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  1. Hearts TV cannot believe they got a 3-2 defeat. They know they just got played off the park.

  2. Ginelli caused us problems with his pace and movement – their #6 is a quality midfielder too!

  3. Beaton made sure we didn’t go 3 up at half time.


    Starfelt is very worrying. Looks uncomforable playing on the left side of central defence. He was also at fault for Hearts’ second goal (their only shot on target in the match other than the penalty).

  4. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Great to,watch. Disappointing to lose 2 goals, but we will lose goals with that open way of playing. We’ll bE great to watch and batter teams, but we’ll take a few sore ones against the bEtter teams, particularly in Europe.



    I like Soro, but that was unacceptable on their 2nd goals. Weak as pisswater challenge on the edge of thE box. He’ll need to up his game if he wants to get into that team.

  5. Stoppage time goal from Hearts…deflected…full time…score doesn’t reflect our dominance…but that’s incredibly disappointing…they had very few attempts and scored 2…we’re through to next round but our defence needs bolstering

  6. Russian Roulette defending throughout a whole ninety minutes ofdomination..perplexing. How did Hearts win the second-half?

  7. I think we all know that there is much work to be done for Ange, but unless he is given the tools………..


    Going forward we are awesome at times, some of the football is actually breathtaking, but and always the but, we really need to get a proper defence together, then we will see IMO.


    Delighted that we are in the next round, all a plus for the confidence, great stuff Bhoys.

  8. Greetings from sunny Greece, need defenders in ASAP , bankie , we wurna playing for points today!😂😂😂😂 still laughing aye !

  9. Puzzling how we came right off it after about 65mins, yet Ange didn’t freshen it up.


    McCarthy eased his way in yet is a mile off the reqd pace; understandably.


    Must be shoite being a sub like Albi and getting 4mins to make yer mark – always hated that as a player.


    First half was abso delicious; the second left a weird tang in the mouth.



    We’re getting there. Come back Chris Jullien; all is forgiven.



  10. Hopefully a reminder to the men with the money that we need another player or three across the back.



    Starfelt needs to up his game. Good in some aspects but seems to lose concentration and prone to a couple of dodgy moments in most games.



    That said, it was a brilliant first 45 and all round a decent second 45. In all honesty that game could have ended with us winning by 6 or 7 and the embra orcs could have had no complaints.



    McCarthy looked very assured when he came on.



    Next round. Job done.

  11. A delightful front 5 of Kyoto, Forrest, Eddie, Tam and DT …



    Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey at the back….




  12. JHB on 15TH AUGUST 2021 4:53 PM


    Russian Roulette defending throughout a whole ninety minutes ofdomination..perplexing. How did Hearts win the second-half?




    Thought Welsh had a decent game but Starfelt was poor again.

  13. JHB on 15TH AUGUST 2021 4:53 PM



    Russian Roulette defending throughout a whole ninety minutes






    You do realise glasses can fill right to the top as well as being emptied don’t you?

  14. James Forrest is not a worker …floats about and thinks he has just done enough …. always was and always will be …both he and Edouard are not our best ….and Starfelt….Dear oh Dear …do we actually have a defensive coach….Just clear the effing ball….

  15. What’s more surprising to me is ‘How did we only score three goals?’ Both the defence and the offence will get better as the season goes on! This is going to be a fun season!




  16. Any win in cup football is a good win. Losing those couple of cheap goals may turn out to be a blessing in disguise if it strengthens Ange’s transfer hand.

  17. Big issue is energy and stamina — we look a 70 minute team at the moment.


    That is the state that 2 years of NL in charge has left us — nothing in the last quarter.



    Also we are still very sloppy — number of chances where the player lacks focus.


    The defence still has evidence of a glass jaw plus the MF cover is not great.



    And then you have JF — a shadow of his former self.


    He seems to have been taking lessons of JJK.


    All about coming inside and passing the ball to anyone.



    He needs to step up and take responsibility for the play.


    He is a senior player now and yet he cannot wait to get rid of the ball backwards or sideways.

  18. And nae luck to the Birthday bhoy…..Thought 4.1 was an omen …


    At least you got a nice Sellic win mate…..








  19. Well done Celtic, great entertainment.



    Defensive frailty well understood before today’s match.

  20. I thought Ralston was immense, MOM for me. Even if another RB comes in I’m not sure he’ll perform better than Ralston every week. Good to have competition. Thought Taylor was great too although some of his passes in the final third didn’t quite come off. He’s not good at threading the ball through the opposition. Starfelt I think was the weakest of the defenders and I think we definitely need another really commanding CB. Hopefully Starfelt is still adjusting but he made a few errors today, one of which cost us a penalty. Some good stuff from Eddie although feel he is not at peak fitness, same for Rogic and Turnbull. Great to see us use both wings and really stretch the opposition. Early days yet but we will need a stronger squad for when the going gets tough.

  21. Fantastic mid to front, great to watch, we’ll score a barrel load of goals this season, even French Eddy looked sharp and interested.


    Defence? Our style of play particularly playing out from defence will cost us. We had 3 or 4 chances to clear for Hearts 2nd, not taken. Onwards and upwards

  22. Brilliant attacking football..defence still no quite right but tbh looked a lot better i thought.


    7.00pm here in Kefalos.time to go home after my sunday bev.


    ffs hang on im on my hols no work tmrw..



    RACK EM!! Manos



    Hail Hail Brothers

  23. Great performance, plenty of positives, how the score ended 3-2 is mind boggling.


    However it did & we need to learn from it.


    This total obsession with possession in dangerous areas, worries me.


    Their definitely are times when you should just hoof it out of danger.

  24. onenightinlisbon on

    Well done to Ange and the Bhoys. What a difference from last season.



    Still nowhere near the finished article but the direction of travel is there for all to see.



    Get the cheque book out DomPedro and we will be in with a fighting chance this season, who would have thought that?

  25. McGregor is really slotting into the captains role. He constantly makes himself available.


    All round, top class performance but we should not have shipped two goals.


    Keep the revolution rolling

  26. JohnJames…am no telling ye wit a know…but for this small price a month you too can know I know fuckall…that’s my take on how to make a living fleecing peeps ;-))




    ‘Disappointing to lose 2 goals’





    A blessing in disguise. Makes it obvious that the defence needs improving.

  28. Tells me what I need to know that I am disappointed that we only scored three. And I do not think Hearts would have scored when they did without us giving away a penalty. It was a Cup tie though and Robbie Neilson did change things up in the second half. Their second was worrying though, Welsh, for all his good play, is unable to read the game once it gets into our 18 yard box. That said I think he can play midfield if we do bring another centre back. Good all round attacking performance though, and in the draw. Job done.

  29. TO my eye, we look faster when Kyogo plays thru the middle.


    Yes, Eddy looked more interested but that didn’t equate to sharp darting runs oin which Kyogo specialises.



    Also, we stopped feeding Calum as much in the 2nd, when clearly he is our best gather and go merchant.



    Small hat tip to Craig Gordon; a guy who the experts thought couldn’t lace Barky’s boots.

  30. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Celtic 3 Hearts 2.



    Anyone who didn’t see the game would think it was a close contest. It was anything but.



    I wrote the other evening Starfeld looked star-struck at times. Don’t know if it’s fitness or he’s still adjusting to the pace of the game here, but he’d better get up to speed PDQ.

  31. Well done to The Bhoys in Hoops…it was 3-2…going on 8-2 !


    Fantastic for most of the game, but we obviously cant play at that fantastic pace for the whole 90 minutes.


    Is KYOTO the 5TH BEATLE……with that haircut ?






  32. I also think that from what we have seen so far..Kyogo is BETTER playing through the middle…and maybe French Eddie playing on the left and cutting in ?