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  1. Bunburybhoy




    Pal. wance ye get tae know me..



    Ye wull find.



    Ah Only tell it likeis Lays..



    No.. whit ye wid LIKE it tae Lay..






    In the Last Two Games, Scott,has Been..



    Coming oan like Gangbusters..






    Scott ,is IMPROVING.. and



    that is whit Ah luv tae See..







    And Scott, has shown it..in Spades..




  2. TMWTL


    YA mind reader ye.I had to stop just before i hit the submit button Butcher is what he is and that is 100% anti Celtic.



  3. Neil Lennon says NO to BESNA!! on

    Ten Men Won The League says:


    11 February, 2012 at 17:29


    Isn’t it strange how Butcher is ‘seething’ today but was a model of composure after the game at Ibrox earlier in the season, when his side had 2 stonewall penalties denied and an ‘offside’ goal mysteriously disallowed?



    Thats what we’re up against…but remember aberdeen try really reallly really hard against them.




  4. Samaras, Brown and Ledley were immense.



    Add Matthews and Wanyama to the above.



    BTW: Did Forster make any saves ?

  5. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    The hun manager is bealing because HIS team are p*sh!



    We knew that already tel!



    Ya prat.

  6. “…haven’t got their/our problems to seek”



    I literally had never heard that turn of phrase until about ten days ago, when it was used in reference to R*ngers’ now beginning to reap what they sew, after 27 years of buying success and cheating, but now it’s used in every football report and interview in Scottish football. There are a lot of average, unoriginal minds around…

  7. Dan The Man can be Car Crash Dan at times,but he certainly didn’t merit a red card today,corkcelt,and at times he’s been a solid wall when needed. Whatever,we 10 won against 14 today,and that will stick in the throats of The Unclean & Lodge members everywhere,including the Orange MIBS.

  8. EWO


    DALZIEL was slabbering that our Euro run would be a distraction and cost us dearly.



  9. Big Tel now calmed down; pleased with his players but disappointed at the same time. But he claimed never a better chance to get something at CP.


    He seemed more annoyed with his team than with anything else.”


    His interview seemed fair enough; just a disappointed manager.



    I suspect the “seething” comments were more mischief-making by the radio guys than anything else. He came across in a very reasonable manager.

  10. usually try and avoid referee debates but today it was clear, to me anyway, that the ref was genuinely trying to stop us from winning, dont know how many saw it but celtic tv showed a good angle of dans sending off from behind the ref and theres no way he could say for sure it was a foul, coupled with the linesman not flagging tells me he was at it. Makes the victory all the sweeter i suppose.

  11. leftclicktic says:


    11 February, 2012 at 17:38



    Thats right!!!



    Remember now



    Good man




  12. If memory serves me right, the mib produced a yellow to the Inversneckie player for his foul on Sami pretty much instantaneously then realised he’d already booked him, then slowly and with his body language showing an agonising reluctance which oozed out of his every pore…………………. he eventually produced the red.



    Well done Celtic

  13. A decent double over the hammer throwers, the ref killed any chance of a football game today with one of the most clueless performances I’ve ever seen.



    Joe Ledley, Scott Brown, Big Sammi, Charlie Mulgrew all immense today…



    These are the days that win titles.



    3 wins in a week, I’ll have some of that please..




  14. The Legend Johnny Doyle on







    100 degree turn oot o 180 last night with only 80 degree to go…. ? That was last night, how much closer are yi tonight to finding yir heed being totally birlt roond?



    Yir changing o the stance oan oor Skoosh must be a guid thing though as it proves to all here that even you can be wrong now and again :)



    Yir pal JD

  15. where to begin with that game? officials were rotten and perhaps even corrupt; is it true the refs brother is/was once a rangers player?



    a very big win in the circumstances, brown, sammy and joe were sensational, especially when we went down to ten!

  16. just home an no drink..



    that in my 40 years watching Celtic must be the worst ever performance from the mib…..



    he should be sacked, he will be promoted no doubt

  17. SuperSutton says:


    11 February, 2012 at 17:37


    Samaras, Brown and Ledley were immense.



    Add Matthews and Wanyama to the above.



    BTW: Did Forster make any saves ?





    Oh yes – and Mulgrew too.



    Just checked on BBC. ICT no shots on goal.



    (Is it OK to talk to yourself?)

  18. starry plough



    That wasn’t a clueless performance, it was deliberate one I think as MacLean consistently gave bad decisions against us all day. He’ll go far in Scottish football unfortunately.



    Got Soultalkin’ on now btw and sounding good!




  19. Dalziel speaks in the most incoherent manner I have heard in a long time. He has a strange way of mangling the English language. A wee bit like Derek Ferguson on Shortbread. You wonder how they get the jobs and pass the “talent management” test as the BBC described it when I questioned Ferguson’s suitability for his position as a broadcaster.



    ( I guess being a former Rangers player is always a huge asset in this part of the world.)

  20. The Singing Detective on

    My dear,dear,dear,dear Kojo..



    Your long distance reverse-psychology has worked a treat on Sammie and our Bash Street Capitano…



    So what are you going to do for poor,poor Bang Bang ?



    ( Good Luck ! ).



    * Victor to remain in the care of Prof.Kittoch,as he’s achieving some limited success with his subliminal programming technique…

  21. 2012 and the Naehun Prophecies says:


    11 February, 2012 at 17:50



    I am still in shock from watching it!! I had to take a phonecall in the middle of the second half so I didn’t see all the bad decisions big Dan’s looks a shocker tho,,



    Thanks for listening, hoping to do some new stuff soon, Mrs and baby Starry are away and I got an empty!!




  22. The Battered Bunnet on

    The Caley defender who was up against Sammi today compensated for the 6 inch height advantage Sammi had over him by the old ‘shove at the jump’ routine. It was remarkable, and a testament to the perfect incompetence of the referee, that this was permitted the entire match without sanction.



    Just one example of the profoundly inept display by today’s referee and his assistants.



    Performances like that do little to enhance the game as a spectacle, or indeed, as a professional environment.



    Well done to the team for staying focussed in the circumstances.

  23. Just to repeat what I said earlier, we watched the Champions elect today.


    Our young team showed that they can handle all sorts of adversity thrown in their face and the kind of grit that wins titles.


    Mulgrew, ledley, Skoosh, Sammi and Big Vic were outstanding this afternoon but all the Bhoys did us proud.



    Take a bow Neil Lennon, you’re mark on this team was perfectly illustrated on your 100th game in charge.

  24. glendalystonsils on

    Whenever Butcher loses to Celtic he is “raging”.



    Whenever he loses to R@ngers he is “philosophical”




  25. starry plough



    I said to the old man at half time that he’d give Caley a penalty given a chance, which thankfully didn’t arise, and going by Dan’s ridiculous sending off, just as well.



    Scottish mibbery in full effect today.



    One qualm about your mix, its not timestamped.




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