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  1. Big Swee walks on with Neil Lennon on

    Bet Big Terry Butcher will have enjoyed that.



    Off out to enjoy a few cold ones.



    Hail Hail peeps and have a great weekend regardless of the result.

  2. Do we have amy midweek games this week? Can we get the squad in for recovery work and intense tactical awareness training? And shooting practice? And some arse kicking for a few of them.



    This will be a turning point for the good

  3. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Why wd you leave Commins on and take Tony off?? What ever Commins had has gone Big Time!!



    Hooper?? Dont get me started!!

  4. We can’t score at home for the simple reason of very few chances created.


    Our system and tactics are very




    Our coach needs to gain another dimension

  5. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Forget about the ref!



    We were not good enough to beat the mighty ICT at Celtic Park.



    Was it all down to the ref?



    I don’t think so.

  6. rangers are not my favourite team csc on

    this is becoming a joke


    celtic play in europe in midweek and lose on saturday


    its a farce


    pull your socks up celtic players!!!!!!!

  7. As was at half time : oh well…dreary match, dreary day, dreary ref/mib.


    Righty ho! Off to watch Zep’s ‘Celebration Day’.


    Reminiscent of last season’s sluggish start to the sp-hell.


    We will pick up. The alternative is…..not feasible, given the talent in the squad.


    Another day.

  8. Wrong team picked again by NL. Commons not at the races and didn’t even look interested. Hooper should have been hooked earlier . Not good enough.



    Ref was shocking as usual



    Ambrose was diff class.



    Get it sorted, our standards have dropped, we are boring.

  9. Absolute garbage again.



    There is NO pace in this team whatsoever and when you have players like Commons, Samaras and Hooper playing as poorly as they did this is what you get.



    Tony Watt got the hook – did more than the three players mentioned above.


    Lassad should have started.


    Miku could have played instead of Hooper.



    The midfield AGAIN over run because the opposition have more bodies in there than we do.



    Neil Lennon you need to get this fixed because it is completely unacceptable to be playing like this at home since August. Lowest scorers in the league at home this season – that is sickening and now we go to play against a Hearts side with a hell of a lot to play for and a rabid support on Wednesday.




    Neil, a wee tip. With the animals not in the league you still have to win and entertain fans. You are doing neither at the stadium which matters the most – OUR STADIUM.



    Very angry AGAIN with this garbage being served up as football.

  10. The current Celtic team is missing a Nakamura type player, a midfield player who can create a chance with a decent pass for his strikers…



    No service no goals….

  11. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    If we were getting pumped in Europe would anyone want a change of manager?

  12. Hearts Wednesday could be a crunch game in every sense of the word.


    Hertz will feel that they can bully us with impunity

  13. And another thing.



    The whole game we put in ONE good cross all game.



    That is a disgrace.

  14. Well i oota here before the grumps and sevconians arrive.



    Very annoyed but i remain optimistic.



    Honest assessment needed from players and management.



    In short – much more needed all of the time. The shirt should not fit lazy or half hearted players. Get a grip celtic.



    It starts here.

  15. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Poor Stuff yet again



    7th October was the last time Celtic won at home in the league

  16. …and quess what..it’ll be the same team next time out…or we may get a few changes against Arbroath!!

  17. It’s easy to blame players but when you have a system-that stifles creativity then ability is curtailed

  18. Refereeing aside that was another disappointing performance at CP.



    The opposition seem to have worked out how to shuttle us up cul de sacs.



    Wnen an ICt guy went at our defense with the ball at his feet they looked menacing. On the odd occasion we tried the same we lost control or lost to a tackle.



    Some major rethink needed about the style we play at CP.



    Garry Hooper today was equivalent of a man short btw. Should have been subbed half time.



    Refereeing not aside Murray was inconsistent one way.

  19. not the refs blame today



    ref was a shoite against us in recent euro wins and no-one moaned



    i hate seeing MY TEAM, CELTIC being beaten, but, BUT if they lose and have given their all then i can accept that maybe it just was’nt meant to be that day, atleast they tried, today………………. sheer utter tosh from them all, hope they go home red faced



    thank heavens for my old celtic dvd’s, need something to cheer me up after that garbage




  20. fan-a-tic



    I think that is what I was trying to say. Killie, St Johnstone, now ICT. Groundhog days.

  21. two things strike me with the team, the pals play , no matter how bad or fit they are and the lack of attitude comes from Neil. europe doesnt matter on this form. We are Terrible this season, Barca game only highlight after months into the season. Poor.




  22. I agree that Hooper should have been subbed before Watt. Hooper seems to have lost interest. Commons needs too much time on the ball.


    How often do we get a player to the bye-line who can cut the ball back? Not once today.


    Lenny needs to freshen it up, play players who are hungry in the SPL not just in the Champions League. McGeoch is waiting.


    In the CL our goals usually come from counter attacks and set pieces. It’s worrying that we will have to go on the attack against Spartak when we can’t play a telling final ball or take chances. Commons and Lustig should have put us two up at halftime. Can’t blame Lustig so much, he did well to get into that position. But Commons …

  23. Atrocious and completely unacceptable



    Home league form is dreadful ….why should people pay to watch that dross



    Aberdeen 1-0.. Fortunate win poor performance



    Hibs 2-2 …rubbish



    Dundee..2-0.. Comfortable opponents poor



    Hearts 1-0 .. Reasonable ..just



    Killie 0-2…appalling



    St Johnstone 1-1.. Poor



    ICT 0-1 ..more crap



    There you have it …won 3 , drew 2 ,lost 2… For 7 ..against 6



    Averaging one feckin goal a game



    The crowds will dwindle if we continue to serve up utter garbage like that …



    No doubt we’ll get the same chat from Lenny about the unacceptable poor performance …problem is we got this chat after St Johnstone mid Sept …it’s got worse



    Our season is being saved with two European performances …



    This is dire ..we stay top cause the rest are crap …25 points from 42



    Dear oh dear

  24. Our home form has indeed been shocking and we are lucky that there is no other dominant team in the SPL or else we would be well in arrears. As it is the League Table must be the most competitive in Europe. We are at 25, 2 at 24, 23,22,21,20, 2 at 19, 18,16,15,11. Its amazing that after 14 games we are just 14 points from the BOTTOM of the SPL.