Debuts aplenty but expectations tempered


The return of cherished players from injury is often anticlimactic as match sharpness takes time to achieve.  Not so with Reo Hatate on Saturday.  Apart from brief cameos against Ross County and Aberdeen, Reo had not seen competitive action since last season’s Scottish Cup Final.

We have to temper expectations for tomorrow in Rotterdam, our midfield fulcrum will not be fit for 90 minutes, but he surely showed Brendan Rodgers enough of what he was missing to play an important role for Celtic.  Without him, we look like a tribute act.

There was palpable concern at halftime against Dundee that we were watching a rerun of our previous home game, a no-scoring stalemate against St Johnstone.  Celtic were blunt and an ineffective Dundee managed to create the best chance of the opening period.  Taking an early lead allowed Brendan space to give debuts to Luis Palma and Paulo Bernardo.  Neither had enough time to shake the rafters of Celtic Park, but it was great to see the squad grow after so many injuries.

The first debutant of the day was Nat Phillips, who partnered Liam Scales for the first half, before being replaced by Gustaf Lagerbielke at the break.  It was Nat’s first topflight appearance of 2023.  Despite being the oldest of our fit central defenders, it would be asking a lot to throw him into the Champions League so soon.

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  1. What’s wrong with 5-4-1 and hitting on the break?



    No too different to how we looked at Ibrox, when it was needed.

  2. Is the new escape goat Season Ticket holders who cannot attend every game.



    Brentford are a great wee club and offering tickets in the South of England for £24 is excellent . Freezing ST prices is also excellent.


    However Celtic cannot be compared with Brentford. I would wager most Bees fans stay locally and they have a small capacity. ( Just over 17,000 ). Brentford will not have large amounts of ST holders travelling from all over the UK and Ireland.



    I do not know what other clubs did with Season Tickets during the Covid years. But I know what the overwhelming amount of Celtic ST holders did.



    We kept faith with the club . We demonstrated our commitment and passion for the club.



    The club needed us and we responded.


    Do not demonise fans for missing the odd game.




  3. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    Maybe Celtic’s intransigence is driven by existing contracts for web sites, ticketing etc. – who knows?


    But I would imagine that a club of our size could actually make reasonable money from a well run membership and exchange scheme.


    Ironically, maybe there are just too many season ticket holders? – might be more useful to have a few thousand seats available every home game (in addition to re-sales) to make membership really attractive. Maybe that’s where your “floating away allocation” idea might come into it’s own.

  4. If all 3 centre backs are fit, I would play them .


    With Johnston and Maeada as wing backs.


    A midfield of Holm, Mcgregor, Hatate and O’Riley.


    Kyogo up front

  5. glendalystonsils on

    SAINT STIVS on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2023 4:36 PM


    If the cost of “European Success” is 2nd place in the domestic league, then it is not worth it.




    Of course not , the loss of (even greater ) revenue would make European success even less likely . Especially as Sevco are the only ones who would pick up that money if we don’t .


    There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to pursue both though . The huns are as likely to be involved in Europe as long as we will ,so the demands of combining domestic and European football will tax (no pun intended) their poorer squad more than it will us .

  6. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    Your comments about Brentford in comparison to Celtic are undoubtedly true when it comes to size and scale.



    But it’s not really a question of demonising the support for missing games. If the club provided you with an easy to use platform that allowed you to recoup some of your ST money – and also let a fellow supporter see an occasional game – why wouldn’t you use it?



    I used to take my son up to Glasgow a couple of times a season to see Celtic – these days, that is just about impossible unless I am prepared to spend a small fortune on dodgy ticket websites.

  7. We need to match up pace with pace I’m sure the analytics guys have highlighted the attacking strengths of the opposition and conversely their weaknesses, that will be the determining factors in team selection and don’t be over run in midfield.

  8. GP,



    how often do you miss a game at celtic park having paid for a seat ? I assume you are a STH ?



    It is understandable that people could miss out now and again for an unforseen circumstance,



    however, everyone i discuss this with in real life can tell me a story of “the seat that is never sat on” near their own seat.



    why purchase a full season ticket and never turn up ?



    I am willing to bet that applying to old pareto 80% of the no shows are the same people every game.

  9. How does the wee Hertz hopeless at finances manage to have a ticket exchange programme ?








    15 September 2023


    Any season ticket holder that cannot attend can list their season ticket seat.


    If you’re listing your season ticket seat, please read “Selling a seat via Ticket Exchange” in full.


    When purchasing seats via Ticket Exchange, all seats are listed and charged as ‘Adults’ and will only become available when season ticket holders list their season seat.



    What is Ticket Exchange?



    Ticket Exchange is the Club’s official online resale platform which gives Season Ticket Holders the ability to sell their designated seat at face value for any Premiership home fixture they are unable to attend.



    If a Season Ticket holder sells their seat via Ticket Exchange they will receive 50% of the value as credit to their account. This credit can only be redeemed against next season’s Season Ticket. Please note that you will only receive credit if your seat is sold; if it is listed but remains unsold no credit will be added to your account. You will also have the option at the end of the season to waive or donate your credit, more details on this will be shared at renewal time. Any category of ticket can be listed, but all will be sold at Adult ticket prices on the Ticket Exchange Platform.



    As soon as a match sells out we will turn on the Ticket Exchange functionality and make Season Ticket Holders aware across official club channels. Once Ticket Exchange is activated seats will continually become available across the stadium on Ticket Exchange right up until matchday with Season Ticket Holders able to list their seat up until four hours before kick-off. Tickets purchased via Ticket Exchange are strictly non-transferable and non-refundable. If at the end of the season your account has more credit than the value of your season ticket renewal the surplus credit will be forfeited and is non-refundable. No cash alternative is available.




    Selling a seat via Ticket Exchange



    Season Ticket Holders can list their seat for resale on Ticket Exchange by following these steps;




    1. Login to your eTicketing account (by clicking here)


    2. Click ‘My Account’ which will be in the top right-hand corner of your screen


    3. Under ‘Ticketing’, choose ‘Manage Tickets’


    4. Select the fixture that you are unable to attend


    5. Select the seats you wish to list for resale from those available within your network


    6. Click ‘Sell Tickets’ – you’ll be notified by email if your ticket has been purchased




    If a buyer is found and a sale is made, your Season Card will be disabled for the game whilst the buyer will be issued a match ticket.




    Buying a seat via Ticket Exchange



    Supporters can buy seats listed for resale on Ticket Exchange by following the below steps.



    Please note – all seats listed on Ticket Exchange will have a red circle around them on our eTicketing stadium map.




    1. Login to your eTicketing account (by clicking here)


    2. Click on the fixture you would like to purchase a ticket for


    3. Blocks which have seats available to buy will be highlighted in blue


    4. Select an available seat (ones listed for resale will have a red circle around them) and add to your basket



    5. Ticket exchange tickets can only be bought online and are not available to purchase directly via the Ticket Office





    Supporters that purchase a ticket on Ticket Exchange will be sent a Print@Home ticket via email. A reminder that all tickets purchased via Ticket Exchange are strictly non-transferable and non-refundable.

  10. PCS



    are you in the front of the main stand ?



    Very noticeable to me that there are seldom any empties in there, but noticeable that there are in every other area.

  11. If a season book holder stumps up the cash for a seat…it’s entirely up to the holder if they wish to use that seat for any game that they have paid for…. I don’t see a problem with that….

  12. TICTASTIC on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2023 5:25 PM


    If a season book holder stumps up the cash for a seat…it’s entirely up to the holder if they wish to use that seat for any game that they have paid for…. I don’t see a problem with that….



    I do.



    They deny a real supporter attendance.



    If you want to be a virtual supporter and watch remotely give up the seat.



    Do people book airline seats and not take the flight ?

  13. SS…


    Again…if you book/pay for your seat….it’s entirely up to you if you take seat or not…

  14. Ictastic, do you have a Season book, do you attend every game ? or any even ?




    so if I owned the club, I would monitor personal attendance, and set a measure “use it or lose it”



    like united or brentford,



    being a fan without going to the football, what is the point ?



    it should not be left to personal choice on matchday if a person can be arsed to attend.



    has a wiff of “old firm” supporter about it.

  15. SS…I had a SB from 1999 to 2022.


    I work away from home so couldn’t always make games, if so I always liked to give SB to family/friend….and if no takers….then there were no takers…It is what it is…

  16. SS,



    I work away from home for 6 months of the year. When im away my ticket is used by friends and family.( Although Celtic do not endorse this )



    And yes, occasionally it’s not used..



    Everyone to their own, but ticket exchange would not suit me.




  17. GENE on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2023 5:46 PM


    Saint stivs





    Your last sentence is out of order – just because someone doesn’t agree ….






    do some people only tunr up for “the rangers game?”



    did many thousands of people only return to having season books when “the rangers came back”.



    are some “supporters” denying others a seat by not attending themselves ?



    old firmism,



    it is certainly not “supporting in person”.

  18. I think we’ll go with Kyogo as a lone striker up top tomorrow, with Daizen and Hatate supporting on the break. It’s going to be a counter attacking night watching from behind the sofa. Can’t see the wee man lasting 90 mins, so it will be interesting to see how Brendan changes things towards the end. Not sure this is a game that suits Oh’s style, but we’ll see. Great to be playing CL football with the big boys.

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