Celtic’s history: we appoint managers late


Lou Macari was the permanent managerial appointment Celtic made mid-season.  Since then we have appointed 11 managers.  Three in July, six in June and two in May.  The only appointment made as early in the year as today’s date (24 May) was that of Brendan Rodgers, on 20 May 2016.

Neil Lennon’s second permanent spell started on 25 May 2019 but apart from those two we had to wait until June or July.  Celtic vacillated around the Roy Keane plughole in the spring of 2014 before appointing Ronny Deila on 6 June.  It took until 16 June 2009 before Tony Mowbray started his 9 months of misadventure.

Martin O’Neill (2000) and his successor, Gordon Strachan (2005), both took up their positions on 1 June in what was choreographed with contractual arrangements, and for some reason it took until 8 June 1999 to secure John Barnes’ services.

Those fretting most right now were probably not around in the 90s.  Tommy Burns appointment happened on 11 July 1994.  Wim Jansen short and successful stay started on 3 July 1997, whereas Fergus McCann took until the Fair Fortnight, 17 July 1998, to be precise, to secure Jo Venglos.  Can you imagine waiting until July?  17 JULY?  Let’s not.

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  1. Good moening cqn from a dry and sunny Garngad



    DD – Enjoy🍺 wish I was off work to join you all.



    D :)

  2. Would have been a good day to appoint a new manager.



    But I don’t suppose there’s any rush.

  3. Happy Anniversary to Celtic FC and The Lisbon Lions.


    54 Years ago Today as a wee Bhoy aged 11 and a Hawf, I witnessed history being made in my Uncles Hoose in Sword St, Dennistoun on his Black and white Telly.


    My DA had Drove to Lisbon with Two car loads of his mates…ALL taxi drivers fae Glesga.


    As ME, and my Granda and Grandma and my uncle, stood at the bus Stop on our way home to Easterhoose, there was hundreds Celtic Flags and scarves hinging oot of the Tenement windeas…allied with hundreds of Celtic Supporters Dancing and running along Duke Street. Singing and Dancing…NO Violence etc etc….just supporters celebrating the way they should.



    That Memories of that evening will NEVER leave me..25th May 1967.





  4. Go tell the Spartim on

    Wonder if the BBC will do a wee tribute to the Lions today 🤔 …..

  5. quadrophenian on

    WOW – time flies.


    Four years since Ms Quad and I were roaming the streets of Lisboa, catching up with fellow Celts – incl the mad GLA to LIS cyclists – rerr, happy vibe with no destructive tendencies assailed on our Lisbonian hosts.


    Missed the cup final due to finding Ms Quad a leather jacket. Nabbed one masel’ too.


    GRAND. hh

  6. celticforever on

    Can still remember the scorching hot day in Lisbon 4


    years ago today, getting burnt to a frazzle, seeing the


    Hillman Imp outside the ground, the cyclists arrive


    us tims taking over one street that evening then the


    mad rush to make my early morning flight



    would do it again tomorrow

  7. timmy7_noted on

    Brilliant weekend in Lisbon that was. Had a great time with many fellow tims including the cyclists who shared out hotel. Cup final day in the city was very special indeed, some very dodgy photos doing the rounds the next day………. :-)



    Resulted in a three day hangover on return, brilliant memories.

  8. pintaguinness on

    How times have changed. My Dad and Grandad, in Lisbon, Suit shirt and tie and celtic bunnet. Absolutely sweltering and me with shorts and sannys!

  9. timmy7_noted on

    We were welcomed everywhere we went that weekend, we were still getting waves from the locals as we made our way home on Monday. A memory that will live with me forever as a lovely security guard at the stadium allowed us to take photos despite the fact they were setting up for their own final ( we went on the Saturday morning due to flights), a photo with my best Tim mates that we pass around every so often for the great feeling it gives. Brings back the goosebumps just thinking about it again. A very emotional trip with great friends, brilliant.

  10. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    The whole world said it was Inter’s cup because they were so strong


    But the Bhoys from Paradise were there


    To show that they were wrong



  11. garcia lorca on

    Stress alert!


    At exactly this time 54 years ago today flight control at the then Abbotsinch airport announced that the Sarsfield Celtic club flight to Lisbon for the European Cup Final ( KO 5.30pm ) was delayed.


    Can you imagine the angst. It never leaves me. I can conjure up those emotions at the drop of a hat.


    Anyway we did get away and landed in Lisbon at 5.20pm.


    Arrived at the stadium to be advised the Celts were 1-0 up. Ecstatic!


    Soon discovered the truth.


    All turned out well. Memories of that game and night live forever.


    Hail! Hail!

  12. Happy Lisbon Day to all Celts!



    Lovely day also to celebrate Kilmarnock getting relegated! God riddance to them and their horrible, team, town and pitch!

  13. Whit awe yous auld yins like – I was 6 months auld on the 25/5/1967. You are all so lucky to have either been there or remember the day so vividly.


    And the story’s are what makes Celtic a Family, never any thought of arguing, fighting, causing mayhem.


    Wherever I have been watching Celtic in the past its always the same a good time had by all and I mean all, locals included.




    Hail Hail



    D :)

  14. Good morning from a wet North Staffs and happy Lisbon day.


    It is also the feast of St Bede the Venerable.

  15. Reading the Maxwell piece it is obvious that it’s mission accomplished and the cost relationship with the new club is sealed.


    We had a chance to clear out the masonic cabal with Res12 – that’s down to you PL.

  16. celticforever on

    I must say that I have followed Celtic in Europe since just before the Seville


    days up till now and recently in the last few years there is a young


    team follow Celtic abroad who are only one step away from trouble



    It was never the case up till the last few years and I have been to Munich,


    Hamburg, Stuttgart, Seville, Helsinki, Barcelona, Milam, Turin etc where


    it was always just a big party

  17. Hi DD :))


    Great to see you post as has been said, tis always high quality and safe to say me and me Da are missing you :)


    Happy anniversary to the Lisbon Lions today and I hope you have a great time celebrating it – we would really love to make it in but Faithers up to his neck in workisms, however we’ll need to get a chance to shift a few in the near future (now the world thinks I’m a grown up).



    God bless buddy :)


    Keep The Faith



  18. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    CELTICFOREVER on 25TH MAY 2021 10:21 AM


    I must say that I have followed Celtic in Europe since just before the Seville days up till now and recently in the last few years there is a young team follow Celtic abroad who are only one step away from trouble






    Yup – seen them – leery, unpleasant crack-heads and neds – see them regularly at domestic away games too.



    Thankfully, however, very much in the minority ( a real minority, not a Sevco one) – but worth the watchin nevertheless!



    Hope they fade away like the casuals at Easter Road :-))






  19. celticforever on




    I remember going to Tannadice 3 or 4 years ago and was walking


    behind one of those ”neds” as he was giving a really young Dundee


    Utd fan some verbal and generally acting the hard man



    One of the adults Utd fans turned to him and said why not pick on


    someone your own age lets have a square go right now



    Never seen a ned shit a brick so quick in my life

  20. garcia lorca on

    An Tearmann @10.24am


    Throughout that late take off flight to Lisbon the pilot gave a series of updates on estimated arrival time. Stress levels through the roof. Shouts and urging to accelerate with every announcement.


    On arrival at Lisbon the stories are legend as to what happened next. 10 minutes to KO. Warm Deserted airport and no landing steps. Some of the boys threw open the doors , sat on our bums and dropped ( dreept ). It’s a long way down carrying a flag and pole too!


    To this day I have no idea if we paid the great taxi driver who took many of Lisbon’s roundabouts on 2 wheels.


    One other memory . In the first half we had taken up position in line with the 18-yard line at the goal Celtic were attacking( in waves). At half time as was the tradition we moved to the other end and again absolutely in line where Jim Craig passed to Tommy for the equaliser. My heart still jumps when I remember that goal and all the sensations/ expectations it created. Anyway on the way round at half time there was an open bar and a very inebriated Cowboy McCormack ( Olympic bronze boxing champion ) , ex St Mungo, holds up the proceedings so I failed to get a beer. The small things we remember.


    Jumping the moat with my brothers and father but later learned that my uncle failed the test and ended up on a stretcher in the Celtic dressing area ( along with my older brother.


    Last memory. On the way back on the plane a member of the then Celtic cone club commented that people like me had ruined his Lisbon trip by running on the park at full time thus denying a lap of honour and photo opportunities.


    He was probably right about that , with the benefit of age and hindsight ) however wild animals could not have kept me from that pitch at the final whistle.


    My Dad, me and 2 brothers stood and watched Billy raise the European Cup into the balmy night sky.


    Dreams do come true! 🍀

  21. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    No 1 in Ireland on this day 25/05/67


    Boston Burglar:Johnny McEvoy




    No 1 in UK charts 25/05/67


    Silence Is Golden:Tremeloes




    For those of a certain age CSC

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Garcia Lorca @ 09:44 – brilliant !



    Gene @ 10:19 – what’s the Maxwell piece?


    (Other than the stupidity I read on BBC yesterday I’ve not seen anything) – cheers

  23. Love reading the stories about that day. Literally green with envy. Watched the game on TV with my father (RIP) and I will never forget watching him as much as the match. What a roller coaster of emotions. Thought several times Celtic had scored (as did the Kenneth Wolstenhome). Then eventually TG scores what has to be the best goal Celtic ever scored. My Dad was as happy as I had ever seen him and so proud to be a Celt – not easy in the North Of Ireland in east Belfast in 1967.




  24. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    CELTICFOREVER on 25TH MAY 2021 11:08 AM





    Great – glad to hear that. Me and Wee BGFC always try to be friendly with the locals (hun teams excepted) so I find it really embarrassing seeing wee nyaff Celtic ‘fans’ hassle people when we are on the travels – really tarnishes a long and hard-won reputation.









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