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  1. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    There are derelict listed buildings all over the UK. The fact that a building is listed does not prevent it falling into disrepair and misuse, just that it can’t be demolished unless there are serious public safety concerns that cannot be resolved.



    The issue about The Crumbledome is who is going to pay to effect these repairs as inevitably it will become a danger to the public if not already?





    It has been a danger to the public for over a century. Especially when the huns get beat.

  3. KJam on 25th July 2016 11:58 am



    I can’t see Ibrox being given its safety certificate unless it was okay.



    I would imagine the situation to be one where it is in need of constant repairs, i.e. constantly being patched up rather than a more long term solution. This is a bad situation however, as these costs will only increase over time and the your asset is devalued as more and more as more and more major work is required. Proper property asset management would employ a ‘spend now to save later’ strategy but you need money to do this.



    I would imagine they are doing what they need to keep it safe and functional in the short term, individually these costs are probably not too substantial but do add up. It’s kind of like having a lots of credit card debt, making minimum payments and kicking the can along the street, but is ultimately very costly in the long term and huge liability hanging over you.






    Exactly. A stadium can be in a shoddy state but be just safe enough to meet legal requirements



    We all know that the Scottish media are compliant with PR coming out of Ibrox. However, I really don’t think they’d turn a blind eye if lives were at stake,



    Still, putting off a big bill will hamper the club financially.

  4. Having spent far too much time looking into the new club – old club thing, it would appear to me that FIFA/UEFA allow a new club to take over the “brand” of a died club.


    The new club don’t get any coefficient rights of the old club but can claim the history as a “reincarnation” of the old club (see Rangers, Derry City, Fiorentina and many others on UEFA website) – but there is a clear break in the history.


    So on this basis they will defined The Rangers as a new club who are a reincarnation of Rangers who died in 2012. As such, I’m afraid, UEFA/FIFA will refer to them in terms which sound like same club. They will print things like “Rangers will play their first game in Europe since their reincarnation after financial meltdown” on the UEFA/FIFA sites. UEFA have already given them the died clubs history on their website. To those that don’t know it will seem likely the same club!! We will know better.

  5. A building can be in a poor state of repair, but still qualify for a safety certificate. It all depends on its purpose.



    If there was a real danger of any of the roofs falling down, there is no pissibility that a safety certificate would be granted. After Hillsborough etc, it simply would not happen.



    To believe a government official would put himself in that position just because it is the “establishment” team is just plain madness.



    As I say, the place is an eyesore from top to bottom, and I won’t ever be visiting any time soon.