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  1. The only consolation is that we are 6 points clear and we won’t be as bad against United

  2. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Well we have gone back 4 months tonight why Rony decided to tinker I have no idea but it didnt work before and it hasnt worked tonight.Certainly a wake up call we are a long way from the treble. Another learning curve. H.H.

  3. Fair play to St. Johnstone, their forwards worked hard, and their goalkeeper kept them in the game – they took their chance.

  4. Sounds like the schedule is catching up with us a bit.



    No need to panic. Might actually be a good thing – keeps us on our toes.

  5. Stringer Bell on

    snake plissken



    21:38 on 4 March, 2015


    Well done morons.



    Let the Sheep back in while we are on cup duty.



    Pathetic and disgraceful performance.






    Get a grip, FFS.



    Petulant nonsense.

  6. 2 minutes added on. They can’t help cheating. But I don’t think we’d have scored anyway. Tired performance and St J. played well it has to be said.

  7. Beaten by that feckin garbage from Perth who specialise in lying down to the Huns. Couldn’t name one of their team.



    A check there for the triumphalism of some posters deifying Ronny over the past few days.



    When the energy lapses the system cannot function properly. Plan B?

  8. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on




    3 games in 6 days, team looked jaded and the players that came in didn’t add a spark.



    But a wake up call for upcoming games.

  9. Snake – are you calling our players and management “morons”?



    Poor, poor, show…

  10. I am Neil Lennon e El Juarez Bravo on

    Poor performance. Poor result.



    But I’d rather it was tonight than at the weekend or in the LC final.

  11. Ah well,too many games in too short a time.Get a wee rest now.No problems for me.


    Off before the doom merchants/Deila crap pundits come on.

  12. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Poor corners , poor finishing …lack of urgency



    Seems like StJ wanted it more



    Wakaso coming on at LB ..what’s wrong with Fisher ??



    Johansen …can we shelf this notion of him as a sitting midfielder



    Forrest …needs to start taking his opportunities or he’s going to fall right out the picture



    poor performance……hopefully will provide some focus for Sunday ….



    Too much talk of the treble …not enough of the game in hand



    Anyway…..hardly a disaster

  13. Ach well troops – these things happen. From seeing the updates we had plenty of chances but passed them all up. Tonight sent a message – that we shouldn’t talk any more about trebles. We desperately need a proper striker though.

  14. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Im sorry but once again what does Forrest bring to our game he needs games but for me his best chance will be if we loan him out for a spell. H.H.

  15. Didn’t click tonight for us. St. Johnstone defender well and it took an outstanding strike to beat Craig Gordon. Thought the referee was poor though. Armstrong booked for his 1 foul of the evening.

  16. First domestic disappointment in over 2 months



    Really glad we beat the Sheep now on Sunday!



    Next league games against the Dundee teams will be tough.



    Annoying as all the title is not over talk will come into play with Aberdeen making ground while we play in the cup




  17. Wow. I didn’t expect that to-night. Its a bit of a reality check but that is the nature of football. A great night for St. Johnstone and their supporters and they are entitled to celebrate it.


    What happened to us fatigue, complacency, hard to know. Its a huge wake up call ahead of Tannadice. Expect a few long lost posters to make their return to-night.

  18. poor show tonight,but I aint throwing the toys out the pram,


    shows the importance of scoring first in games to stop teams sitting back

  19. Awwww naw we lost a game!!!



    But we must every game cos wur the peepul!!






    Unlucky Celtic, onwards to Sunday

  20. glendalystonsils on

    Not worried about the league but a wee bit concerned about the cups on that form.

  21. dr ramesh and the love potion on

    Very poor. Too many tired players and players off form.


    We have a big problem up front. Griffiths runs about a lot but has been poor all season. Guidetti as we know is ponderous. Time for Scepovic.


    St Jonhstone were good but we were poor all over the park with poor decision making.


    We really miss Izzy.


    Hopefully we’ll pick things up for the next game.

  22. Ray Singh-Carr on

    We won’t have too many performances like that. Just be thankful it happened in the league rather than one of the cups.


    As others have said all sides stutter every now and again. 3 games in 6 days caught up with us, no more no less.


    Keep the faith fholks, and make mine a treble.

  23. Smelling salts administered to sheep.



    Baaack in it.



    Big chance missed by us tonight after Sunday’s great result.

  24. Snake Plissken on

    That was a moronic performance all round tonight.



    Wrong team from the start leaving Biton on the bench.


    Inability to pass to a man in a hooped shirt in the final third



    They thought they’d won the league on Sunday.



    They haven’t.



    Petulant from me?






    I started off praising the team, they produced a joke of a performance.



    We needed that 9 point lead.



    This lets the Sheep back in.