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  1. murdochauldandhay



    Best post of the night.



    Some celtic fans behave like spoiled children.



    I often ponder,,,, where these people at the Hampden year? Or going week in week out when we were really bad???



    I conclude in the negative.

  2. Valentine's Day on

    Saw Neil having a exchange with fans behind dug-out, don’t believe he should be engaging with fans during the match. They’ve paid good money and are entitled to be disgruntled at the fare we’ve witnessed at league games at home this season.

  3. NL: If Spartak Moscow is on their mind then they won’t play. I’m sick of talking about the Champions League when we have league



  4. Murdochauldandhay



    Come on mate you are saying that inept and incompetent performances have to be tolerated with a vow of silence . Sad day if that’s the case.

  5. King Lubo.



    Ye Da is right..



    As..He .. Always is.. except. when yer Ma ..Is!






    Celtic, wull Triumph..in the End..



    But.. it is..



    Awe those Agonies And Disappointments, that Celtic Pit .. Us..Thur Fans, Thru… While We ur WAITING fur … The End…




    That. Hoits .. sae Much!





    Beginnin , tae feel a Little Bettah….



    Time is A Great Palliative.

  6. celtic *o* lennon



    18:23 on 24 November, 2012






    Sorry pal doesn’t mean I’m not a Celtic fan because I can’t except that shite. Players take the plaudits when they play well they can take criticism when they play shite.





    Sorry, Celtic ‘o’ Lennon , but that is exactly what it means.


    If you can’t ACCEPT what you choose to call ‘that sh8te'( I try not to drop Celtic talk to that level.) , then you are not a Celtic SUPPORTER.



    You are a GLORY HUNTER.



    Some of the best years of my Celtic life were in the late 50s-early 60s, when we won absolutely NOTHING.



    Try following Barca.


    I think that would more suit your needs.



    God Bless.

  7. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    kilbowie kelt



    18:08 on 24 November, 2012



    I fully agree with you ……I was very disappointed throughout the game, but the last thing I would ever do is boo the players……we’re supposed to be suppporters……..hard at times when they play shoite, but we should be trying to lift them …….

  8. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    Yip, the only way to refrain from abuse is to take a vow of silence.

  9. Valentine's Day on



    18:36 on


    24 November, 2012


    Valentines day



    Were you born in April?




    March 17

  10. harryhoodsdugbitme on

    Just back in after a long drive. We were rubbish today and that is that. I trust Neil will have made that point in the dressing room today and will rectify it. I had the misfortune to switch on the radio driving home only ten minutes after the match had finished only to hear our SO CALLED SUPPORTERS who weren’t at the game dragging us through the mud. Most of them probably watched the game on snyde internet streams. To all those able to attend matches but choose not to then please crawl back under your rocks. Or maybe even buy a ticket or two and support your team as there were many fans not there today on a principle and not being lazy loudmouths like you lot. HAIL HAIL

  11. We all love Lenny for goodness sake, he is Celtic and we trust him to deliver the trophys. Unfortunately some of the players do not appear to be warming to SPL challenges like they should and that, unfortunately, is largely due to not having the absolute need to win week in week out. Top of the SPL on current form cannot be used to disguise the fact that a team capable of mixing it with the best in Europe can’t get more than 3 shots on target against very average opposition.


    The players are letting Lenny down and are doing so more often than not. I’d fancy our chances more of winning against man Utd than against Dundee Utd at the moment.

  12. This site is never on an even keel. Its either high as a kite after a success or down in the dumps after a bad day. The reality is somewhere in the middle, we are not as good as we sometimes think we are and not as bad as our home SPL form indicates. I can’t put my finger on why we are doing so badly at Celtic Park, is it that we don’t have the game to break down a team that parks the bus is it crowd anxiety getting to players, I’m not sure but thank God we have a game on Wed. A win there and all will be well here again. That reaction would be wrong of course but its what happens here. I’m cut from the same cloth as Kilbowie Kelt, I may be fuming inside but I will always back the Celtic. I’m a supporter for past 55 years and seen many a worse day. Not trying to paper over the problems but we will get this sorted. We are top of League with game in hand, in the semi-final of CIS Cup guaranteed European Football next Spring. We need to get a few bodies back or get a couple in Jan window, if you are challenging on 4 fronts you need a bigger squad. I will probably take a Sabbatical from CQN for a couple of days until hysteria dies down, but Keep the Faith we will put things right.

  13. Why would CELTIC fans give Neil Lennon a hard time.


    Scotland is full of people who wish him to fail and we don’t need fans doing the same.


    I am sure Neil more than anyone is aware that we did not play well today.


    I am sure Neil more than anyone knows that half hearted displays are unacceptable.


    I am sure Neil more than anyone will work with his team to remedy the situation.




    I am sure Neil will find a solution from the players at his disposal.



    ‘GG happyclapper, supporter and confident we will improve.

  14. Kilbowie Kelt



    It took a monumental effort to beat Barca



    Did we show the same level of effort today?



    Should lack of effort be immune from criticism because it is dressed in hoops?

  15. northbhoy ... \o/ on

    Just in from a cold and nearly frosty Glasgow.



    A bit of frustration creeping in for me as I had taken a west coast visitor to the game and had swapped seats to the family section. Contained myself up until the last 10 mins when I let out a few expletives. My visitor was impressed by this young and skilful team but did notice a number of players underperforming and not assisted by a wholly incompetent referee.



    My take on the struggle here is that playing champions league football is so completely different from playing a reasonably organised SPL team, who quickly played up to the referee’s decisions in the first fifteen minutes and took control and bullied Celtic on sufficient periods of the game to put themselves into a position to take the lead.


    This young talented team needs to learn how to read the game, read the referee and do something about the unfolding pattern of the game. To most of us you could see after the first 30 minutes where this game was going.



    If doing something about it means that you have to become more physical in the game then thats what will be expected of you.



    Kayal played well, he was slapped and elbowed too many times to tell you, what does he do, complains to the referee who was doing a fine impression of all three wise monkeys. Sammi is battered senseless throughout the game and must be so well trained not to retaliate that he misses the opportunity to become a hero to his beloved supporters by simply doing something about it.



    Still top of the league, with a budding young manager, the prospect of building a fine team and more European adventures to come, whats not to like.



    GB we missed you, shame on the LTD company !

  16. 67th Heaven




    Ah wid Nevah , Boo .the Celtic Players






    Ah respect the Right.. fur..



    Anybuddy else.. tae Boo.. the Players..if they feel like it.



    Fur..Ye must






    Folk tae dae whit They Want…




    If they wanna Cheer…



    after an Ignominous Defeat…like , today’s




    They should be allowed tae dae so.. Right?






    Why no .. should They NO be allowed tae






    That is whit.. Freedom of Expression.. Really Means.





  17. Been unable to attend for a large chunk of this season – so set off today looking forward to a Team performance and hopefully one or two players taking the opportunity to stake a claim for future inclusion.



    How wrong was I? Serious lack of attitude (on the whole) and a marked lack of effort by a number of players today. Why so many players who looked decidedly unfit?



    Poor midfield and even worse forward play – little passing penetration and guile in front of goal. Hooper was woeful and Commons and Sammi ran him a close second.



    Ambrose played well – the defence as a whole were competent. As for the rest – none of them deserved pass marks.



    Got to say that we lacked imagination – slow build-ups – no variation or use of pace (and the few times when we did – it broke down due to poor ball retention).



    Time for a radical change on how the Team is set-up for future home games – methinks!

  18. Ooofftt! That was murder!



    Fair play to ICT, they defended really well.



    Commons had a poor game, as did he pal Hooper.



    Matthews is very one footed, he was constantly checking inside onto to his right keep killing the momentum of our attacks. It also limited Sammy’s effectiveness.



    Anyone know when Izzy is back? He was playing well before getting injured and has been a big miss.



    I think we need a winger, we are really missing Forest as well.



    Small positive, hopefully Kayal getting back to some decent form.



    Glad we have a game on Wednesday! HH!

  19. 50 shades of green on

    * murdochauldandhay


    18:29 on24 November, 2012



    I think Neil Lennon has suffered enough abuse without having to suffer even more from so called Celtic fans who should be ashamed of themselves






    couldn’t agree more mate,i think some fans need a reality check.



    i understand that you get upset when we are not playing well,but that is when the team needs you most.



    As we did at the ayrshire bigot dome last season.



    To my mind NFL is doing not 2 bad.



    sure we should be skelping teams at home,but you cant win them all.



    get behind the bhoys when we are losing,



    and you will feel a lot better when we win.




  20. Well, that was abysmal. For the life of me, I can’t understand some of Neil’s selections, and his substitutions are baffling. A blind man could tell that Sammi, Commons and Hooper were completely redundant today. Their performances were abject. The first two tried, but absolutely nothing worked. Hooper simply did not try a leg. So why take off Tony Watt? Why on earth put on Brown, who was quoted as being in agony in Lisbon?


    It’s worrying that Neil does not seem to be learning from previous mistakes, for which he himself admitted responsibility. Hibs, Inverness and St. Mirren have all scored double the number of goals we have at home.


    We all know the script at home now in the league. Lethargy, no creativity, chances wasted, opposition digs in, waits for inevitable opportunity, and usually puts fiirst one away. Cue more urgency, late substitutions, desperation, time wasting and another three points scorned.


    Let’s see McGeogh, Ibrahim, Miku – they all have something to prove.


    The longer we go without scoring, the more opportunities there are for the corrupt MIB to influence the game. They are not even subtle about it.


    Callum Murray’s performance today? Dear Oh Dear!



  21. Kayal33


    Good analysis.


    I have been saying, to those who will listen, for weeks that Lenny has developed an excellent European counter attacking system.


    Our problem at Paradise is that we are not capable of breaking down teams that adopt our Euro system, and use it against us.


    Width and creativity are required and no matter how well some play in Europe or away from home, sometimes they are not what is required, at home, against lesser opposition, who defend deep and robustly.


    I like Samaras, but again, today, he is not what we need on the left wing. He was actually better as the big centre forward later on, which is the total opposite to his usual, left sided out ball against opponents who attack us.



    I was surprised that Lassad did not start or was not used earlier, cutting in from the left.


    I hope Dylan or James F or Ibrahim can deliver an alternative approach to massed defences as we do lack creativity at home.



    Lastly, before the game, chatting to a former Celtic player, he told me he did not fancy our chances v Moscow, as their forwards would be too good and quick for our defence, in a game where we have to go out to win. I disagreed, to myself, as he is a lovely, knowledgable old fella I did not wish to offend.


    Compared to him, who has worn the hoops, what do I know?



    Right, Celtic beaten, weekend ruined, drink.




  22. celticrollercoaster loves Wee Oscar, our Celtic Warrior on

    The Green Brigade were very quiet today. Never heard them sing one song! :-)

  23. Consistently underperforming at home would test the patience of any support, and we sure are being tested.

  24. 50 Shades of Green







    Ye canny WIN… them awe, as ye say…






    This Celtic Team..is Pushin the Envelope..






    Tryin tae Prove






    “Ye sure Kin..








  25. celticrollercoaster loves Wee Oscar, our Celtic Warrior on




    Totally agree lacked width today and could not break down Nessie, and when we did our shooting was woeful. This eurohangover is staying with us for a bit longer, I’m afraid.



    Got a email today from livingsocial offering me a Celtic v Dundee Utd padded seat in the “Smashing Milk Bottles” posh bit for £35 discounted from £80. Must have been the seat next to him :o)







  26. Just in and thawed out


    First thought on leaving game was to get home, who are these people who phone MSM radio show at 5pm to slaughter people, it truly bewilders me.


    Disappointed by our attitude AGAIN but the mibbery was at a high level today.


    We just always seemed to turn inside with the ball, and our front men were off form even young Tony.


    Im not James forrest biggest fan but hurry back James .


    It could be worse I could be a hun :)) that always takes the edge off my dissappointment.

  27. We were poor again today. We seem to be clueless against packed defences. I know we should still have won easily but we didn’t. By the bye, was their goal not offside? Looked like it to me. Murray wasn’t going to do us any favours, of course, but we were still poor.



    Why oh why did we bring on our captain? He should go under the knife asap. It is for his and the team’s own good.

  28. very confused, can’t make sense of it, I would be tempted to think the spl debacle is affecting them but we were as bad this time last season. i would be tempted to think we’re crap but we could qualify for the cl 2nd tingy. the only thing that I’m clinging onto is Man U are like this. Is lennie an SPL Fergie ?





  29. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    “love my club when they are winning.



    I love them MORE when they are losing.



    That’s when they NEED us as supporters.”



    no sure about this, just trying to imagine how much you’d love them if they never won a game all season and got demoted.


    People pay their money to be entertained, they have every right to criticise when they are not entertained. A lot of passion is expended during a game, how the team play dictates whether that passion becomes joy or frustration both need expressed.


    Me am no too bothered, I expected it when I seen the team, so was prepared for it.


    But trying to tell other supportes how to behave or berating other supportes because they dont match up to your suicidal approach is pointless and arrogant.


    Let the people moan :o)