Celtic v Livingston, Live updates


Live updates will afyerssist below after 15.00.

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  1. Struggle with the praise of Ntcham today


    What did he actually create ? As our creative midfielder


    Who all watched the Livi 2nd goal ?


    How did Ntcham do ?


    Let’s all criticise Broonie ( whom in my view had a much better game today)


    Similar to Ntcham at livi 2nd goal, then lost a tackle after this – other than that, no better or worse than Ntcham


    We do need to be breaking in a long term replacement for Broonie though ??


    In my view ?



    We also definitely need to sort our left side Of defence


    Both left sided Centre back and full back positions need sorted


    Ajer is better on the RHS



    All about opinions



    PS – Ajeti most certainly looks to have a strikers instinct 👍

  2. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    That worked!



    Anyway…CORKCELT on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2020 5:58 PM


    …There are some great posts & Posters here but there is also a load of unadulterated shite posted as well.




    Hail, Hail to that man :-)) Some will say, here is some more…



    I also though Taylor played well today, and I think he often does – his run and pass for Ryan’s goal were fabulous.



    Was given a lot of abuse against St Mirren that was unfair. He was making good runs, but the passing to him was either poor, or non-existent. Two each from Duffy and Christie were yards over his head, and big Eddie was turning infield into four men instead of slipping the ball to Taylor who was in a similar position to the one he was in for the 2nd goal today.



    Difference – as Wee Gordon pointed out, was that Calum was playing forward in that area today – his passing is on a different level.



    As somone else mentioned, Ajeti’s holdup play was great, finish was top-notch – and he won a 40:60 tackle with a big Livi defender – impressive.



    Not joining in with the Broonie finished commentary – I think there is a bit of waggons being jumped on about some of the comments.



    Top three today:













  3. In three games we have scored ten goals, enough to win three games. In two of them we have had to come from behind, not ideal, but we managed it. Got a tricky game in Latvia next week, or will be if we go a goal down. Lenny has done well away from home in Europe, recently that is, and if that continues well we will go through to the play-off round, no question. Nir Bitton may be a good shout there, Hat Elhamed too at left back, thought he was doing ok before he went off, did get a knock though, Big Kris at right back, Eddie starting hopefully, and with Ajeti finding his feet could maybe play 4-4-2. No need to flood players forward at all costs, we’ll score, confident of that. This game could give us all a boost, lets approach it with that in mind.

  4. Broonie has a role to play and will be important for us this season. Our problem is that our manager wants to play him every game, – he tired today, although he done ok for the most part – he should have been taken off and if he is then maybe we don’t concede that second goal.



    We’re top but there’s obvious problems with our play. We should beat Riga on Thursday but given our defensive set up and inconsistent starting elevens, I’m taking nothing for granted.



    Nit Biton, a midfielder, is a better central defender than Ajer, the guy is a joke. if we are offered 10 bob for Ajer, I’d take it honestly. he is the cause of our shaky defence no doubt.



    IMO obviously




  6. I think some posters are FORGETTING we play teams week in and week out with a FRACTION of our resources. We should be PUMPING these teams (including Sevco) easily

  7. Barkas









    There’s the “spine”


    Pick ANY from the remaining 100, £1m to £15m players to make a team….

  8. Ajeti will be a good striker for us, & he will be even better when he becomes more fitter/sharp.


    Other posters who come on here, have pointed out that Broony & Ntcham, don’t play well


    together in the same team, they may have a point there. It looks like Ryan Christie’s style of


    play, is too pop up, all over the field of play. We all know that Ryan is not an out & out


    Centre Forward nor a natural Striker. Our Team Formation Today, according to our Club TV


    Channel, was 3-4-1-2 Formation, with Ajeti & Christie up top. However I did not see much link


    up play, between Ajeti & Christie that partnership was non existant. There is too much tinkering/


    messing around, going on with our main Strike Force. Also, what is happening with Leigh Griffiths?


    He was not even on the Bench Today. He can do a better job, in linking up play, going forward,


    which he has proved in the past.

  9. That’s at least the 4th SPFL game this season where one or more of our players could have been seriously injured and I don’t think one of the culprits was shown the red card. Adding insult to injury (pun intended), that great Livi goal was scored by a guy who spent much of the game fouling.



    Big question for me is how do we put out a team that big Mo Elio fits into?




    No. 10 fella.












    Would blow teams away mate.

  11. I see that young KT’s hip problem has done him for the game tonight, I hope it’s not that serious, he was injured in the warm up, shame as he was ripping up the PL

  12. NorrieM,



    Seriously? Ntcham’s touch, vision and forward play was sublime today. His work rate was good too.

  13. PCS


    And it will keep happening till the club grow a set and question the hammer throwing every single time it happens.


    I am slightly younger than you and to this day I have still to hear the club calling this out, our greatest ever manager said that we need to score more than the oppo, I paraphrase to take the referees out of the equation, why the eff should we have to do that, we should be demanding a level playing field, that’s why Europe is so important for us, at least we get some semblance of fairness from the officials.





    Nit Biton, a midfielder, is a better central defender than Ajer, the guy is a joke. if we are offered 10 bob for Ajer, I’d take it honestly. he is the cause of our shaky defence no doubt.


    IMO obviously





    King Lubo, Ajer is not a natural defender, when RD & JC signed him, he was a young midfield player from


    Norway, not a Defender. This is another problem area, which needs sorted. The problem with our Club @


    present is that we have too many outfield players, & not enough natural & proper Defenders, which has came back to haunt us on more than one occassion, & needs to be addressed asap, instead of aye it will be alright, things will work out with makeshifts, when in fact it is not alright @ present, & it’s a glaring obvious flaw, that has been an ongoing problem now, for quite some time.

  15. Big Wavy


    I am a fan of Ntcham


    He did nothing special today


    Lenny thought the same, he took him off

  16. Compared to where we were 3 years ago in a PROFESSIONAL manner worries me more than anything. Lenny, God bless him, ain’t no patch on “the rat”

  17. How many oysters have you heard saying Ajer is not a central defender? Yet our manager insists on playing him in central defence! Now……who’s right? Our manager or 85% of our posters???…..hmmm

  18. glendalystonsils on

    I didn’t catch much of the game today as I was busy, but i broke a promise i made to myself ages ago and listened to the last 15 minutes on shortie . Just in time to catch Livi’s ‘mesmerising’ and ‘magnificent’ goal. It enabled the crazed commentator and Packy Bonehead to spend the rest of the match talking about what Livi needed to do to take ‘at least a point’ from the game .



    Anyhow , having seen it on Sportscene it was a good strike but what the hell are we going to do to prevent losing goals like this because we don’t close players down? Cost us the first goal against Ferencvaros too.

  19. Although I prefer oysters to most of our posters


    ie.. Philboy, Bankiebhoy, Ron Bacardi, GFTB, Fairhillbhoy and Pitymevin…to name them all

  20. The impartial BBC opening re Our game today:



    Celtic moved top of the Scottish Premiership after `holding off` Livingston to send them to the foot of the table.



    Jason Holt scored from the spot for Livi after a Kristoffer Ajer handball.



    Callum McGregor’s `deflected` strike quickly levelled and Ryan Christie `edged` the hosts in front soon after.



    Christie set up Albian Ajeti early in the second period for Celtic’s third but Julien Serrano’s` impressive` strike gave Livi hope.



    And `they could have levelled in added time` when Carlo Pignatiello was found by fellow substitute Alan Forrest but the midfielder nodded wide.



    Celtic move ahead of Rangers, who visit Hibernian on Sunday, on goals scored.




    That kind of reporting —and the print media is even worse — is one of the reasons I am less than enthusiastic about the AMOUNT of negativity on here.

  21. There is no need to replace Brown with a long term replacement



    Just play someone else, Scott Brown has never provided something out of the ordinary to the team



    He is just a player as they all are



    Popular Scott Brown misconceptions



    1. Hard tackler – he seldom wins such tackles without a yellow card


    2. Breaks up play _ yes he does but no more than any other midfielder this side of the pacos\


    3. Drives us forward in adversity – no he doesn’t , he moves further up the field and shoots to row z



    He has had 12 years of top wages but can’t contribute in terms of forward passes, gets turned, gives away fouls, loses his man. Never been sought out for transfer by any decent team



    But why do all these managers pick him?



    He is not a bad player and for continuity, that’s why. He just isn’t as good as a lot of us think



    Fletcher played for ages for Man U, McArthur is still at Crystal Palace. Scott Brown type players; OK for a Scot but not at 35

  22. I like Ajer. Lots in his game to commend and a sort of guy who we couldn’t afford if we were trying to buy him from another team now. 22 year old established internationalist in a very good Norway team.



    He has faults and I currently don’t think he’s best used as a left sided CH being very right footed.



    He is prone to diving in brainfarts but won more heading duels today than Duffy, a man who will escape scrutiny due to his goalscoring and fenian-y heritage.



    We’re all biased csc.

  23. 31003, the days of players & managers hanging around with one Club, are long gone, with one or two exceptions. Under BR we won seven trophies, & he certainly new how to motivate players, that was his


    main Management skill. However, I’m not sad to see the back of his player scout Lee Cognington, or what


    ever his name is, his signings for us, with a few exceptions, for the most part was poor. Even a Liverpool Fan who I know, said LC done the exact same thing, when BR was their Manager @ Liverpool. BR basically jumped


    Ship, because he was getting three times the amount of salary, in what he was getting Managing our Club.


    We also received nine million pounds, from Leicester City FC, as way of compensation, however this is now


    all in the past, & we should not live in the past.

  24. Hot Smoked



    That was pretty accurate apart for no praise for Ajeti



    The second Livi goal was a worldly. Reminded me of a Motherwell goal against us in a SC Semi in 91. I was behind that one.

  25. In fairness, if you looked at most of our players on a “ YouTube best bits” we’d all be crying out “sign him, sign that sonofa bitch” But, as we all know, on YouTube you only ever see the best bits

  26. AKBW1888



    Point taken but, talking to a supposed “insider” when Brendan came the professionalism was ramped up 1000%, and, with all due respect to Lenny, it’s went down 1000% since he left. Not just team management but all round

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