Ciftci, Stein, and the Audit


I’m pleased to read Ronny Deila ask for patience with Nadir Ciftci, the player needs a bit of support right now. Had Nadir knocked a goal or two in against our Icelandic opponents, Stjarnan, he would have been in a different zone at the moment, but he missed a few chances – not uncommon among players newly arrived at a club, and has since found opportunities limited by a domestic suspension.

Dundee United started training after Celtic, so Nadir was behind the curve during those games against Stjarnan. Without a full 90 minutes in a month, he will still have ground to make up when we resume after the international break, but he’ll hopefully feel the benefit of the work he’s put in on the training field in recent weeks.

Remember the Jock Stein Charity Match, which takes place at East End Park, Dunfermline on Sunday, kick-off 2pm. There’s a host of former players are playing, including Tom Boyd, Chris Sutton, Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink, Neil Lennon and Stiliyan Petrov, while several from the Hollywood set are also playing, including James McAvoy, Martin Compston and Gianni Capaldi.

Funds from the event go to the Celtic and Dunfermline Foundations. You can pay at the gate to mark the 30th anniversary of Jock’s passing. There’s going to be a lot of memories on that field.

Three years after football fans in Scotland became experts in insolvency law, we now have to become familiar with Serious Organised Crime (I had to look up what it was today). The Scottish Government suggest it involves “drugs, human trafficking and fraud”.

Fraud is one of the small number of crimes where a life imprisonment sentence can be imposed on someone convicted of the crime in Scotland (it carries a maximum of 10 years in England). Even if you were 100% innocent of all charges and the possibility of contamination from dubious characters, the sheer scale of the matters in hand would be an enormous worry.

My hunch is that conspiracies and criminal plans to subvert information are difficult to maintain under the weight of these charges.

I’ve been looking all morning but cannot find what I’m searching for. Does anyone know of an enterprise which operates in the shadow of a Serious Organised Crime investigation which has been able to raise money which didn’t come from the proceeds of Serious Organised Crime?

I’m sure the audit will be just fine.

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  1. When your clubs board members are seen in the company of someone on Interpol’s ‘most wanted’ list (Rivzi), you gotta be worried.



    It’s a good job the SFA didn’t see those photos or serious questions would have been asked about the funding streams of said club………..wouldn’t they??????

  2. BMCUWP,



    Just got your e-mail a few minutes ago. I was stuck in a meeting at very our own White House (Stormont) or let’s give it its Gaelic name Cnoc an Anfa.



    Thanks for all your help.



    Fingers Crossed CSC.



    Árd Macha

  3. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Human trafficking?



    Would the illegal use of EBT’s to recruit by means of fraud, football players who would not otherwise have joined the corrupt ones, not fall into that category?

  4. Alasdair MacLean on

    Wee twist here going on.



    The serious fraud committed did not involve the input of any money.



    The problems arise from no money going in surely?



    Whether from organised crime or otherwise.



    Unless Craigy stole the pound he gave Sir David.

  5. Ive nor seen it yet, but every time Cifti takes the field I want to see him sweat blood….he’s got to bust his balls and then some.



    Only then, will he have our backing. Whether he is smashing in goals or not. I want to see the guy try like a bear.



    Because I think he has good raw ingredients. He is strong, has good technical ability / skill. Knows how to win a free-kick, and take the pressure off the team.



    But work ur arse off Cifti…. That’s a fundamental.

  6. Just reading back on the last blog, gotta say its nice to see Colonel Walter Kurtz is still alive and living in Brisbane….Jeezo…

  7. I really think that once Ciftci is back in the team full time we will see the player who caused us problems regularly in opposition.If you look at some of his goals from Unt,he scores all types.Far too many writing the boy off without giving him a chance.


    Very upbeat at Tosh Mc Kinleys write up of Simunovic.Unlike some ,although I loved VVD,I think our problems were not up front,they were in defence,for whatever reason.We scored 3 goals against Malmo,enough to win many games,but shipped in 4.3 from corners,and one from a cross.2 against Killie,who seem like whipping boys this early is not great defending.Lets see how it goes without making assumptions.

  8. So far every time I have seen Cifti play in the hoops he has looked like a Dundee Utd player.



    I also despise diving – irrespective of who does it.



    And he does it – a helluva lot.

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I wonder if any potential future convictions will be described as “favourable settlements”…….?

  10. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    I did indeed, I even posted on the other article after Paul put up the new post, if you are using an iPhone just click on Paul when he posts and it takes you to the article without the usual faffin about

  11. Anyone have an inkling of what the outcome for Sevco could be if the accused are found guilty.They then would have conspired to buy the assets illegally,with all that that entails.To me it all seems a bit mind boggling when you try and work out the consequences.Not for them,for Sevco.

  12. Good read. I am looking forward to seeing what Ciftci can do with more fitness and playing time.



    Meanwhile, if anyone is interested(!), here is my latest. It’s all about a shocker of a report on the Sevco situation by the BBC…






    And – as it is still current – here is the previous blog all about the notion that a ‘club’ can do no wrong…






    Have a great afternoon!

  13. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Is it possible, in light of recent events, that the mooted tactic of, “never interrupt your Enemy”, has been validated?



    From early on in the hun fiasco, it has been suggested that skullduggery was afoot.



    Surely it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that not only were Celtic aware of possible criminal activity, but also everyone else involved in the game.



    There is no way on God’s Earth that DD did not know what they were up to. He has a history of playing a long game in righting any perceived wrongs visited upon him.



    Could there have been a call from the relevant law bodies to stay off the RFC et al case, pending criminal investigation?

  14. lennon's passion on

    Cifti who knows if he will come good. Who would have had Rogic or Bitton still at paradise if they were in charge. Don’t like the buy young to sell later but I understand why we do it. This team are going to need our support to develop. Must be the youngest back 4 we’ve ever had. Aberdeen bring it on. The away support will be vocal as ever. COYBIG

  15. The wheels of justice grind slowly


    I think the process could be that the criminal case will take some time, then there is the appeal process and only after a guilty verdict would any civil case be started to recover monies for the original creditors including the face painter.


    The consequences for the team currently playing out of the big hoose will become apparent far quicker when they run out of money

  16. West End of East End on

    From what I’ve seen of Cifcti in a Celtic strip, the guy is trying to hard. After the first couple of goals are banged in hopefully he starts to relax and play his part in the team…Agree about the diving, hate seeing any Celts doing that…

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Ciftci needs games. He is an intelligent player. He will come good.


    The League Cup will be starting soon. Will give an opportunity to Allan and some other fringe players.


    Good to hear about Rogic doing well for Oz, BGX.

  18. I think it could be the second half of the season before we see Cifti up to speed. I must admit I was and am in the camp where I didnae really see the point in signing him but I’m more than willing to be proved wrong and he has my full support until I decide he doesn’t.



    Which, could be any given defeat or just when I am having a bad day.



    Also, I reserve the right to change my mind about him on a daily basis.

  19. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I hope Cifti improves and does not become another failed striker at Parkhead up to now he has not impressed he looks heavy and lumbering and does appear to be a player you could call a striker.However,Ronny is confident that he will come good and like Cifti I believe Ronny himself is under scrutinity and the next 12 months will be a big 12 months for both the player and the manager.H.H.

  20. glendalystonsils on

    I agree that Ciftci has been trying too hard. He has been over anxious to get that first goal.


    Hopefully when he does, the floodgates will open.

  21. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on





    Hahahahahahaha …. BRILLIANT….OOPS …. brilliant

  22. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on




    It wasn’t certain that Simunovic had registered in time to be eligible to play, but his inclusion in Celtic’s Europa League squad has put that issue to bed.



    According to UEFA.com the Serbian is included in the squad for the start of the Europa league campaign, which gets underway on September 17th against Ajax in the Amsterdam Arena.



    While it’s a relief that the 21-year-old made the squad, the omission of one player might be a bit harsh even at the tender age of 18.



    Celtic academy player Kieran Tierney has failed to make the cut for Celtic’s Europa league squad for the group stages.



    The latest signings Tyler Blackett and Scott Allan along with Jozo Simunovic have all been included in Celtic’s 23-man squad.



    Two players that were linked with moves away from Celtic on deadline day, striker Anthony Stokes and winger Derk Boerrigter are also included.



    So Derk Who makes the 23 man Europa squad ???

  23. Captain Beefheart on

    Cifci. Dreadful signing for CL preparations but he can progress now.


    His diving and biting show a passion for winning. Give him some games. If he is crap, Stokesy must be second choice for striker. Fair play to Anthony, he keeps hanging on at Celtic Park.



    Nuclear explosion in Glasgow. Stokester will be the sole survivor and end up at Lennoxtown.

  24. Expect Jozo to sign for Aberdeen in the next transfer window. Don’t expect any loyalty from a player who moves to his biggest rivals. After all, he has just gone from being Croatian to Serbian.

  25. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The Clumpany,



    That BBC “report” is extraordinary, on any level.



    The only possible justification for it must be that the illegitimate offspring of Mr. Struth must have been behind the camera filming her.



    I’ve heard about caution in not prejudicing an ongoing case, but, in this case, she must have been talking about another entity altogether.




    “It boils down to we do not sign players of a tried and tested CL quality because those players like that cost £10m and get paid more than we can offer. If that were not so we would keep those players that left with those fees for wages we could not match. – See more at”



    This is where we have a complete disconnect.



    Nobody is expecting us to buy CL quality talent at the top of their game, everyone know these players are well beyond our reach. However you’re not going to convince me that there are no players out there than we can afford. Experienced pros who would bring more quality & better smarts at a higher level?



    For goodness sake Malmo had one such player upfront.



    You’re not telling me Rosenberg cost Malmo a fortune are you?



    There are many experienced players who no longer play at the highest level who would love to pull on the hoops. I gave one earlier in Esteban Cambiasso.



    Another example of an experienced player is one we forced out the door….



    While Sammy had many detractors there is no doubt whatsoever that he would have given us a much better opportunity of getting past Maribor last season & perhaps Malmo this. Not offering him a decent contract was a very costly mistake & not replacing him equally so..

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