Celtic’s difficulty retaining possession


Celtic played well to a point yesterday. We dominated the opening period but Hearts steadied and worked their way into the game. The old adage proved true; when you’re on top, you need to score. Unfortunately we couldn’t make the early pressure count.

I think it was coincidental that our period of domination ended around the time Stuart Armstrong was taken off injured. Stuart was not having such an overarching impact on the game, and James Forrest was an able replacement.

The goals eventually came from midfield, leaving us to defend a lead for the last 20 minutes. There’s not much you can do about Hearts added-time equaliser, which soared into the top corner, but our play in the final 10 minutes of the game was inviting the sucker punch. We couldn’t retain possession, often clearing the ball long, which allowed Hearts to launch forward again.

I wasn’t too concerned about the equaliser but we we’re going to lose late goals if we cannot retain possession.

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  1. The Huns are in the faces of opponents and certainly look very fit their work rate was impressive particularly when down to 10 but they do leave massive gaps which can be exploited with forwards with pace, still don’t think they are good enough to mount a serious challenge but with a few additions who knows, they would on our current form pose us a threat in a one off game.

  2. Margaret McGill on

    Father Lawwell and Bishop Donut must be creaming at the collection of alms of the bigot pound next season.

  3. Kev j…



    I can’t get my head around you standing up for Collins…he destroyed a hibs dressing room with his arrogance and fleeced Celtic for £3 million.



    I for one wouldn’t mind him leaving and never darken our stadium again.

  4. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Kev J



    Hope you are keeping well?



    Not sure, how JC would make a positive difference as manager? Ripping his top open, may allow him to work as Superman, but not sure if it will inspire the players in front of him unless they are called Lois?







  5. lennon's passion on

    Zombies win a Championship game and some how it’s Celtics fault. We sing songs which some people hate that’s life.

  6. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Once again Hibernian choke in a big game that has been there default position for many many years the last time they looked if they might win something big Jock was there manager.In my opinion Hibernian will make the play offs but are very unlikely to come up.H.H.

  7. Kevj



    Peter Andre had a six pack.


    Would you give him the keys to Paradise?



    Closer to home sipsini definitely has a six pack and would get my vote. Promote from within the Celtic Family and all that…..



    HH jamesgang

  8. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    We have another big game tomorrow and we will have to wait until nearer kick-off to see what team we are able to field.I fancy it will be another tight match and maybe even another share of the points. H.H.

  9. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Evening Bhoys, those damn statistics for you. Judge them for yourself



    Compared to this time last year



    We have:



    won 2.26 pts per game vs 2.17 ( Lenny’s last season 2.65)



    a positive goal difference of +31 ( after 19 games) vs + 22 ( after 18 games) Lenny + 27 after 17 games.



    Scored 47 goals (19 games) vs 34 goals ( 18 games), despite playing Ciftci up front as a sole striker. Lenny: 39 after 17 games.



    Conceded 16 goals ( after 19) vs 12 goals ( after 18) after losing VVD and Deyaner and CG having a nightmare season. Lenny 12 goals after 17 goals



    Europe is clearly a year on year disaster, but domestically I would say Ronny has improved compared to his previous year so far. Whether this is to an acceptable level is very debatable and I would suggest the fault is more to do with the infrastructure in place, rather than just Ronny. Just an opinion of course.







  10. TheBarcamole



    Hope everything goes according to plan in Oslob .



    A sad day indeed if you drift away from The Tic ,I don’t think your alone in that.



    Have you ever thought of writing a book about your Celtic affiliation , I’m sure BMCUW’s and Butsybhoy



    Would feature in it….:))) ……see you and V in January …





    PS . thanks to the guys who took time to wish me and my family well

  11. Margaret McGill on

    I love CQN. Entertainment gem. Akin to FOX News pseudo intellectual appreciation debates on the merits of the American republican party. Same constructive drivel. Love you guys!

  12. marspapa on 28th December 2015 7:49 pm


    Sorry I didn’t wish you well mhate…..had some sympathy with the ta…..private hire


    driver,was thinking your patter sent the poor bloke to sleep.




  13. SIPSINI on 28TH DECEMBER 2015 7:23 PM


    Kev j…







    I can’t get my head around you standing up for Collins…he destroyed a hibs dressing room with his arrogance and fleeced Celtic for £3 million.







    I for one wouldn’t mind him leaving and never darken our stadium again.



    Can you explain exactly how he fleeced Celtic for three million.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtics-difficulty-retaining-possession/comment-page-3/#comments

  14. SIPSINI on 28TH DECEMBER 2015 8:25 PM


    Quonno, the tranfrer fee that we were due, he was the first to jump on the bandwagon.



    If players are treated as employees, they are entitled to act like employees. Not too many on here would worry about welfare of their employer, when moving on to better themselves.



    I believe that in Collin’s case the ambiguity of Monaco not being a member of the EU but playing in an EU member league clouded the issue.








    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtics-difficulty-retaining-possession/comment-page-4/#comment-2744965

  15. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Just heard Carlton Cole will be fit for season 2016/2017




  16. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    dundee : 1 win in 10, partick 6 wins in 10 – suppose on paper we have the easier game on weds

  17. Paddy Gallagher on

    John Collins quickly lost the Hibs dressing room and equally important, he never had the Celtic dressing room to lose!

  18. Many years ago I listened to a radio show, Desert Island Discs I believe, with Kevin Keegan. He talked about playing for England on the African continent and being approached by a scouser at the end of the game.



    “Kevin Keegan” he said “I used to worship the ground you walked on until you took off for yer deutschmarks”.



    KK tried tae explain that fitba is a short life and you have tae make as much money as you can.



    “Anyway” he said “what brings you here”. “Oh I’m working up in the desert, I can make 3 times the money there than in the ‘pool” said the Liverpudlian.



    As KK said it was alright for him to leave home to better himself but not Kevin.



    That’s how I see it with the likes of John Collins and other players that move on. Especially since I’m 3.5k miles fae the Bonnie Banks masell.

  19. Paddy Gallagher on 28th December 2015 8:41 pm John Collins quickly lost the Hibs dressing room



    * a dressing room with the likes of O’Connor, Riordan and cheat thompson, good players that failed tae live up tae there potential because they widnae listen and knew all the answers.



    Allegedly when we had the chance tae sign the “twins”, Broonie and Thompson, JC was asked for his input, we signed Broonie and bader signed Thompson only in trying tae get one over us.



    The former Hibbee and now Dundee captain has only 3 caps, the same as Riordan, to his name while his ‘twin” has 49. Even Whitaker and O’Connor have more.



    The “five talents parable” comes tae mind when I think of players like him and Deek.

  20. Delanys funky



    I won’t complain about bad luck ever again , sohhh lucky pal.



    Voguepunter ..lol, …I was in the back it was the Shadows patter haha



    Cheers guys :))

  21. Lucky Man


    I hope you understand.


    We got a love that never dies.


    Richard Ashcroft. CSC


    Marspapa’s Green & White Army!

  22. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s, if you haven’t seen sportscene from last night, watch it on i player. It has the goals from our 4 3 game at Tynecastle in November 1976.



    That Man u v Chelsea game earlier today, was brutal. Roughly , 400 million spent by both clubs and total mince .


    Both sides are in a bad way.



    Our squad will be stretched to the limit on Wednesday . I hope some of our younger players, Aiden Nesbitt for example, at least get a place on the bench.

  23. Ultimately I was pleased to get a point from Tynecastle although losing 2 goals to 2 deflections felt initially like a defeat.


    Considering our erratic form,further upset by injuries on the day,we did OK.



    However we can’t go on like this, Hearts ran us close and they are no great shakes,a team we should be blowing away with ease,but did not,likewise M’Well.



    I have no strong dislike of RD who seems a nice guy,but where I have an issue with him is that he believes Carlton Cole can play a part,and that he persists with the elusive Superstar that is “Young” James Forrest a player who thinks by appearing is all he has to do,no effort,a few runs without end product,no chasing back,and then to add insult to injury,a foul on a Hearts player the like of which you would see in a Schools under 12 game.



    He cost us the game,bad enough competing with 10 men when he plays,but to add a negative contribution is just too much.



    We will never have a settled formation with this guy involved, older than half the team,still protected for what reason I do not know,his reluctance to really get stuck in is quite embarrassing,compare and contrast to young ( proper young ) Tierney who played like the only Celtic fan in the team,and therein lies one of the problems.


    Contrary to Pauls opening piece I do not consider this player as ” a more than able replacement” he has had more than enough chances. At least Derk doesn’t dirty a strip.



    I would like him to succeed but i’m afraid patience run out.



    RD should start getting tough or walk.

  24. Tontine Tim


    Kevin Thompson was a very good player,who suffered really bad injurys so I think you are a bit harsh on him.


    Derek was also a good player badly managed at Celtic.IMO