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  1. Ange far too slow I’m making his subs tonight. Jot a has been poor by his standards and could have been subbed earlier. Now he is going to miss the next 3-4=weeks.

  2. It makes me absolutely livid that the ref knowingly allows these tackles which injure our best players. That these officials have the decisive say in where the league goes. I know we’ve said it a thousand times but when your hard-earned money goes into this league (season tickets or subscription to Celtic TV) and you see it being bent year after year it makes you so angry.

  3. ‘mon the PHILBHOY,



    As we sing, ‘faithful through and through’ well not for some who post on here.



    I hope you are well, an understandably emotional day for you and your family.



    In my /our thoughts and prayers.







    We are ok thanks!



    A second goal would really cheer me up though!



    Hope you are good and tell MAGUA I was asking!