Celtic’s history: we appoint managers late


Lou Macari was the permanent managerial appointment Celtic made mid-season.  Since then we have appointed 11 managers.  Three in July, six in June and two in May.  The only appointment made as early in the year as today’s date (24 May) was that of Brendan Rodgers, on 20 May 2016.

Neil Lennon’s second permanent spell started on 25 May 2019 but apart from those two we had to wait until June or July.  Celtic vacillated around the Roy Keane plughole in the spring of 2014 before appointing Ronny Deila on 6 June.  It took until 16 June 2009 before Tony Mowbray started his 9 months of misadventure.

Martin O’Neill (2000) and his successor, Gordon Strachan (2005), both took up their positions on 1 June in what was choreographed with contractual arrangements, and for some reason it took until 8 June 1999 to secure John Barnes’ services.

Those fretting most right now were probably not around in the 90s.  Tommy Burns appointment happened on 11 July 1994.  Wim Jansen short and successful stay started on 3 July 1997, whereas Fergus McCann took until the Fair Fortnight, 17 July 1998, to be precise, to secure Jo Venglos.  Can you imagine waiting until July?  17 JULY?  Let’s not.

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  1. Another plastic pitch goes.Looking forward to not playing at Hamilton,Killie.Always dreadful games.

  2. Boyd ragin.Dont know if its because Killie got relegated,or we have another Tim manager in the SPL.

  3. Delighted we can now Say No To Lino…………..




    whichever nugget agreed to that needs carpetin’.




  4. Awful season comes to end thank feck. Best thing about this season is 2 less plastic pitches in the premier league next season. premier league clubs now have enough votes (11 of 12 team) to have all plastic pitches banned from top flight football, with 1 season grace I.e from season 22/23.




  5. An Tearmann



    Good shout Big Fellah


    Never knew that was coming up


    And hosted by that well known Irishman with the Scottish name


    Colin Murray


    And forgive him for he knows not for what he does, the Scotsman with the Irish name


    Pat Nevin




    These comment from Ian Maxwell:



    GEORGE SQUARE (Deflection)



    They were a disgrace and it is difficult to comprehend how any sector of society wants to go and behave that way.



    “Those individuals have no place in Scottish football, I think that is fair to say and I think clubs would absolutely reiterate that comment.






    Obviously football clubs work hard to promote messages about discrimination and abuse and all those things.




    FOOTBALL CLUBS & FANS (Contradiction)



    Those individuals have no place in Scottish football, I think that is fair to say and I think clubs would absolutely reiterate that comment.



    Look at Rangers’ ‘Everyone Anyone’ programme and the good work that is doing and it is important that we continue to drive that.





    The truth is that the Rangers name has been built on triumphalism & entitlement on the football field, in the corridors of power of Scottish football and in society in Scotland in general.



    Any real attempt by those in power at Ibrox to rid the support of the ugly elements that surface at all too regular intervals would result in a massive loss of supporters & income. Religious bigotry, and the opportunity to display & practice it freely, is the reason many stay staunch & loyal. Rangers is their vehicle – a vehicle that has had a free-pass for over a hundred years in Scotland.




  7. They are a poor white, unemployed, underclass, clinging to an empire that doesnt exist, and a union that most educated young people dont want.



    the notion Scotlands establishment and government favours them is nonsense now.



    the events of the last 10 years. show the real people of scotland 38% having no religion dont give a rat ass about the orange card,



    they can riot all they want, the seperation of that union is inevitable.



    the sooner the better








    lays trap and backs out the room

  8. The loss of revenue ? to ibrox inc.



    none of the underclass have season cards or new shares.


    their 55 flags and bunting was produced somewhere is a shed in larkhall.

  9. Saint stivs



    Agree 100%..well said.once the religious argument is gone so are they

  10. saint stivs



    The 2011 Census showed that around 55% of the population of Glasgow identified themselves as Christian, a slight majority of which identified as being Catholic. The SNP government postponed the 2021 Census in Scotland, for no good reason that I can see, the first time, and don’t quote me here, since 1941. Now, you would think that a ruling party, pushing for a Referendum might want an up to date breakdown of the Scottish populace, but no, another faultline of the SNP. But here is the thing the support for the SNP in the recent elections is higher in Glasgow than in many other parts of Scotland, and of course alongside Dundee, the parts of Scotland which voted in favour of Independence. You cannot reach those levels of support on the back of Catholic support in Glasgow alone, Glasgow is and will be the Avatar, of Scotland, and it will once again become the most important City in Scotland, though this time not its’ imperial Capital.


    In my opinion.

  11. So long as the SNP continue concentrate more government jobs in Edinburgh and surrounds, we will see further diminution of Glasgow and East Coast growth. It will only take around 20 years of Independence to make Edinburgh the larger as well as the wealthier city.



    Hey, but we’ll have a new flag.

  12. sftb



    Don’t know so much about a new flag, the Scottish flag was incorporated into the Union Flag, after 1603, but lets not get the facts in the way of a decent rant. The progenitor of that flag was of course James VI, son of Mary. Might be a new flag for some. Wont be for me.

  13. Wonder if John Kennedy will get a shout for the united job that Micket Mellon just left.



    Hope he gets a chance to rebuild his rep. He is a more talented coach and a more centred bloke than most on here give him credit for as we still hit out in all directions for our lost 10.

  14. sensible comments , reasonable discussion. ta.



    politics aside.



    imagine if we live long enough John Kennedy is talked about as a great manager having followed a jock stein template,



    the living in the today moment gets on my pits




    Were you around in 1603?



    aye platform 13, for 1607 to gourock,

  16. CELTIC MAC on 24TH MAY 2021 11:51 PM


    saint stivs



    good analysis, thumbs up in a positive way.



    whatever future vote goes down, it is absolutley idiotic to frame it in an anti catholic view or right wing orange view,



    there are hundreds of thousands scots who dont put this into their decion making.



    Were you around in 1603?







    The point is Embra is growing and Glasgow – 30 miles away id not getting its due share of uncentralised jobs. It is a deliberate policy.






    aye a deliberate policy of the tory government , when you bring jobs north, take them to the histroically marginal seats,

  18. Celtic Mac And St Stivs



    Blame the schools all you like – I count leaving Glasgow to entering Edinburgh- not city centre to city centre.



    It is easy enough to disperse jobs away from a capital city that is so close to Glasgow and Stirling but the trend is towards further and further centralisation.



    Yes- The Tories brought jobs to Embra and roads to South Ayr but the SNP are not rewarding their voters. They are just bigging up Embra.

  19. St Stivs



    I don’t judge my politics by the religion of the leaders.



    I believe the ibrox fans count the current Leader of the Scottish Labour Party as a supporter of their club but it will do little to attract the votes of the lumpen there who put the crown as their reason for voting.



    I think all major parties have all religions represented in their make up though I don’t count any Catholic Tory as any more worthy than a non-Catholic Tory. They are all Tories to me.



    Good night

  20. Delaneys Dunky on

    Good morning folks. I came back onto CQN because it is the 54th Anniversary of the greatest achievement of any Scottish sporting club. The reason I no longer look in or post here is the liars like JHB. Was correct in my prediction that Scotland would be Independent before Celtic won 10 in a row. The next few years will see my life long dream of Scottish Independence.


    Don’t fear the bogey man JHB.


    You trolled me both here and on SentinelCelts with your Unionist propaganda.


    You then reported me to your hero George Galloway ya rocket. 😁😂😂

  21. Delaneys Dunky on

    Anyone fancy a Lisbon 67 celebration later, a few SentinelCelts bhoys gathering in Chandlers, Clydebank. Indoor drinking allowed here in Bankieland. 1pm kick off for many beers. 👍🍀💚

  22. .SAINT STIVS on 24TH MAY 2021 11:25 PM



    OK I’ll bite. I’ll walk into your ” trap” no matter if you have left the room.



    Where I agree with you is that the old style working class orange order is dying. The current mob supporting the huns are largely more affluent and ” middle class ” if you like.


    Yes they are largely white. Same as the Celtic support and Scottish society in general. Many will be university educated, live in nice Houses and hold down responsible jobs.



    Where we differ completely: Ultimately most people will vote for what they think will be the best policy for their families regardless of principle.



    The biggest and easiest example of that is the fact that well over half a million council houses were bought in Scotland. This amounts to millions of Scots benefiting from the biggest flagship Thatcherite policy. ( Can anyone who has benefited from council house sales be regarded as a socialist. ? Nicola Sturgeon’s family for example )



    Most will vote in the next independence referendum for economic reasons and to date there is no economic argument for ” independence ” Unbelievably we don’t even know what currency we will use.



    We need certainty to help Scotland and her people prosper. Put the wheels in motion and call the referendum now ( for circa 18 months time ).


    Let’s try to draw a line under the ongoing division uncertainty and hate.



    HH to all.

  23. Hail! Hail! DD. Enjoy your day wish I could be there! 🍀🍀🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🍀🍀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🍀🍀 25/05/67-25/05/21


    Today would be a good day to make an announcement not sometime in July – a month the huns love.

  24. DD at 1:55 a.m.


    Happy Lisboa Day!


    Hope you have a grand day in The People’s Republic of Bankieland.

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