Challenges to realising your investment in talent


Like several wealthy English clubs, Manchester City harvest large numbers of players with talent and potential with the intention of adding the City brand to their CV before turning a profit on them.

They usually get two bites at the revenue cherry, once when they sell them and once when they pick up a portion of the subsequent fee when the player is sold by the club who does much of the development heavy lifting.  The latter part of this plan fell through for both City and Celtic when Dedryck Boyata left Glasgow out of contract in 2019.  Celtic were aware the player would not sign a new contract and recruited Marvin Compper in January 2018 to allow Boyata to leave for a fee the following summer.

Compper was an unmitigated flop and without options they had any faith in, Celtic rejected a £9m bid from West Ham, which resulted in a temporary withdrawal of services by the player and the horrors of a valuable Belgian international leaving without a fee.

City did better with the £4.5m fee they received from Celtic for Olivier Ntcham four years ago.  Olivier had stacks of potential but he failed to maintain a regular starting place at Celtic and was allowed to leave on loan in January.  It seems unlikely that a player struggling at Celtic would be successful at Marseille and the early signs are not promising.  He is very likely to pitch up at Lennoxtown in June without attracting a move to his native France and prepared to run down the final 12 months of his contract.

Despite these two poor examples, there is merit in scouring the development ranks of Europe’s largest clubs – his is how we found Odsonne Edouard, but even when the player is talented and successful, realising your investment when they inevitably leave is far from straightforward.

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    McGeady was a good player, had a decent career and is still pretty useful at the level he plays at.



    And who can forget the months of the “Where’s the McGeady money?” debate? 😂

  2. Had a busy week so………………enjoying a wee glass of Bowmore, 12 year old, 40%abv.



    Bliddy lovely!

  3. PPB



    It is an Islay Malt, so peaty, smoky, a wee bit phrenolic, slightly carboholic, but definitely alcoholic!




  4. Philbhoy


    I hate whisky of any description and you’re definitely not selling that one 🤭

  5. GENE



    I feel your pain my friend!



    Hate is a very strong word.



    Take care.

  6. AT – the 25 max age was a killer. I had to leave out folk like Junker at Bodo/Glimt, Rui Silva at Granada, Quaison at Mainz and Magnussen at CSKA who I’d otherwise have been interested in…

  7. Weebobbycollins on

    I also dislike whisky…until the second or third glass, then I could finish the bottle tout suite nae bother. However, I haven’t had a drink for about six months…

  8. Philbhoy


    Ok I’ve got an allergy to brandy and whisky, the smell of which is enough to cause me to part with my lunch.


    But enjoy 😉



    And take care yourself

  9. quadrophenian on

    Compper wasn’t an unmitigated flop; he had some injury niggles that interrupted his availability but he could play as fine as any we had.


    The word was BRs refusal to play him had less to do w Marv being Raphael Scheidt, but his other proclivities.


    What P67s article also overlooks is our inability to spot integrate and shape decent enuff old Pros into a team.


    Like, hate to say it, the McGregors, Goldsons, Baloguns, Arfields, Davis’, Helanders…


    If we’d brought in Marshall, Fletcher, McGeady for zip, would this shitey season have looked different!! HH

  10. GENE



    I didn’t always like whisky…..I had to work at it.



    Sorry to hear of your allergy!



    You take care too!

  11. Thanks BadaBing – today I realised what a nerd I’d become though 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️😂

  12. prestonpans bhoys on




    Wiz a present, at that price I would buy two of your Tesco bottles😂



    Liverpool still 1:0 down and not looking like scoring, they share with us a miserable season but my team Everton won again today👍👍

  13. PPB



    A present? Sumdy likes you alot!



    My current fave is Jura 12 yo.



    Can be had at a discount in Tesco’s from time to time, about £22.00.



    Liverpool missing VVD?



    Always like to see Everton doing well.



    Take care and night all!

  14. SPIDEY101 on 4TH MARCH 2021 9:34 PM



    The world wouldn’t function without nerds. Respect to the nerds :)



    Enjoy the posts….keep them coming.




    Wonder if this is the end of the Klopp era. I know they’ve had injuries but they look leggy to me and lack intensity.



    Klopp is a manager who burns himself and the players out. There were rumours he might quit in the summer and that Germany are keen. We’ll see.

  16. An Tearmann on 4th March 2021 7:44 pm








    Much appreciated. I like to think that I do ‘know their history’, but I couldn’t even get one of those names. Oh well, living in a small town in the North of Ireland, I am known as Mr Celtic, more of a sad reflection on the folk here, than a compliment to me!




  17. lets all do the huddle on

    klopp and salahs taxi has just overtaken mourinho and bales on the m6 on the way to G40

  18. Spidey101


    Thank you, very informative and enjoyable may I add. Just goes to show the opportunities that are there when imagination is utilised.



  19. Spidey101



    That was very good……but…..have you seen these guys play?…..and if so are they any good?

  20. Gene, TT is indeed TT but I don’t do the Lena Martell thing “one day at a time”,have decided that if and when I want a drink I’ll have one.



    This is my 49th year being aff drink for Lent and would continue my abstinence sometimes intae the summer, just decided one day not too go back on it too see how long I could go, when it neared a year another Lent appeared.



    Drinking is habit forming so the longer I was off it the more that habit developed. Was hame about 4 year ago and was in pubs in Scotland and Ireland and didnae bother.






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