Celtic work remains below-radar


I like the below-radar way Celtic have operated this transfer window.  Mikael Lustig arrived early without much of a murmur and Rabiu Ibrahim’s trial and signing went through with casual understatement, while Jaroslaw Fojut completed a pre-contract agreement before many of us had even reached his Wikipedia page.

Most of the headlines surrounding Celtic have been in connection with English clubs wanting our players, closely followed by public declarations of ‘I’m going nowhere’ from the players in question.

Compare and contrast with the situation over the city.  Almost daily Nikica Jelavic has to deal with a completely different scenario his club have placed him in, today telling STV, “The manager appreciates me and likes me, but I know the club are in a difficult financial situation and if they decided they needed to sell me, I would accept it.”

If you bump into Nikica tell him he’s talking rubbish.  His club were recently bought by a billionaire, they have no financial difficulties and they are reliably informed they are going to win their tax case.  Rangers players telling the media that their club are in a “difficult financial situation” are miles off-message.

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  1. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon says:


    25 January, 2012 at 16:50


    The Knowledge in The Guardian newspaper is one of those columns where readers can ask questions that are then answered by other readers. I think someone mentioned an Albert Kidd entry the other day (the question was about players who are idolised by clubs they never played for.)



    Here’s a question from today’s eedition:



    “I was just browsing Dixie Dean’s Wikipedia profile and was surprised to read that he was a Mason,” writes Mark Johnson. “I was just wondering if there are any other known footballing Masons or any footballers belonging to other mysterious, secret societies?”






    are all the Rangers trialists not part of a secret society know as the “Disapearers”

  2. Welcome to Celebrity Ready, Steady Cook!!



    So Anthony, you had £5 to spend….what’s in your bag?



    “Well I have… chicken, languistines, rice, stock, wine, scallops, onions, garlic, brie, stilton, goat’s cheese, 3 bottles of Blue Nun and a bottle of Cava!”



    “And I still have £3.65 left over!!”

  3. Saint Stivs says:


    25 January, 2012 at 16:54



    are all the Rangers trialists not part of a secret society know as the “Disapearers”



    Brill, still smiling







  4. Dontbrattbakkinanger says:


    25 January, 2012 at 15:34



    Thom the Thim- A.Hitler lost Hookey at the near post.



    Clearly Hitler had learned nothing from the failure of his ‘zonal marking’ system on the Eastern Front.








    That sounds about right.



    I thought at first that you were attributing the winner to an OG.

  5. ASONOFDAN There is one thing for certain you and that other joker VOGUEPUNTER wont tell me what i think or say about celtic,and another thing i ainut a nazi ,you pair of armchair or pub supporters

  6. hahahahahahhaahhahah

















  7. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    Grant Adam the hun reserve goalie and alleged secterian singer has joined …………Airdrie on loan,quel suprise.

  8. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon


    Here,s one I posted earlier



    “Has a player ever been idolised by a club that he has never played for?” asked Simon Coulthard last week.


    from Guardian Books



    Plenty is the short answer. Clubs around the world have soft spots for those to have never worn their shirts:



    Albert Kidd The former Brechin, Arbroath, Motherwell, Dundee and Falkirk striker is a legend at Hibernian despite never having played for the Edinburgh club after his two goals (the second of which was preposterously good) against Hearts in the final 10 minutes on the final day of the 1985-86 season denied Hibs’ rivals the title. Hearts needed only a draw but lost 2-0 and Celtic took the championship on goal difference. “Amongst other things he was immortalised on a T-shirt, a copy of which was sneakily handed to the late great Socrates on a visit to Edinburgh a few years ago,” writes Fraser Pettigrew. “I believe a Hibs supporters club named itself in his honour and Sir Albert (as he is known) has also been entertained as guest of honour at the Australian Hibs Supporters Club and doubtless many others. The 3 May has been designated Albert Kidd Day by Hibs fans. We never tire of bringing his name up because, frankly, we’ve had piss all else to crow about over the last 30 years. Kidd is also somewhat revered by Celtic fans since they were the beneficiaries of Hearts’ fall at the final hurdle that day, but it is at Easter Road that he enjoys the highest levels of idolatry.”




    From todays Guardian

  9. SSN



    breaking news..


    huns reject WHU bid for jellylegs..



    they dont accept alpine bottles anymore

  10. Any mug punters left ive had a shout for Shirataki tonight 710 Kempton,


    now with my recent record of horse tips id tread carefully!

  11. CultsBhoy loves being 1st on

    Anybody else think we should have an entrance exam for CQN…..?










    Capacity for original thinking



    ..a kind of numpty filter..?

  12. Timbhoy


    I can assure you my seat in the north stand upper 409 row E


    has no arms on it .



    Would be nice if it did ,and throw in a wee tartan blankie


    at the same time.



    All the best grumpy.

  13. johann murdoch on

    CultsBhoy loves being 1st says:


    25 January, 2012 at 17:22


    Anybody else think we should have an entrance exam for CQN…..?










    Capacity for original thinking



    ..a kind of numpty filter..?



    or otherwise known as a declan filter????

  14. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 says:


    25 January, 2012 at 17:16


    Nae money down the back of VP’s chair,that’s for sure :]




    give me ten minutes with your couch,will give you50%


    of any treasure I find.

  15. BlantyreTim



    you’re a hero, a saviour !


    I’ve been trying to recall the name of the juice lorry that used to do the rounds when a were a lad in Alloa – Alpine !! Yeeeesss!!

  16. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Cultsbhoy – a bit numptyist, I’m afraid.



    Remember one man’s numpty is another man’s Hateley.

  17. blantyretim says:


    25 January, 2012 at 17:19





    Looks like Zybsek’s scoop has legs, then.

  18. blantyretim says:


    25 January, 2012 at 17:30



    3 Alpine bottles would fill up your bottle bin,


    no use to us.


    G64 has started getting those boxes of wine,


    When finished he can roll it up and throw it


    oot the windae.

  19. Blantyretim


    I was talking to a wrong un last night he said and i quote ” Dont believe any of whit ye read or hear in the media its a done deal he is going to liverpool on the last day of the windae fur over £9m” He looked bemused when i said through the tears of laughter so Whytes keeping the money as yous will have no time to spend all that money why not today and give fatty the money. I honestly think i heard a penny drop that they are being fed nonsense.



  20. bigger bottles too if I recollect.


    how times change. Alpine lorry, binmen who went through the close and carried your bucket to the bin lorry, and no doubt many more. Still, I prefer the current – although I secretly wish it was a bottle of Alpine raspberryade that was chilling in the fridge waiting for the news from the Tax Tribunal….

  21. James Forrest is Lennon on

    West Ham chairman has tweeted that his club HAS bid £7 million for Jelly … and that the Huns have turned it down … and it’s a final offer haha.



    So, overplaying the hand again, as with Edu.



    Imagine the panic if they can’t sell this guy by the window!

  22. James Forrest is Lennon says:


    25 January, 2012 at 17:38



    If WHU chairman had half an ounce of sense he would hold out until the 31st now.


    By then they’ll be able to name their price.



    Defo think he’ll go for far less than £7M!





    /Bishop B

  23. Did David Gold WHU chair not previously own Sunday Sport etc?



    as much chance as huns getting £7m for jellylegs as a double decker landing on the moon..

  24. This stinks. Who in their right mind could value him at 7m? To take penalties?



    Gold must have some connection and they’re playing games to push up the Russian bid, which I firmly believe is coming coz Mr Z says so.

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