Champions, Euro qualifiers and relegation must be decided


What happens in football over the next few months is shrouded in uncertainty, but we know enough to be able to narrow the field of possibilities down.  Uefa meet on Tuesday to discuss the crisis when they will almost certainly cancel the Euros, ending all online betting on Euro 2020, and confirm that no Champions League or Europa League games will take place between now and the summer.

Sorry to mention the dirty little subject, but the worldwide game is facing financial turmoil like never before (more on this later), having lost club and national Uefa games between now and the summer, all parties need to ensure that income-generating European competitions take place next season.  A new timetable will emerge, but basic necessity requires Uefa to come out of Tuesday’s meeting with a plan for next season’s Champions League and Europa League, at the very least.

In order to hold these competitions next season, individual countries need champions and qualifiers from other positions.  Whatever else remains unknown, we can be sure that next season’s Champions and Europa Leagues will be scheduled; champions will be determined by June or July at the latest.

Another fact we can be very sure of, it that epidemiology projections indicate no football will take place until July at the earliest.  This temporary postponement will become permanent before it expires.  National leagues are finished across Europe.

In Scotland and England, clear champions are in place.  If you are a Lazio fan, this looked like being your season, but the league is finished, Juventus’ tiny advantage will make them champions.

Hearts have blown their season but I do not think there is a single Hearts fan who would honestly object to relegation at this point.  When you set aside all the transient bluster, football fans know they need to take their medicine when they are not good enough.  We saw the same attitude in many Rangers fans eight years ago, who wanted Newco to start at the bottom of the pile, despite the financial advantages of getting a hand up.

Dundee United will be promoted.  A play-off between Hamilton Accies, Inverness, Dundee and Ayr United can be held immediately prior to the new season, to determine who plays in the top flight.  The Scottish Cup has three games left, this too can take place prior to kick-off next season.

Less than a week ago, I advocated playing the remainder of the season behind closed doors, but the health tsunami facing society makes that impossible.  Football will need all of the income it can get when normality resumes.  The critical path from that financial necessity determines that all countries need to know their champions and qualifiers for European competitions – and that means we have no choice but to draw the line now.

For years I have played over celebrating nine-in-a-row.  There will be no celebrations this year, in this respect, we have been robbed, but we all have far more important concerns right now.

We will cover the hugely significant financial implications of the crisis in the coming days.

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  1. Happy Birthday Bernard 🎂🎂🎂



    FB – Look after him and cherish every moment with him.



    D. :)

  2. fairhill bhoy on

    DAVID66-always 👍


    MACJAY1-my mam had TB when having me


    Useless information I know 😉

  3. FB


    you causing bother again;-)))


    happy birthday to your dad,


    long may you go to games together.

  4. The UK government’s strategy is to try to achieve herd immunity.



    As there is as yet no vaccine available the only way to achieve herd immunity is to allow the virus to spread.



    So they don’t want a clampdown.






    Except that inevitably an increased number of people will die if the virus is allowed to spread in order to achieve herd immunity.



    I suppose it could be argued that the end (herd immunity) justifies the means (allowing people to die unnecessarily).



    Except of course that the strategy may cause the NHS to collapse.



    And there is doubt as to whether the virus does build immunity in those that survive it.

  5. Hi Ghuys


    To try and get around this coronavirus impasse i have taken to watch the famous Demolition Derby again.


    I don,t know if you are aware but Henrik Larsson scored a nice goal in that match .







  6. missed



    The Exiled Tim



    A wee poem Mrs TET wrote, as it is about Bobby and the others and since Oglach has been posting Bobby’s diaries I thought that it would be Ok.



    Our Bobby came for Maggie, he offered her his hand.


    She asked if he was consort, to the promised land ?


    “Ah sure your passage will be safe, there’s plenty there to meet”


    Maggie smiled and went with him, till she felt the heat!


    “What is this place you take me, where is my throne and crown?


    Our Bobby said to Maggie, “I think your going down !”


    Ten brave men stood in judgement, deciding on her fate.


    The eternal burning fires of hell, or heavens pearly gates.


    The first to speak was Raymond, he looked her up and down


    With Francis, Joe and Michael standing close, Maggie gave a frown.


    Then Thomas, Kevin, Kieran and Patsy all gave their thought


    If Maggie should enter the gates of paradise or not


    While we hungered for justice, your judgement sealed our fate.


    It’s the fires of hell for you, ye bitch not heavens pearly gates.


    Martin smiled at Bobby they agreed her fate was sealed.


    For crimes again the IRISH, compassion she would not yield.


    Then St Peter gave a smile at Gods chosen men


    For they were her jury, those bold courageous ten.


    He asked what they decided, what is her fate, do tell ?


    Bobby smiled and pushed her, into the fiery bowels of hell

  7. Celtic should send the SFA/SPFL a letter stating categorically, any attempt at declaring the season “null and void” will be met with immediate litigation to prevent any resumption of fixtures (a new season) until that decision is reversed.



    There is only one way to resolve the current crisis, see out the current fixtures when the current postponement is lifted. Any other ‘solution’ will lead to law-suits from whichever clubs are impacted by draconian measures implemented by self-serving men in suits.



    If you see out the season, whenever that may be, you are then faced with the impact on the new season, which can’t really be made until it is clear when that new season begins. Any decisions made regarding that new season are far less likely to face legal impediments.

  8. GORDYBHOY 64-cheers buddy,I got involved last week,😉


    My mistake.I keep saying I won’t let it happen again 😉



  9. Just a thought but if we all have to go to work, how do football players not have to go to their work??? Binmen, office workers, factory workers all have to go to work.



    Surely they go to work and play the remaining games behind closed doors and televise the games and give clubs some revenue.



    Or are they different from you and I? They are employees after all?



    If it’s the PFA putting pressure on Associations, then why has all of the unions not done the same to all of our employers?



    D. :)

  10. David66 – because most ordinary folk are employees who can be easily replaced. A squad of players are multi-million pound assets who won’t be put at unnecessary risk!


    If you bought a Ferrari and knew there was a road where folk routinely hit a wall and damage their car, you wouldn’t do it would you? If you have a £6m (or whatever) Éduoard you don’t let him play when other folk might give him the Coronavirus!

  11. Which is why my heart goes out to those in the Health Service and Social Work who feel they have a societal responsibility to continue doing their work







  12. Look Bhoys it is a worrying & stressful time for everybody but it is as well to remember that the young whilst they can be carriers do not seem to be affected by it and that in itself is something to be really thankful for.


    Secondly I don’t believe this 60% figures.


    I reckon if 1 in 4 get it that would be as bad as it gets,


    Thirdly in 80%of cases the symptoms are mild and people do not need Hospital Treatment.


    Only 6% of cases are critical & about 2% fatal.


    There will be serious Financial Implications & serious Sociai Issues.


    We all need to be vigilant but we also need to be calm and to retain our sense of humour.


    On a Blog like this and in real life we should be encouraging & supporting each other,


    So with that wee swan song for the night,


    May I wish each & every one out there in Timland Good Health & Good Luck.


    Good Night & God Bless.

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THE HAND OF GOD on 15TH MARCH 2020 12:10 AM


    Corkcelt you seem like a very decent chap





    Hear Hear.



    Perhaps you should be listening to Corkcelt and not Alex Rae .

  14. As off today, Alloa will train as normal on Tuesday evening.


    Now if it is safe for the players to train why wouldn’t it be safe for players to fulfil fixtures behind closed doors?



    Not sure i want to be crowned champions after 30 games, much rather fixtures were fulfilled, fans or no fans.

  15. Macjay…



    In this time, maybe best not to try and gain the uperhand on other posters.


    From outside, it looks likes cheap and easy shots.


    Like a lot of what you post but sometimes you let yourself down. HH

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SIPSINI on 15TH MARCH 2020 12:21 AM





    Fair enough.


    Think its also fair to respond to cheap and easy insults.


    Check back . I didn`t initiate the cheap shots .

  17. After initially being unsure about just how serious this Coronavirus could be (first reporting of it seemed a bit exaggerated at times) I’m now genuinely concerned for folk, especially my family and friends in the UK.



    Completely confused that the government in the UK seems to be taking a completely different approach to other countries around the world who are taking stringent measures to try and limit the spread of the virus through lockdowns and closures of schools, restaurants etc.



    Watched a clip of sky news where a health expert was explaining (poorly) the reasoning behind ‘herd immunity’ , by his reckoning for it to take effect around 60% of the population would need to contract the virus before the population develops the immunity. What a scary prospect. He also said it would likely be seasonal and be repeating every year.



    What a strange time we live in.



    A time to support and look after yourselves and your loved ones. All the best to everyone out there, a very challenging time ahead for us all. Take care and God bless you all.




  18. I’m not on Twitter anymore but could somebody let Alex Rae know that instead of pontificating about racehorse analogies, if he paid back his EBT he could pay the salaries for an entire year for 23 extra nurses to help care for those most vulnerable. In fact, if he truly cared, he could ask the other 80 recipients of EBTs to do the right thing. Between them, if they all paid back what they borrowed, they could cover the salaries of an astonishing 3800 extra nurses for a full 12 months….


    And Corona poster boy Arteta could fund an extra 27 nurses salaries himself….

  19. Reading back, ernie asks some excellent questions.



    I just want to hear a Scottish hack ask Stevie G that question.






    Magical Lenny.

  20. hairlikespaghetti,



    Good point – I hope a lot of the (mega earners) fitba players, after, in the main coming from a working class background, will help others in this Time of need.






    Do not be afraid

  21. Stress is a really bad thing with this virus. Worry is my middle name as well…..



    Please try and not be stressed as you become more susceptible.



    Humour is the way to win.



    As the Canman says this is a Cull.



    Hot drinks aplenty and doing that 10 second thang Every morning – EVERYBODY. Keep sipping water, keep the throat wet.



    I had ma first hot drink for multi decades in the Lancaster train station. This is Serious!!!!

  22. The olde Canamalar, quite rightly called me up for projecting a Spirit of Fear.



    God Bless ye Bro – I absolutely Love yer Attitude.



    We are not to have the Spirit of fear, but a Spirit of the Balconys in Italy.

  23. i now work as an Uber taxi driver, and i was working tonight.



    But I felt uncomfortable, far too hot.



    I parked up, thought about it. “Am I over reacting?”



    I knew i would get it, driving people from all over the world, it was just a matter of time.



    i went home, and my extended family, due tomorrow 25 strong are now not coming.



    So i feel ok, a bit hot, but not going anywhere for a while.

  24. Our Lord and Saviour Garry, he took it all away.



    These are indeed the horrible End Times.



    BELIEVE the Fee –oops up, Please Believe in the Free Pass (Maestro)…..



    End – Not with Brave Brave UNDAUNTED like Garry.



    Noone knows the End.



    Noone knows Anythying.

  25. Rascar Capac,



    I told Aidan I’m gonnae hibernate for 2 weeks. it means Nothing, nothing at all.



    This virii is unprecedented.



    Take Care Bro in Rhythym.




  26. Petec



    We are all going to be exposed to this.



    A week ago i picked up an Italian couple with luggage from the bus station.



    She said a few words in English, he said nothing, she seemed to be nursing him.



    Since then, everyone, anyone, young, old.



    I have now taken myself out of the loop, but really its too late.

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