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  1. Good game, at least Thistle are getting forward. We’ve been hesitant at the back but the goal will hopefully settle us. Great goal by Ledley.

  2. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on

    I feel like ole Vince Van Gopher – nae feed, nae radio



    We score……..’What happened Muskie?’




  3. Attempt missed. James Forrest (Celtic) right footed shot from outside the box is too high.

  4. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Supporting Justice and Freedom for the Dam 5 on

    Keep the comments coming guys. Couldn’t make it down for the game today due to a bit of a dram frenzy last night.



    Sound like Thistle are playing well and we’re lucky to be on top.




    TET, happy birthday (belated).

  5. guy on sky reported Celtic’s goal by only talking about Ledley not having signed a contract and no description of goal. Shocking!

  6. Ah’ll say wan thing for Pukki..



    He is a Trier..



    Yes,he is Puttin in a Tremendously energetic Shift..He is A Tarrier..awe Right.





  7. Gabriel Rojo de la Vega (Partick Thistle) wins a free kick in the attacking half.



    Some name that!

  8. Dire and freezing.



    Dont understand NL.


    Forrest and Pukki were lucky to get on the cover of the CQN annual, no way we can play any team with 2 players not contributing plus a rusty Charlie.

  9. Ledley’s Goal..



    Hiz damned Thistle’s Spirits..



    A LOATER..



    They ur No daein Much noo..



    Celtic,noo ..well oan Top.



    Feelin’ A Loat Bettah ,noo.




  10. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on

    Jamabhoy ta


    Sound as a pound but no real vision in that approach so far


    Will plug away :-)

  11. Listening to shortie and they tell us there’s been a goal at CP. Over to Rob Maclean says Richard Gordon. Immediately I knew by the flatness and disappointment in his voice that we had scored.



    I think this guy is perhaps the most blatant anti-Celtic man in the media. Totally shocking

  12. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi, DAM 5 ! on

    Thistle making a real game of it, and credit to them for that.


    We are pretty poor today though.


    Hopefully, we can get our act together in the second half.

  13. Half time, a decent game if you ask me, with Celtic struggling to pass the ball well but sticking to their task and getting the breakthrough, impressed by a young looking talented Thistle team who really gave it a go.



    I would rather watch Thistle that half of the other teams who come to us masquerading as fitbaw teams..



    A bridge to far for Thistle today I think but well played so far..

  14. first half



    Celtic, 5



    Lennon, 7



    :Forster; 6


    Matthews, 5


    Ambrose, 5


    van Dijk, 5


    Izaguirre; 5


    Commons, 4


    Brown, 4


    Mulgrew, 4


    Ledley; 6


    Forrest, 4


    Pukki, 4

  15. So Thistle playing well………….?



    Partick Thistle…..heritage team…………guid for scoddland……….




    So much for armageddon and non-competitive fitba’.




  16. Partick, might hiv shot thur Bolt..



    but.. for a Few times in the First Half..



    Celtic, wur .. very lucky no tae go One or Two Down..



    Fraser saved a few real Dangerous tries.. They coulda Beaten a Lesser Keeper.






    Ledley’s Goal.



    Wiz the Medicine that we needed tae Perk Up ..






    Ah don’t like Neil’s Team selection ,of the Day..



    We hiv had not much Penetration of the stuffy Thistle Defense…



    Pukki,is Triying.. but ..unfortunately..



    Pukki,jist his no Presence..



    He struggles too Much, to be Effective.



    Also..he is No Getting many good balls..



    Oor Mid Field.. Ah still Maintain…is the Prime Reason… Why oor STRIKERS are having such a Hard time in Scoring..



    OOr Mid Fielders are to Defensive minded.



    In Ma Opinion..



    Yep..oor Striker’s Goal Dearth.. continues.





  17. glendalystonsils on

    If things don’t seem to be working for us in the first half, I would normally expect the coaching team to address the problem at half time.


    In the last couple of games ,this hasn’t happened and we’ve been as poor or poorer in the second half.


    It sounds like we are very flat and a Celtic team should never be flat especially on our own patch. C’mon Lenny put a rocket up them.


    I live in hope

  18. antipodean red on

    One of the better games to watch in the past few weeks, Thistle are having a right good go and don’t appear to lack confidence, fair play to them. Celts just need to keep plugging away, they are marking Commons very tightly and that is taking away our main threat, need to box clever.


    Looks like a shocker of a day weather wise. Give us another 2 or 3 in the 2nd half Bhoys




  19. Labis


    An all to familiar disjointed team performance and you give most players a rating of 4 or 5.


    Sounds about right but 7 for the coach who struggles to make a team from a far better squad than anyone else in the league.

  20. Thistle putting effort and running into this derby game, good on them, hopefully a few more goals for the Tic.


    Weather is dire, the blonde one dropped me off and is on her way to Edinburgh to pick her brother up, she assures me she’ll be back for the end of the game….!



    Ayrshire is Green and White




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