on Sentinel Celts. It disnae miss you and hit the wall.




    Where’s the post??

  5. Happy birthday Gene have a great day and Hunderbirds if you are lurking hope all is as good as it can be just now

  6. Corkcelt 8.58am



    Cheers I had missed your post but no welcome needed, I knew I was acting like an idiot and deserved the ban :-) as posted P67 was good enough to open the door, by the way I won’t indulge in the birthday nonsense as I sensed you were (and are) not amused by it :-)



    Anyhow what’s done is done, what’s won is won and what’s gone is gone forever …. Res12 ??? I salute the four and in my opinion (just my opinion mind) harping back to governance in 2012 in the current climate is a loser, you can blame Dermot, Peter, the board, or whoever ….. “we” the Celtic fans needed the wider Celtic family to be interested, “we” needed the wider Scottish clubs to be interested, “we” needed the wider Scottish teams fans (like 2012) to be interested … none of them care and they ALL know the Huns cheated …. I salute the ReS12 bhoys and I think their success is the Huns will not get away with their wide scale cheating again but for ReS12 to ever succeed (remember it was about the SFA and governance not the Huns) the ReS12 bhoys would need Ayr, St Mirren & the many others who also played against the importer registered Bank of Scotland sponsored team from Govan … but stuff that… easy option blame the Celtic board




    (Philbhoy that confrontational stuff didn’t last long :-)



    Hail Hail

  7. fairhill bhoy on

    Happy 70th Gene,have good day🎂🎉🍀


    Big Jimmy,hurry up and get fit,the beer gardens will be opening soon remember 🍻🤞🏻

  8. Jamesgang – I don’t think there will be many who would have big Rab before Fraser.



    Brown or Lennon is a tricky one. You’re probably right in the last few years the amount of games I have watched Broonie and thought “Wow!”



    Thomson or McGregor – I think I’ll go with Thomson for his goals against the huns.



    Edouard or Hartson – different players and I’d be happy with both but Eddie would sneak it. Imagine we had Hartson to come off the bench these days though!!!

  9. Big Jimmy



    Get well soon.



    Off to see the grandkids……..from 2 meters.

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