Cluj rest entire team ahead of Glasgow game, our new defenders


At Saturday’s, league game at home to strugglers, Hermanstadt, Cluj manager Dan Petrescu rested every single player who started against Celtic last week.  Whatever modest noises he makes in the media before tomorrow’s game, Cluj are prepared to throw everything into beating Celtic.

They will arrive in Glasgow today planning to hit Celtic on the break, as they did in Romania on Wednesday.  By contrast, Celtic have three days to recover from their comfortable win at Fir Park.

Neil Lennon called it right being critical of how Celtic opened against Motherwell on Saturday.  At times, our passing and long-ball game were reminder of the early 90s.  Fortunately, there was an ocean of talent to put things right.

Defensively there remains a lot of work to do.  Straight from kick off, Motherwell sent a high ball towards Boli Bolingoli, almost certainly trying to put the new full back under pressure.  Boli is no Kieran Tierney, but you and I have been here through discouraging early performances from Moussa Dembele and Virgil van Dijk, so we know to give the lad time, right?

The same goes for Christian Jullien.  Since leaving Toulouse in May, the big centre half had played 106 minutes football before Motherwell.  He was caught underneath the corner Motherwell scored their 91st minute consolation from – not a good look for a towering defender.

By that stage, fatigue would have been his biggest opponent.  Earlier in the game, he looked composed, including when he made a decision to pass across the face of goal to Scott Bain.  Both players will improve as they get up to speed.


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  1. traditionalist88 on

    TIMALOY29 on 12TH AUGUST 2019 2:00 PM



    Yeah nice assist, one of my pet hates is wingers taking the default option of firing the ball across even when there is no team mate in the vicinity with a hope of tapping it home. They often dont even look for a cut back so fair play to him.



    Defensively lets hope he can improve as weeks go on.




  2. TIMALOY29 on 12TH AUGUST 2019 2:02 PM


    The guys a Scottish internationalist so is worth a punt. No , no more projects , he’s smaller than young dembele .



    Do you think there will be much of a difference in quality between the top end of Bundesliga 2 and the SPFL? yes

  3. Like the sadcase I am, I’ve been looking at the free agents on Transfermarkt. The one player who stands out is Nemanja Radoja.



    Guy is 26 and has established himself in a good Celta Vigo side. He ended up going as a free agent to secure a move to the EPL which unfortunately never materialized. I’d bet that he’d end up somewhere in Spain but wouldn’t be bad to reach out to him. Especially since he’s signed up to the same agent as Bitton, Sinclair etc.



    Also available: Lewis Holtby, Danny Williams (USA international), David Meyler



    There are lots of options in central midfield but less a right back. Adam Matthews is still out there but the stand out choice is Giulio Donati.

  4. RON67 on 12TH AUGUST 2019 2:09 PM



    No , no more projects , he’s smaller than young dembele .






    Guys an internationalist who’s played over 100 games in our domestic league. In what world is that a project? He’s also 5 or 6 inches taller than Dembele.



    FC Nuremberg will have a bigger budget than any team in Scotland. I’d say the second tier of Germany is better than the Scottish league outside of Celtic.

  5. Ref Boli



    For me one of the most heartening things, amongst many, on Saturday was the way many in our midst really got behind Boli with every positive contribution the guy made. This started early on in the game and I am sure it encouraged the lad to grow into his game positively at a tough venue.



    Contrasting this with the media clowns rabid fevered attempts to destroy the boy before he has even started his career with Celtic is interesting and encouraging.



    The pond life who take perverse joy in saying ‘I told you he was a dud’, disgust me. That nasally challenged old ‘shock jock’ on radio and his sidekick’s slaughtering a guy they haven’t even seen live on more than one occasion is confirmation bias and cheap shoddy journalism ….. if I am being polite.



    I doubt the home support will do as the away fans did on Saturday but I really hope they do this next few games. Then we will see if we have a kid with potential, or not. The hardest thing for the boy is of course that he is not KT. Thats a big enough cross to bare without 50,000 so called Celtic fans abusing him.



    Tomorrow night will be tough and a huge challenge for our team with a big prize. Looking for an escape goat won’t help us. 100% alignment between fans and team these next 2 european games, like Saturday, and we can be in that draw as 3rd seed a couple of days prior to visiting Greyskull.

  6. traditionalist88 on

    If we are looking for an option up front I’m surprised Stuani is still at relegated Girona…




  7. Silver City 1888 on

    I thought a M’well player boosted himself up on Jullien’s shoulders at their second. Sometimes that can be just enough to put you off your own jump. He did seem to be hoping for a foul to be awarded. It might be better if someone pointed out to him not to count on that in Scotland and to keep fighting.

  8. Go tell the Spartim on

    I see Taylor’s agent is on again ;-)



    Its a No from me, the boy Bates from Sevco went to the second tier in Germany and look how that worked out, i suspect theyre of similar ability.

  9. TIMALOY29 on 12TH AUGUST 2019 2:02 PM



    The guys a Scottish internationalist so is worth a punt.



    so McKenna is worth a punt as well?

  10. Surely having an opinion on new players is literally what having a football forum is all about

  11. RON67 on 12TH AUGUST 2019 2:44 PM



    so McKenna is worth a punt as well?






    Would depend on the price of course. £900k plus addons for Taylor is being quoted and that seems reasonable. The price quoted for McKenna varies from 6 million pounds up to 10. Depending on where it’s reported. So no, I wouldn’t want to sign McKenna or Taylor for crazy money.



    There is definitely more upside with Taylor who is only 21 years old rather than signing Stephen O’Donnell for example.



    Signing the best young players from your domestic market isn’t a terrible strategy. For low fees we could have had Robert Snodgrass, Ross McCormack, James McCarthy, Andy Robertson, Callum Paterson etc.



    All decent players who at their prime would have been great.

  12. The two Celtics.



    Neil Lennon has started his Celtic as well as could be expected given the diabolically poor way in which he was pre judged, and received after Brendan Rodgers jumped ship. Celtic are playing the Neil Lennon way, and the subtle changes, he has made, have given us our best start in domestic and European football for many years.



    Every player is playing for Neil Lennon now, and his rotation of players despite the usual injuries has been first class, as evidenced at Fir Park.



    The jury on the other Celtic, remains firmly out, until September first, when Celtic supporters will see if the board of directors have put much of the departed Kieran Tierney’s value back into the playing squad.



    Makeshift back four although so far successful, no fit enough right back or cover at the club into season two of the chase, and with the family jewels price having been met, the board a have a duty to reinvest in the side.



    Apparently takes a bit of vision on how to spend our money, whether we have it, only time will judge, no more jam in January, promises.



    One Neil Lennon csc

  13. the boy taylor may be a footballer in his own right and level but not and never will be a Celtic left back too small and slight.

  14. HeknowsWHOknows on

    Has Walker been on any media outlet slati g Boli Boli today?



    I posted it on Saturday however the level of Dow right verbal abuse thrown at him was disgraceful. Walker should hang his head in shame.

  15. It depends on the type of fullback you are after. Jordi Alba is shorter than Taylor.



    He’d have to make up for it with pace and technique.

  16. Julien topped the French league last year for headed clearances.


    Just saying to combat the “CH,gets beat in the air”shock.


    Those who were there at the time will remember,PaulElliott was a bombscare for his 1st season.Wrote at the time”This has been a shock to the system playing this season.This team attacks so much,every time I look up,I feel I am left on my own to defend.All I can see is players bombing forward,then opposition bombing back down towards me.”As I said,takes time for a lot of players to settle.

  17. Pal was at St Mirren v Sheep yesterday, confirmed my thoughts that McKenna is a donkey, ran ragged all game.

  18. TIMALOY29 on 12TH AUGUST 2019 3:17 PM


    It depends on the type of fullback you are after



    correct got it in one ,a fullback who can defend first and assist on the wing second when required.

  19. traditionalist88 on

    TIMALOY29 on 12TH AUGUST 2019 3:17 PM


    It depends on the type of fullback you are after. Jordi Alba is shorter than Taylor.



    He’d have to make up for it with pace and technique.





    Reading between the lines I think what people are saying is the lack of height is not compensated for by other attributes ie. the boy is not the new Roberto Carlos ;)



    Not seen enough of the player myself to form a strong opinion either way but can’t say he excites.




  20. BHOYLO83,



    Only if you have watched them and have a knowledge of the player.For some that is not a pre-requisite.If he does not cost big money,he is a dud.Have to laugh at some scoffing at Nurnberg.More of a crowd than many Championship teams,and more than the rest of the SPFL,with the obvious exceptions,put together.

  21. Adi Daser 3.25pm



    “FlashScores” website state Cullio not available … it’s usually spot on regarding injuries & suspensions

  22. I thought in the first leg in Romanian, we looked more dangerous the longer the game went on.



    From 75mins and beyond, they were struggling to match our energy levels.



    So for tomorrow night, we need to put them under sustained pressure. Lots of energy, play at a fast pace. Ultimately I don’t think they’ll be able to live with it.



    There will always be a threat on the counter. But lets pummel them in to submission.

  23. Watched Sportscene.



    And Hamilton’s first goal versus Killie, is where I would have concerns with Greg Taylor.



    Bullied. Lost the ariel dual.

  24. Turkeybhoy



    I would take Taylor and maybe even McKenna



    I think with good coaching, a better fitness regime and surrounded by better players they could prosper

  25. Celtic By Numbers



    You mention ‘second balls’ i thought on Saturday we were second to most second balls and that’s why we struggled to get a grip on the game early on



    We cant let that happen tomorrow night

  26. Timaloy29





    He showed up well against us.


    Good attributes. Plenty of energy, gets forward. Links up well, and gets involved with goals and assists.

  27. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    TIMALOY29 on 12TH AUGUST 2019 4:19 PM


    Reports in Norway linking Celtic with Meling






    Would be good – looks a cracking wee player. However, reports seem to be based on comments of Jesper Mathisen (now TV commentator).



    Not sure how he would know who Celtic are looking at, so might just be picking something out of thin air.



    Been hoping for a couple of years that Celtic would look at Meling.






  28. Go tell the Spartim on

    If we had to take one of them, it would be taylor because he cant be any worse than McKenna, i have literally seen absolutely nothing in him that would merit a six figure bid never mind a multi million pound bid.



    Though the german link to taylor is merely rumour and nothing more, id want to see quotes from them on any confirmed interest



    CQNBurdenofProof CSC

  29. If our ‘protracted’, ‘wait until England closes’, ‘seeing of we qualify for champions league’ turns out to be McKenna and Taylor, it will prove that the biggest gap in our armoury is scouting.



    Lazy, lazy run down the wage strategy a la Strachan…..



    I would genuinely weep.

  30. spikeysauldman on

    Burnley78 – you really need to have a look at yourself – gettin behind the players and giving them a chance is not on !!!!!

  31. BIG WAVY on 12TH AUGUST 2019 4:33 PM


    If our ‘protracted’, ‘wait until England closes’, ‘seeing of we qualify for champions league’ turns out to be McKenna and Taylor, it will prove that the biggest gap in our armoury is scouting.



    Lazy, lazy run down the wage strategy a la Strachan…..



    I would genuinely weep.






    Genuine question, do you think Celtic shouldn’t sign players from the SPFL? Or is this particularly aimed towards Taylor.

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