Celtic v Motherwell, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.

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  1. A rewind.



    If he had anything about him he would resign



    Clancy was a joke AGAIN Yesterday.



    4 Fantastic and utterly Celtic style goals.



    Brendan has mentioned wisely/quietly that he needs mair midfielders.



    We couldnae make the changes we needed as we had no Midfielders available to come on when we really needed to – the wee guy said perhaps Scott Allan should get a game. ;))



    Brilliant full debut by Ewan, he tackles extremely well, as well as having a real attacking threat going forward.



    Motherwell and their Manager – so very sad – another new low for Scottish Fitba.

  2. ‘GG,



    Yo Dude, I hope your health is good.



    Celtic were exquisite Yesterday.



    Never seen that before – there is no excuse for it.



    Motherwell will regret doing that I reckon, as Anger is an Energy. :P



    I don’t think big Kristoffer is gonnae be a midfielder – Brendan has rightly assessed him as a very classy CH. Needs must Howevaaaaah.

  3. 4 Total Celtic Goals.



    My kinda goals.



    Despite Motherwell being horrible in their Sportmanship, they had a couple of really impressive players with a trick, none more so than the lad up against Jeremy.



    It will be very interesting to see if Brendan believes the Motherwell Managers explanation next Time Celtic play Motherwell – that was a bullsh!t excuse.



    Brendan is Ruthless in his thinking. Motherwell will definitely regret what they done.

  4. Good morning CQN from another mild and happy day in the Garngad



    Good steady performance and good result to keep the momentum up.


    Made sweeter with a wee fiver @ 18/1 for 4-1?


    Any word on Ntcham , Rogic and any other of the injured??



    We move onto the mini Huns and it will be a tough test.


    I always love beating this horrible piece of Scotland’s KKK shame.



    Good ghuys 2 v Edinburgh Ludge 1



    D. :)

  5. Good morning from an always hot and humid Brunei. I watched the game last night until my sausage got burned during the last 10 -12 minutes z??, must have been the heat generated at the game.


    Nobody was affected as badly by the Murderwell lack of sportsmanship than a very young Kris Ajer. I think he felt responsible for putting the ball out.


    His celebration of French Eddy’s goal is verging on the Tommy Burns, top right hand corner of the photo behind the MIB.



    Tommy Burnsesque celebration



    Hail! Hail! PMTYH

  6. Pog


    ” Nobody was affected as badly by the Murderwell lack of sportsmanship than a very young Kris Ajer. I think he felt responsible for putting the ball out.”


    A good point. Kris certainly was very agitated and loved goal three.


    Cheerio for now ( Golf)




  7. Pog



    Many thanks for posting that wonderful picture. I have to confess I was too busy jumping up and down like a loony at that point to have noticed!!



    I have so much time for our young Viking. Especially as he’ll always stand up for his teammates.



    At the ‘post goal stramash’ there were 21 players getting involved. And wee Jamesie Forrest standing on his wing! An incongruous sight for me. ‘One in, all in’



    HH jg

  8. He’s a flasher- no a fighter!



    Seriously- Jamesie gets it in the neck for a variety of things- mostly fluff stuff- but , in a game where many wanted him subbed he was involved in, at least, half a dozen bright moments. He had a good shot well saved in the first half, he set up Eddie on a 1:1 which was saved and he set up Burke for a goal. Plus there were several good triangles between Toljan, Forrest and Henderson down the right in attack.

  9. lets all do the huddle ? on

    a couple of points on the unsportsmanship-gate scandal yesterday



    the guy who scored the goal seems to be getting an easy ride of it, as far as im concerned he’s as much to blame as the “he’s only a young boy on a couple of hundred pounds a week” guy



    also, (and tin hat at the ready) – not sure if it showed you this on the highlights, but the incident started because just as Christie was about to hobble off the park, just as he got to the touchline, Brendan pointed to the ground and told him to sit – the way you would tell Rover or Max to sit at home – when he could easily have taken that extra yard and been off the park, so it was a bit of gamesmanship by Brendan that backfired a bit, and something I would shout at other teams for doing so im not going to say i like that sort of thing just because it was one of our guys

  10. Brendan said ,listen buoys the strammash after their goal


    ,wee james piped up ,it wisnae me boss it was them big bhoys,


    They done it ,but they never ran away.. ???



    When you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…



    Anyhoo it was much Sweeter when James set up ollie to ram it home and sicken the mothers.

  11. SFTB



    I’m not criticising JF btw. Not for his non involvement in the handbags. And I certainly appreciated involvement in the game.



    I just physically couldn’t stand still and ‘observe’ such an incident and not get involved!



    HH jg

  12. Brendan told Ryan to stop walking off for tactical reasons, not gamesmanship. He knew this was a sub situation not an injury evaluation because Ryan had already tried to play on after the injury and had broken down. Brendan, quite rightly, wanted to have a sub on rather than play with 10 vs 11 for any substantial time. Brendan had his game head on; young Ryan did not. Unfortunately, we did not get Jack Hendry ready in time after Kris Ajer had responded to Brendan’s instructions (and he’s allowed to give them- this is a manager/player situation not an owner/pet dog situation otherwise you get the situation that Sarri had at Chelsea yesterday).



    I agree with you about the Well goalscorer, and the other Well attacker who joined in the attack and Grimshaw who took the throw (under instruction from Robinson) and was still mouthing back at us booing Celtic fans who stayed to the end- the only one of the Well pack who did not keep their heads down and applaud their own fans only.



    It is my belief that Robinson knew fine well that they could offer a cheap goal back to Celtic and his excuse of “I didn’t know what to do” won’t wash. I cannot conclusively prove that (That’s included for Fairhill Bhoy and his obsession) but I think that was why their goalie approached the manager, after acting as peacemaker in the stramash, to ask their boss if they should let one in.



    Robinson is at it, I believe. He fancied a cheap point or three.

  13. JG



    I think there was enough players volubly and violently (quite rightly) telling the Well players and staff what they thought. James’s non-actions, whether he was a solitary exception or not, is just a bit of fluff in my mind. It’s not as if he approved of the Well action.



    He helped punish the Well players in the only way that counts- by winning the game. Kris Ajer, who gets pass marks for his passion, actually ran a serious risk of a red card with 2 successive fouls after the event. You need a good mixture of passion and control to get a team going.



    Make no mistake- we were rattled and lost focus for a good spell after Well’s treacherous actions.

  14. It will be interesting to see if Motherwell suffer a reaction to their unsporting behaviour yesterday. I would imagine that some of their players were embarrassed by what happened and the reaction of their manager. I agree that Robinson was well aware of what was happening and the repercussions, he was guilty as sin and barely coherent in the post match interview on Sportscene.

  15. 50 shades of green on

    Steelmen forever now referred to as the Stealmen …



    Cheats imho yea, the manager the runner and the goalscorer showed that sporting integrity is a thing of the past, a few about me were screaming for Celtic not to give them the ball back at another incident a little later, I wanted us to give them it back to shame them even more.



    And its been a long time since I heard a cheer as loud as Eddie’s free-kick was cheered yesterday.




  16. 50 shades of green on

    Deary me I’ve seen it awe noo.



    The Bigots against BBC campaign, has their sense of superiority been offended AGAIN.



    Blow torch and neck spring to mind,



    tubes then, tubes now,tubes forever.

  17. BBC highlights — just how many incidents did they miss?


    SPFL highlights — less time but more incidents and less spouting nonsense from the commentators.



    Less is more?

  18. SFTB @ 8.58



    KA has a bit of heart and a bit of personality.


    He needs to be encouraged — he has a winner’s attitude and lets others know about it.



    We need more of this not less.


    We are short of on-field intelligence and attitude.



    He helps with all of these issues.


    Hopefully he will have a long career with us.

  19. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    50 Shades. Murderwell. Hereafter known as The STEAL men. So apt. And let’s hear that sevco apologist Cowan try to justify their cheating.

  20. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    BTW. If a player only earns £100 a week does that mean he can get away with whatever he likes?

  21. still can’t believe Accies didn’t get a penalty. Utter cheating. We will struggle in games against them.. no matter what team we put out. Anytime accies looked like attacking they just blew for a foul

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