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  1. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Forster ::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    Matthews :::::::: Rogne ::::::: Wilson ::::::::: Mulgrew



    Forrest ::::::: Wanyama :::::::: Ki ::::::::::::::: Ledley



    :::::::::::::::::: Hooper :::::::: Samaras ::::::::::::::::



    Celtic subs: Zaluska, Cha, Majstorovic, Commons, Stokes, Brozek & Izaguirre – Brown is injured

  2. With Brown injured, and if we were to go with a simple 4-4-2, this is the team I would have gone with. The one change I’d make would be Commons instead of Forrest, but that would entail the Englishman adopting more of a playmaker role.



    Matthews and Forrest were devastating down the right when we last played Motherwell at Celtic Park so look out for them combining well.



    Rogne and Wilson weren’t quite as convincing in their last match (Hibs) but should still make for a very good central defence – the only drawback is that neither is a ball-playing centre-half (although Rogne’s long passes have started finding their targets recently).



    On the left, Mulgrew and Ledley are solid enough. If Ledley gets more inside, allowing Mulgrew to get forward, this should help the team, just as long as it doesn’t lead to James thinking he’s a playmaker and going off on wee jaunts to LM. Stay on the right, James! In the centre, Ki and Wanyama have never been played as two CMs, so I suspect Ledley will indeed come inside, although there is a good chance Ki will swap positions with Ledley, which may balance things more in terms of a straightforward 4-4-2.



    Sammi and Hooper, as I mentioned before, were far and away THE best choice in attack today. Sammi loves playing against Motherwell. One thing that gets overlooked amidst all the emotion of the last game of 2010/11 is how superbly well Sammi performed. Don’t forget, the league result was not a foregone conclusion to the players, and Sammi showed that day how desperately he wanted to win for his manager. I can’t wait to see him lift the league trophy this year.

  3. Good morning CQN from a sunny but windy and chilly eastern seeboard.


    45 MPH winds are expected today.


    This report is brought to you by the letter A for Administration.

  4. Laird of the Smiles aka PMTYH says:



    25 February, 2012 at 14:33



    First ever podium and 3 in the top 10!!



    Let’s pump this lot, the mothers of William, today.




    jammy get, I’ve been trying for years

  5. Alasdair MacLean on

    Standard line from the huns I meet these days is..



    “The bank forced Rangers (Murray0 to sell to Craig Whyte.”



    Big bad bank’s fault.

  6. Agent Craig "Green and" Whyte!! on

    Watching W Ham v C Palace, both teams would give der hun a total bitch slappin.


    Nice to see Palace sponsored by JELLY.com.



    2-0 to the Champions…


    Though m’well will easily win the foul count with surprisingly only one red card.




  7. ourselves alone on

    Re. my post yesterday,. stupid writing



    As my old French teacher would say ” What language is that ? ”



    I have since taken my meds and feeling better now. Hope I am forgiven.



    Good looking line up today.



    Mon the hoops




  8. Good afternoon everyone not at the game today. First time posting under this name but posted many moons ago as Derrybeg Bhoy but my link there was pretty tenuous. BTW- what’s happened to Donegal Danny – not seen him posting for a while. Been watching, laughing, and generally having a great time for the last two weeks as I’m sure we all have.



    It’s been a fantastric two weeks and better than winning the league in my opinion as the joy has been constant and sustained-and it’s going to get even better :)



    Jelly and ice -cream has always been a favourite so I just can’t get enough. Keep it coming!

  9. This will be our biggest game since, well the last one.


    Full house, partying fans in a top of the league clash.


    We will kicked and hacked all over the field today.


    Watch out for Lasley


    I hope Victor is as steady as a rock.


    20 wins in a row

  10. Goldie Locks, contact info thethreebears@gmail.com, has kindly pledged £1500 to the rangers cause. Any others out there feeling generous ;)



    Btw, will donate a tenner to the vannessa appeal after the game :)




  11. starry plough says:


    25 February, 2012 at 14:50


    Looking forward to skelping the Motherhuns today, team looks strong even without Broonie…



    Enjoy the game Celts Worldwide…



    Sammi to score….







  12. Seamus O’Shaughnessy had some trouble posting his £5000 pledge to Save Rangers. They are now requesting an address.



    G51 2XD anyone?



    Oh dear. No wonder Whytey slipped through their ‘fit and proper person’ vetting.



    If anyone would like to email Seamus to thank him for his efforts on behalf of Rangers you can do so below:






    or call him on:




  13. starry plough says:


    25 February, 2012 at 14:53


    starry plough says:


    25 February, 2012 at 14:50


    Looking forward to skelping the Motherhuns today, team looks strong even without Broonie…





    How times change Starry – imagine any of us writing that line: ‘even without broonie’ in a positive way just 4 months ago. There would have been a 15 page CQN debate on why he wasn’t good enough.



    Glad the Bhoy has come through and is showing that he really is captain material.



    The feel good factor is something to behold!

  14. Was speaking to a good motherwell fan at a meeting yesterday. Asked him what he thought his chances were of finishing 2nd. Angrily replied they would have a great chance if Stuart McCall didnt enjoy “tweaking” their team when playing the huns.

  15. Just wondering, if the Huns are not registered for European football next season, do Motherwell get the second CL spot even if they do finish third?




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