Chase is on from St Johnstone, data driven policy


Admit it, you smiled when you heard “St Johnstone are now the second most successful Scottish football club over the last decade” on the news last night.  The most trophy-laden period any single club has enjoyed in Scottish football history is over.  It saw Celtic win their fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh domestic treble.

Due to the peculiarities of 2020, we knew the run would end when Ross County eliminated us from the 2020-21 League Cup competition St Johnstone won yesterday, three weeks before facing Hearts in the 2019-20 Scottish Cup Final and winning our 12th successive Scottish trophy.  If you live for another 100 years, you are very unlikely to enjoy (or endure) watching any club match this record.

We deserved every one of those 12 trophies, just as we deserved to drop out of the League Cup and League challenge early this season, the latter could officially be over within six days.  The Scottish Cup is our only hope of silverware this season, although there is every chance the latter stages may be postponed until after the summer.

John Kennedy’s win in his first game in charge together with Motherwell’s win at Easter Road killed off any chance in-form Hibs had of catching Celtic in second place.

“Policy is being driven by the data”, a recurring theme you are being told by politicians and public health officials.  Hmmmm.  We are now in a situation when politicians, backed up by our National Clinical Director, tell this disease was eliminated in Scotland in the summer.  To back his political sponsor, Professor Jason Leitch claimed there was no deaths for an entire month (there were 24, a remarkably low figure considering where we were before and have been after).

At that time (different from now), Celtic ran consultations with fans about safely returning to stadiums.  The club invested in temperature scanning equipment and distances processes to no avail.  It seems the data was not driving policy.  It remains to be seen what data drove the crackdown on Celtic that saw 13 players side-lined in January.

St Mary’s in Calton, the church where Celtic were born, are taking the Government to court on the very issue (you can support their case here).  Like Celtic in the summer, churches are curious about the data informing the decision to close churches in Scotland while they remain open in England and Wales.

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  1. PHILCOOL on 28TH FEBRUARY 2021 9:05 PM


    Marspapa,if you look at the Dave Clarke 5 clip again you,ll see Dave Turnbull with a backup vocals cameo
















  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on



    Where’s this Lambert nonsense coming from?…him ruling himself out of the job, before he’s never going to be asked…jeez






    TLT – I laughed out loud reading this one.






    Reminded me of Jim Hacker when the PM job came up.



    “I don’t have any ambitions of that kind”

  3. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    You can see right through the Scottish Govt. who have only been too eager to shaft us this season. Also, I am told that to know Leitch is to hate him – an ego the size of Canada and a tendency to brag about his CV when meeting colleagues for the first time.



    I only wish you would exercise your critical faculties in relation to our own leadership. It’s their diabolical performance that rendered us vulnerable to this unfair treatment.

  4. Today I am working from home obviously.



    I have the window in the room opened just a wee bit.



    It is the first day of spring, I know this because my retiree neighbours are out cutting the feekin grass.




  5. TheLurkinTim on

    HamiltonTim @ 1.22



    Thanks fot that C, it’ll never not be a sober and poignant read







  6. TEERYMAC is right about the amount of links without an idea of what they’re about, but, I immediately click any link ST STIVS puts up, right away, very rarely anything but quality, thanks, por cierto

  7. P67 — data is the lowest form of human understanding / engagement with their environment.


    Much loved by second rate property bean counters and monkey managers everywhere.

  8. Great to see the penny dropping with other posters regards Martin O’Neil’s side , the size , toughness and power that was in that team the 10 would have been ours . No one bullied that side ,looks like role reversal with the big boot merchants the other mob have . I would take Martin O’Neil for a transfer window to toughen that wee team of ours up .

  9. MON



    beyond the backline, Thommo and Lenny were hard as nails, dont forget Jackie Mac, Sutty , Hartson and Henke had an inner steel. Even Lubo had some of it.



    Who am i missing ?



    Only those feckin cheats at Porto bet us.

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Used to love watching Celtic TV, when it was part of the Setanta package,specially the MON years

  11. I hope when we lose some of our players a proper fee is got for them . Strange way PL worked lost a few good players by penny pinching , But when selling he seems easy to deal with , the fees received for dembele , big Virgil , and KT were way to low . We have a few wanting away and a big re structure needed ,big money should be sought for eddy. Ajer , Christie and and er .

  12. POR CIERTO at 2.58





    If all posters with links prefaced them like SAINT STIVS we would know whether we would like to click on that link or scroll on by.


    Hail! Hail!



  13. TheLurkinTim on

    Terrymac/por cierto…



    Sounds to me like yeez are looking to add rules ’cause u wasted a couple of seconds :-))



    por cierto




  14. How about we have nominated posters only posting links. ?


    We could award them a gold star or merit badge. 👍😀


    That would prevent any wasted time.

  15. Have we ( Celtic ) definitely pre signed Shaw from SW, looking at a link to their site even the Wednesday guy says he ” thinks” shaw has signed for us ( Celtic ).






    Just for you two.



    The Lonely Woods Of Upton – Sean Dunphy




    I was asking nicely – not demanding.


    There is a difference!


    Hail! Hail!



  17. TheLurkinTim on

    Man…and there was me…prepared to write a spiel about Jock n ’67…and add a link to nowt lol




  18. TheLurkinTim on

    Marspapa…Shaw has signed a pre-contract….he’s ours next season…hopefully this is our new DOF & Managers’ 1st choice…;-))




  19. Jimtim………..Martin O’Neills team had a great physical presence and would run over the present team probably the reason they were not intimidated when they could take care of teams in Germany and the EPL. I know Celtic paid big money for lennon, Hartson and Sutty but I was surprised to hear Valgaren a Belgian international cost nearly 4 million a helluva lot of money back then for a defender. Perhaps it’s a lack of height that’s the cause of our worst record in the SPFL for the concession set piece goals especially from headers.

  20. Very interesting article in the Times yesterday about a young guy called Jack Lyons who was an analyst blogger and Brendan Rodgers brought to lennoxtown part time as an analyst.


    He is now working full time at Leicester.



    I wonder of he has been replaced

  21. Former Barca chairman, Josep Bartomeu and former CEO, Oscar Grau, Jaume Masferrer (ex-director) and club lawyer Roman Gomez, have all been arrested on various corruption charges, despite a Price Waterhouse audit supposedly clearing them.



    I imagine they will look on with envy as the Sevco guys get compensation for their wrongdoings.

  22. As far as Paul 67’s blog leader is concerned, the main data driving this Covid policy is polling data. i.e. it would look bad to the public if fitba was started up again, no matter how reliably it could have been run. We were a victim to our perception as being a Ned’s sport in snobby Embra circles.



    Looks like John Swinney is now being targetted as the soft link to get him turning Queen’s evidence and place Nicola Sturgeon in contempt of the Scottish Parliament for having lied so blatantly on the Salmond affair.



    I do not gloat over this. It is a sad way and a fairly low-key issue for which to bring down a senior politician. However, one of the skills we demand from politicians is the ability to dissemble the truth without resorting to bare-faced lying and, surprisingly, she has failed this test this time.

  23. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    THELURKINTIM on 1ST MARCH 2021 1:00 PM



    I know how many is in a million/billion etc…but how many is a brazilian? ;-))






    Thats an old joke from when America invaded Iraq,



    George Bush was getting hard time in the press for his inept handling of the invasion



    Collateral damage was happening left right and centre,



    Shock and Awe was in full swing



    during a George Bush press call one of his generals bursts into the room



    Mr President we have just killed a Brazilian in Iraq



    Good Lord exclaims George



    then whispers to an aid



    …how many is in a Brazilian?

  24. HANKRAY on 1ST MARCH 2021 5:18 PM




    First thank you for the reply a novelty right enough . Without a doubt the lack of height in our defence is the reason we get bombarded with high balls leading to goals lost . Take just recently v st Johnstone and Ross county , two carbon copy goals a huge guy heading in at the back post where our wee Bhoys are . But we are also soft as putty in the midfield too , no steel there and hasn’t been for a long time , unfortunately brown is getting slapped about more often from guys who wouldn’t have went near him a few years ago . I suppose it’s debatable but after the lions imho O’Neil’s team was our best .

  25. Setting Free the Bears………..heard on radio sports last week that Barcelona were over a BILLION in debt on short term loans and on the verge of collapse Astonishing.

  26. TheLurkinTim on

    SFTB….if I may…



    Sturgeon tried to bury Salmond…



    We’ll all pay the price




  27. Celtic are missing a trick here.



    Brendan is a CQN lurker , as are his family members.



    He is from good Celtic stock .




  28. onenightinlisbon on

    Lambert should stick to talking up the “Old Firm” and the fact that Rangers were treated so badly back in 2012.



    He was great player but like a good few others liked to kiss the badge then stick in the knife when the hun media came calling.



    He should be nowhere near Celtic park….

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