Champions League income needed for Champions League budget


I suspect we have not seen the best of Daryl Murphy, who has proven to be a solid Championship and fleeting Premier League player in England but has been unable to retain a place in the SPL, but his hamstring injury, suffered after the long flight to Pennsylvania, will be a blow on two levels for Celtic.  They are denied a squad player for the crucial Champions League play-off round against Helsingborgs and are likely to unable to loan him out, easing more pressure from payroll.

Daryl was singled out for credit (here) for the way he changed the shape of Celtic in our opening league game of the season against Aberdeen.  He would have been useful to Neil Lennon this coming week.

News that Helsingborgs have lost their top striker is welcome but is not quite ‘like signing a new player’ for Celtic.  Let’s hope they haven’t lost their Kenny Miller only to find their Jordan Rhodes.

There can seldom have been more financially important games to the club than the Helsingborgs tie.  Celtic accounts are usually released mid-August (16th last year) but I don’t anticipate any rush to publish this year.  Last season’s accounts could well see the largest loss in our history as the club chased their first league win in four years (insert standard lecture on financial responsibility program, avoid urge to run legacy Sir David Murray malware).

I expect the figures to show Celtic are operating with a Champions League budget (and that’s without evading tax).  Football finance lessons are clear, if you have a Champions League budget you need Champions League income.  Time for this team to step up to the challenge.  Get along and pack the place out on the 29th.

No regrets this time.

Bed early tonight if you are off to Dingwall in the morning. I hope we see a few of the young lads.

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  1. Paul67



    A fair bit of that budget has gone now with the likes of Cha, Loovens etc all away.

  2. StMichaelsBhoy2 on

    Snake Plissken



    12:16 on 17 August, 2012



    The best thing about Gary McAllister as far as the Scottish sports hacks were concerned was that he wasn’t Paul McStay.



    He was no Paul McStay either.

  3. philvisreturns on

    The Pantaloon Duck – To celebrate, I’m going to do karate on some evil teenagers with feathery blond hair. And then run away before the police show up.




    History repeats itself



    Try and you’ll succeed



    Never doubt that you’re the one



    And you can have your dreams!



    You’re the best!






    Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down



    You’re the Best!






    Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down



    You’re the Best!






    Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ow-own….




  4. Previously posted to macjay1 on the previous thread.



    Macjay1 & All



    Yesterday we talked about the Jews and Holocaust.


    I would like to post the link to the interview with Jan Karski. Karski was the courier who passed the news to the Western countries about what was happening in the ghetto. United Kingdom and USA are as well guilty of the tragedy that happened in Warsaw. Roosvelt and Churchill were the men who got first hand news from Karski. Interview is better than some books about Holocaust. Genuine lesson for all of us.


    The interview is 1 hour long but assure you it’s wort watching it from the first till the last second.



    Jan Karski interview



  5. philvisreturns on

    gordybhoy64 – I had my fun, and that’s all that matters. (thumbsup)




    Vmhan – I have a nose for podia. (thumbsup)

  6. Daryl Murphy is as poor a striker i’ve seen in the 45 years i’ve supported Celtic.


    The only blow caused by Daryl’s injury, other than for the player himself, is we won’t be able to move him on in a permanent deal this month. A loan deal to the championship is still likely when he’s fit. Even if fit he shouldn’t be considered for first team action, i would rather see Tony Watt or another youngster given a chance.

  7. Some halfwits even tried to claim John Collins was better than Paul McStay!



    You often hear people saying “do you remember that goal?” but how many times have you ever been asked “Do you remember that pass?”



    I’ve been asked it many times, but its always in reference to the same pass!

  8. Paul67 CL football and Murphy shouldn’t be on the same page IMO






    Lenny will no doubt give him an opportunity along with the other fringe players (hopefully the young team) in the season ahead, I don’t think he’s Celtic class but will be happy to be proved wrong.




  9. Irish War of Independence



    Witness Statement of Eiless Aughney, 1 Statement, 6 pages



    Date of Statement: 29th Dec 1954



    Member of Executive of Cumman na mBann 1920



    Secretary of same organisation.



    Member of G.M.Q. Intelligence Section.



    Subject: Organisation and work of Cumman na mBann 1919 – 1923






    Witness Statement of Ft Augustine. 1 Statement,  22 pages



    Date of statement: not dated



    Friend of I.V. Leaders 1916



    Subject: Ft Augustines incomplete account of Easter Rising 1916.





  10. philvisreturns on

    Zbyszek – You suggested the UK and USA are/were guilty of what the Germans did in WW2.



    That’s not how guilt works. (thumbsup)

  11. Noticed The Rag spout world record 4th tier attendance for SEVCO. How funny is that. Highlighting to the world that they are a 4th tier league team. By highlighting this fantastic achievement they are highlighting their cheating & stealing.



    Hilarious. Just think too that if they attend Hampden park for Queens game they could help Queens beat their own wonderful achievement.







  12. Paul67,


    initial problems with the windows phone set up are now sorted,


    new set up excellent

  13. philvisreturns 12:33



    I think you did not understand my post.


    I did not say (suggested) the UK and USA are/were guilty of what the Germans did in WW2.


    I posted the link to the interview and asked to watch it first.


    There was also my note about Warsaw ghetto, not WW2 as a whole.


    Great Britain, USA, France got first hand news about what was happening in the ghetto. Karski met Roosvelt and Churchill personaly. I think that stood clear in my post.

  14. stephenpollock on

    I would have liked to have seen us being a bit braver and signed Rhodes. How much would an away goal from him be worth or indeed the lift of intent prior to this big match.



    Had the gamble failed and we don’t get through we would have been forced to sell a big player but still left with Rhodes – assuming he would come- which we have no reason to feel negative about.



    As it is we have gambled nothing this closed season and i hope the old saying ,’ if you don’t by a ticket you won’t win the raffle’ doesn’t come back to haunt us.



    My fear is our predictability for this game.

  15. philvisreturns on

    Neil Lennon is (and always will be) a Celtforlife (*O*) – Well, I’m not sure what you’re getting at re: Pearl Harbor, but countries don’t commit crimes, people do.



    As your final sentence suggests, most people alive today aren’t guilty of anything that happened in WW2. For guilt isn’t inherited.



    Even the Germans, who are most certainly guilty of encouraging David Hasselhoff’s music career and Awe_Naw, can’t be blamed for things that happened long before they were born. (thumbsup)

  16. For me Daryl Murphy offers little or nothing to Celtic and I am fairly sure that he will be picking up a healthy wage. Although I must admit he scored a great goal against Dundee United back in 2011 but even a broken clock is right twice a day.


    He is lumbering, clumsy striker in the Chris Killen mould with no anticipation, movement or eye for goal and doesn’t link up play well. Also for a big guy he doesn’t seem particularly good in the air but it is hard to judge because he never seems to be where the ball is. His goal scoring record is abysmal and it has been propped up to abysmal with penalties, 27 club goals since 2005 tells it’s own story. I for one hope to never see him in a Celtic jersey again and will be delighted if we can move him on be it a loan deal or free transfer just to get him off the wage bill.

  17. On a right downer, it is all very well Celtic having won the European Cup but how can we ever look a hun in the eye again, now that they will set the record for the attendance at a 4th Tier match.



    Really hurting today… :(

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