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  1. geebee1978- he’s hopefully took his time out to study the rough and tumble, and the cheating of Scottish football to good use,great game tonight

  2. Celtic need to take drastic action against the Green Brigade throwing objects at opposing players is just not on ,as for the match it’s self a hard fought 3 points which we needed,the downside is 3 Players out for at least 3/4 weeks,and I’ll say again what is with a lot of Celtic Supporters on referees,I think we get to obsessed with the men in Black,as for big Madhun I thought he was ok ,seen worse performances,also Starfelt had a decent game this evening.

  3. Did we not get a goal disallowed in 1st game of season against that horrible bunch of Edinburgh Huns.



    Did we hear everyone including Boyd and Neilson scream for VAR then….no didnae think so.



    Look at the stats of tonight’s game apart from maybe 20 minutes we bossed the game, 25 shots at goal, 69% possession, what games where these clowns watching.



    Oh and I believe Neilson was upset at final whistle with the GMS incident where he tripped himself up. Then Neilson has seen it or someone told him it was self inflicted and changed his tune to our goal in front of cameras. Otherwise why not go ballistic at half time about our goal.



    A horrible cheating boring cunt.



    D :)

  4. The missile throwing is not on and should not be tolerated.



    Unless at Boyd then its acceptable




    D :)

  5. Kyogo was onside. End of story.



    Superb finish.



    The inability to make tactical subs meant weathering a 15 minute storm, after which, when hearts had blown themselves out, we controlled the game again.



    Had Welsh not been injured I think Bitton would have replaced Tommy R and we’d have restored a bot of order sooner than we did.



    Dundee United will fancy it on Sunday so we will have to be ready.

  6. GB were awful tonight.



    There singing was dross and their songbook is just a warmongers lullaby.


    Plus you had the stuff being thrown at the Hertz players.



    Where is the self policing / the self esteem to call out this green hunnery?


    Hopefully a few doors will get kicked in at 6am tomorrow


    A few taxi licences revoked..

  7. I hope the self policing culture of our support is still a thing. The guys who threw things this evening need a toe in the hole. A holes. But you can’t blame the GB for their actions. The GB perhaps are best placed to call it out and get it dealt with.

  8. The GB were right in the thick of it regarding the plastic bottles / drinks cups that were thrown at the Hertz player taking the corners in the second half.



    They own that corner so it was one of them or it was a hanger on — time for a statement.


    Plastic bottle with little in it — the range is very short so it didn’t come from the LL Upper.

  9. glendalystonsils on

    I agree totally , the throwing of anything , even a paper cup is hun like behaviour . Unless it’s stamped out , some idiot will graduate to throwing something that could cause real damage . The MSM would have a field day .

  10. TIMBHOY163 on 2ND DECEMBER 2021 10:31 PM


    MADMITCH on 2ND DECEMBER 2021 10:39 PM


    You guys should have a wee shot in the standing section. How the GB can stop some roaster throwing things at players, I’ll never know. They’re fronting a campaign to stop Celtic employing someone who ruined young guys lives, they’re hardly going to be throwing things on to the park. I stand in 111 and the objects were thrown from the top and right of 110. I stand at my own seat every game and there’s not often the same folk beside me. I’ll tell you what, hoping that fellow Tims get their doors kicked in at 6 in the morning is a disgusting attitude.

  11. Madmitch – wanting young guys doors get kicked in at 6am presumably but the police, for throwing plastic bottles and some inference that you’d like people to lose their means of income is probably, in the grand scheme of things, worse than throwing a plastic bottle.



    A ban from the stadium, a strong word from the GB and their pals – a bit of old fashioned mentoring – is required, not draconian punitive, life ruining action from the authorities.

  12. The stupidity of the GB and their wannabees knows no bounds.


    Sure it was a laugh trying to hit the Hertz player with plastic bottles / drinks cups.


    So how will the rest of the SPL respond to what was on show tonight?



    Our players taking corners will now be fair game and it won’t be with paper cups.



    We have a standing section and we get this sort of behaviour.


    Time for the standing section to be removed?

  13. I was told a long time ago that the maddest eejits advocating and doing the most extreme things in any organisation are ones to watch. Groups like the GB are of interest to the police and therefore you can net your boots that the cops have paid assholes to do asshole things. The GB aren’t daft. They need to watch out for dafties though.



    When it comes to our support I’ll paraphrase a greater wit than I about the role of the cops: there is no situation involving celtic supporters that the police can’t make worse.

  14. MADMITCH on 2ND DECEMBER 2021 10:55 PM



    You want to remove the beating heart of the Celtic support? Bit weird. The huns would love it mind you.

  15. Mitch – time for the standing section to be closed? No. May be time for you to get your copy submitted for whatever publication you write for though. Honestly, you have to be at it with the commentary on both the game and the antics of a few idiots in a section of the ground.



    I’m away to my scratcher. Yawn.

  16. Wasn’t just paper cups. Looked like coins too.



    Hoped we were better than that – but every club has an ‘element’.



    Tony Ralston’s injury being reported as the most serious. We’ll miss his energy and guts.



    But we’ll still do DUFC.

  17. That was some of the finest football I’ve seen in a while. Especially the first half. Kyogo offside? Probably. Starfelt offside – never. Didn’t see many replays of that. He did mess up but was that because the whistle went?



    Thought Starfelt, Welsh and Bitton we immense.



    Ralston was already candidate for my MotM when he went off. He was superb.



    Rogic and Jota not quite ate their peak but still great to watch. Monty was great when he came on. Mikey ring rusty, which is why you need to give players game time when possible.



    Referee. A joke. One yellow card and it was naturally against us. Free kicks not given. Some under the pretence of “play on”. I reckon it contributed to Jota’s injury which I hope is more to do with cramp and not a hammy.



    Forrest. What a team goal that would have been. And there were a couple of others like that.



    Joe Hart. Solid.



    Callum. Captains display. Such a fantastic footballer and engine.



    Also thought Turnbull had a really good game. Juranovic too and will be interesting to see how good he is playing on the right.



    Did I miss anyone?




    KYOGO. What a star.

  18. SUPERSUTTON on 2ND DECEMBER 2021 11:09 PM


    I’m guessing it would have been a great game for the neutral, some good football from both teams. For some reason we faded after they got that headed chance and it wasn’t until the closing stages that we regained control. If Jamesy buries that chance, the games done. Squeaky bum for the final minutes, but we deserved the points.

  19. GT / RT @ 10.50



    I see I have found the Social Work CSC.



    The people who threw stuff at the Hertz player taking the corner have put our players in danger and they have brought / will bring opprobrium and censure towards the club and shamed the rest of the support.



    An arm around the shoulder for the people who carried it out is not the way forward.



    Start with the concept that those who did it are immature no mark erse holes who live their lives through the club — their behaviour needs to be called out and acted upon or it will grow over time as an acceptable form of behaviour and we will all lose out.



    If you want to be an erse then society has the right to offer an opinion in return.



    The GB opened the door to wide boy / snide behaviour with all their ultra first and club second chat — no pyro / no party / wtf ?!? — so they have to have to take responsibility for the no mark wannabees who ran through the open door after them and who then sha* on our doorstep.

  20. SUPERSUTTON – good summary – apart from the Montgomery bit IMO.



    I just saw a raw kid – with similar positional flaws to KT – who usually turns back and recycles the ball to someone else. Boli and Taylor are our best two LBs. And if Scales doesn’t offer more than Monty does, we still have big recruitment issues.



    Great win against 11 Jambos and 1x Madden.

  21. MADMITCH on 2ND DECEMBER 2021 11:14 PM



    You don’t like the GB and you’ve concocted a narrative that lays the blame for the behaviour of a couple of arseholes at their door. That’s up to you, but you just sound like a jealous bitter old man that ran through a door that Maggie opened. I’m out, enjoy yer night.

  22. glendalystonsils on

    Calmac is the big mainspring in the Celtic clock which makes all the other wheels and cogs keep spinning and ticking . Of course he makes the odd mistake , simply because he is so much more involved and takes so much more responsibility than anyone else .


    How people cannot see this is beyond me .

  23. GT @ 11.24



    Maggie / WTF ??!!?? — You really are having a laugh.


    Totally lost at the comment regarding door she seemingly opened for me.


    She destroyed 30% of manufacturing so she made it hard for people like me — wannabe mech engineers.



    The people who threw stuff need to be called out — no matter who they are.



    No marks out on the swally this afternoon?


    Coked up zoomers looking for a laugh?


    Board plants trying to unsettle the GB?



    It is in everyone’s interest that this is sorted out now.

  24. GDT @ 11.30



    Second half and we are struggling to play the ball out.


    Up steps CMcG with a world class performance of hide and seek.


    Hiding behind any available Hertz player so that our CB couldn’t give him a pass.



    He is an AM who once had a good shot in him.


    He is not a CM / pivot and he runs out of appetite for the ball when the going bets tough.


    Even when he got the ball he couldn’t wait to pass the responsibility onto someone else.



    He is just not up to playing that position on a regular basis.

  25. First and foremost, we achieved 3 pts tonight. Mission accomplished.


    Hard fought, but I didn’t expect anything different. I actually predicted a 2-1 victory, so not far wrong. Injuries which in turn gotcdd wee our hand regarding substitutions played a big part in our performance later in the match.


    Without injuries I would have expected Forrest & Rogic especially to be taken off around 60/70 mins. If 2 goals up, Ange might have taken Starfelt off early. As it was, all 3 had to play the whole game; so credit for the way we finished the last few mins, imo.



    Prior to his injury, I thought AR was playing ok. Always looking for the ball. Set up the first goal…which may or may not have been offside – depending on when you freeze the picture. It was a decision for the linesman alone, and I thought he was a yard behind play – which probably helped us in that split second.



    First half we played well. We need to improve our shots at goal to shots on target ratio.


    Hart had little to do first half.



    Second half we had a spell were we looked unable to keep ball. Hearts had chances but thankfully they never took any.


    Forrest missed a sitter (though he was poor tonight…anonymous…and ineffective when on the ball). Granted, he’s coming back from injury, but even still, he should contribute more.


    Kyogo and Jota were their lively selves. Pray that Jota isn’t injured too badly. He’d be missed big style, imo.


    Calmac tried to link up play. I don’t think he played badly – remember he was playing in front of the back 4 – Rogic and Turnbull are the guys who should be doing more to assist the front guys.


    Turnbull, imo, needs a rest. I just can’t have DT & TR in the same midfield. DT & TR both have an uncanny knack of drifting out of a game. We can’t have both doing it at the same time. But it happens all too often.


    Like Abada/Forrest, I’d have either TR/DT but not both in the starting XI.



    I don’t normally post right after a game but the beer made me tonight ;-)




  26. martin o'seville on

    The orange plastic bottle, and coin throwing incident will be used to rush the appointment of big bad baldy Higgins!


    I wonder what the real provisional rebels from the dark north of the emerald isle must think of the group of Celtic supporters who musically applaud the six counties good ghuys & ghirls efforts, in bringing their armed imperial oppressors to the peace agreement in 1998, and removing armed occupying forces from the six counties streets, and elsewhere, teaching the world how to fight back, only to see and hear the conflict drum being beaten, every time Celtic fc play a game of football?


    Do the provisionals salute their many Celtic admirers?




    Do they hold their faces in their hands and say,


    “We’ve tried to move on, how about you giving it a try you asses?”




    “How dare they lift the names of our gallant heroes, then go and vote for the alchemist party?”




    “Just don’t use our achievements for you’re bullsh*t bravado, then crawl on you’re knees handing ticket money to Freemasons, and free state Irish Tory winkers you asses!”


    Or, maybe….


    “You vote for a party that bitterly hates,


    Catholics~Irish~Socialists~Working~Classes~Immigrants~Women~Children~Jesus and many more targets, and who rips the piss out of you with all of their fake GAF about Indy, brings out modern day penal laws to prosecute you, you dumb asses, you vote for this coven of dark artists, and then you have the brass necks to lift the names of our gallant heroes, how fkn dare you? as your children are being poorly educated just like you were obviously, only they are in a dubious dangerous environment and you stand there with your egos puffed out singing about our brothers and sisters who bravely faced down one of hells most formidable forces, and you do what for your flesh and blood? you stand there singing about conflicts many miles away, and many years ago which would’ve been fkn lost if you were fighting them, look around you ffs, start in the classroom, the devil has risen and joined the alchemist party, and he’s sprinkling his dust in the classrooms, wake the fck up Timmy, there’s a guid starting place!”




    nah, what’s the point?

  27. glendalystonsils on




    We’ll agree to disagree on that one . What I will grant you , is that Calum is a natural AM and in an ideal world that is where I would like to see him playing.

  28. those who threw the pies and plastic bottles should be called out.


    the GB should not be banned/slated as a whole.


    Did we recommend shutting the jungle when Strachan was attacked ?


    Did we recommend banning the whole Celtic support when that eejit slapped the AC Milan keeper.



    Martin O, was wondering who you would suggest young Celtic fans should vote for ? (I’m old and have never voted SNP btw)

  29. The problem is not CalMac – the problem is that all of our midfielders are AMs. All 3 were playing hide and seek, unable to show for or even keep the ball for a period in the second half. Almost the entire team feel into the unable to keep the ball category for that spell.

  30. Set phasers to ignore.



    Set deflector shields to starve attention seeker



    If anyone engages with the robot and daftbot tonight it’s your own fault.b

  31. RobertTressel – well said



    BTW Madmitch – “Social Work CSC” – bit Maggie follower-ish if you ask me.



    Why not just say “Tough on Crime, Tough on the …”



    Do you even remember being young ?



    What was it they said at UNI ? What gets drunk more than Guinness every day ? Mechanical Engineers.


    (even tho I didnt see it that way myself)