Declare the 9


I remember 1997 when another nine-in-a-row was about to be won.  We knew it was coming, we knew it would be difficult and we needed to get through the period.  I avoided all news coverage and football chat for over 24 hours that May, only to find out later that Motherwell’s Owen Coyle upset plans and the title had yet to be won.  I just wanted it over with, the delay was not helpful.

We are in the same situation now, there is not the remotest doubt the Premiership will be called and Celtic will be declared champions.  No one’s interest is served by further postponing the inevitable; it would only leave the SPFL in the spotlight longer than necessary.

Only box ticking exercises remain and today’s meeting between Premiership clubs and the SPFL should be the last.  Scottish football has more important things to worry about, it is in significant peril and needs to move energies on immediately.  Declare the 9.

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  1. Pog sorry for stealing your……Thunder.



    Lenny Thank You.



    Didier Agathe Incredible player.



    That pace was insane.



    Keeping Eddie Bhoy for the attempt at the 10 would be massive.



    Celtic like every other club is gonnae hurt because of sars2.



    I think we will survive and possibly thrive.



    You won’t vaccinate little ol petec🍻

  2. Good morning CQN from a dreich Garngad



    Hopefully today is the day we get our deserved 9th title IAR



    Come on the HOOPS 🍀



    Aff oot to work get in early and finish and get home and celebrate hopefully



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  3. celticforever on

    This title is going to be the best of the 9 because of all the


    hun attempts to stop us getting it

  4. if this situation was reversed and we were level on points with sevco but they were on top by goal difference of one they would be demanding that the league be ended and that they should be awarded the title.


    they would, of course, be supported in this by everyone in the media.

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Morning all.



    Celtic WILL be champions.



    As Metallica once sang ….



    “Nothing else matters”.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    BTW – I chuckled this morning reading the weekend chat about the new “kit deal”.



    It defies belief how dumb Sevco fans are.



    Genuinely, these two boys from Liverpool are approximately half a step ahead of your average contestant on Dragons Den.

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    Back to basics



    Correct one man and his dug operation, good comments over on SFM about it, looks like their ‘manufacturing’ outlet is in Portugal. They are a mail service provider but reading the DR, sales off the radar. All good fun reading it since the mugs believe it😵😂

  7. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Every day it’s a-gettin’ closer. Goin’ faster than a roller-coaster.


    9 like ours, will surely come our way.


    A-hey a-hey hey.





    What do we read first?



    Scotland’s pubs re-open! or


    Face-masks in team colours banned from Scotland’s pubs!

  8. Nine is a Magic Number, and this is going to be so, so sweet considering their pain……and if anyone questions the nine, Just Look Them Straight In The Eye and Say……POGUE MAHONE!!

  9. CELTICFOREVER on 18TH MAY 2020 8:46 AM



    It was obvious the fixtures were not going to be completed the minute the Ibrox game was cancelled and the realisation that lockdown had an indefinite quality to it. Also, as we have always known, there’s no pot of gold TV deal to sell your soul for, here, either.


    I thought then that I would be ambivalent about being declared champions, a bit deflated and that, while not devalued, it would be flat.


    Not a bit of it. The goings on of the last few weeks have led to us exercising a campaign of tactics and self control that are up there with 2007 league win. From the early slaying of Null and Void forcing the enemy into the open, exposing the self serving agenda of the various cousins and media and then holding our nerve, passive and in the background, as at the end others tried to grab a bit of power. One false move would have given an excuse to draw us into the favoured ‘one’s as bad as the other’ pish and the lot of them to have an excuse to resort to type.


    I will wholeheartedly and thoroughly celebrate the declaration of the crowning of the Champions.

  10. Happy Presentation Day


    At Lennoxtown


    HWG 10IAR HWG. 10IAR. 🍀


    HWG. 10IAR. HWG10IAR 🍀



    HAIL HAIL 💚🍀💚☘️💚🇮🇪💚🍀💚😎💚🇮🇪 ✋🤚 🥃🍺🥃🍺🥃🍺🥃🍺🥃🍺

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BTW – I know he is not everyone’s cup of tea on here but have not noticed Macjay1 posting recently.



    Anyone heard from him?

  12. All about us celebrating an historic achievement though I will admit to being curious as to how Sevco approach this.



    They could be dignified and congratulate us formally on their media platforms but that’s obviously not going to happen.



    They could say nothing which I think is the most likely response.



    Or they could issue a rant and basically act like toddlers which isn’t by any means beyond them.

  13. 21-5-79 🍀 on

    Well it’s 9 weeks ago today since my last alcoholic beverage, I intentionally put 9 buds in the fridge about 3 weeks ago, just waiting for Champions day, as soon as the news lands I’m going to tan those 9 bottles and savour every last drop, funnily enough I was 9 when we done the last 9, thank you Celtic…💚

  14. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    Bobby Lennox, said of the Stein effect: “The manager’s arrival was a big thing. He turned us into a good team and it just went from there.



    “No matter who we played against, there was nobody going into the last 20 minutes who was fitter than us. We had a lot of good players in the team but we were also very fit



    “His team-talks were great and so were his tactics. Without him we couldn’t have done it. He knew when to give you stick or pat you on the back. His man-management was brilliant. He was hard as nails, and he could bury you in a minute but he could also lift you in a minute.”



    HH jock Stein YNWA

  15. To be fair to sevco.


    They have made a much more competitive attempt to stop us winning the league off the field since Covid-19 than they have ever done on the field these past nine seasons……..

  16. This is the day this is the day


    When we’re one away when we’re one away.


    We will rejoice we will rejoice and get mad wae it and get mad wae it


    This is the day when we’re one away


    We will rejoice and pure celebrate


    This the day this the day when we’re one away !


    HWG 10IAR HWG 10INR 🍀🍀🍀

  17. 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺


    Nine green bottles chillin in the fridge


    Nine green bottles chillin in the fridge


    And if one green bottle


    By accident Gets downed


    They’ll be eight green bottles still chillin in the fridge 😜



    HWG 10IAR HWG 10IAR 🍀🍀

  18. Donegal Giants.


    These Times are Legendary.



    A quad treb is just Crazy Bandicoot.



    Ridiculous what Celtic have achieved.




  19. 21-5-79 🍀 on

    Whit’s the hold up? Auld vinegar tits Budge must be re-applying her Oil of Olay before she goes on camera.

  20. Sure it would be a laugh if they received any money upfront for their Kit deal that it went to pay off King’s £5m loan, just saying like, no proof whatsoever, just a thought por cierto.

  21. My next pub order to start with


    Nine bottles of Desperados plus another


    Nine bottles of Morretti


    One treble gin and tonic


    Another treble gin and tonic


    And another treble gin and tonic with aye you guessed it ANOTHER TREBLE GIN AND TONIC !






    🥃🥃🥃 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃




  22. 🍀Happy nine in a row Bhoys🍀




    Another first for our famous club 2 9iar.



    I have my father’s nine in a row tie from the first time we done the 9iar and I shall be putting it on and having a wee dram and saluting him in heaven above shortly as he was the man who 41year ago took me to Paradise and the love for my club flourished.


    I like you guys in this unique time look forward to the moment when we are declared 9iar for the second time untainted.



    Long Live the Glory Years 💚




  23. “We hope to make Rangers bigger than Man Unt.”Worldwide fanbase”.”We want a TOP club from Italy,France,Germany,England,on our books,to join Scotlands top club”


    Some gash from a couple of Scouse Scallys ,which is fine.You would expect it from a company starting from zero,with a fistful of debt.


    The fawning SMSM,is another thing entirely.The deal has now been hiked up to 25 million over 4 years.From a company that borrowed 7.5 million to start up.Ignored.The whole financial disaster that is Sevco,brushed aside for this brave new dawn.Signing Dykes and Ferguson,also thrown in as added sweetener.Oh,I forgot,Sevco CANCELLED their last deal with Hummell and Elite,and gone are the bad old days,when Ashley was paying 7 p per strip sold.No mention however,how much the Scallys will be paying.

  24. …☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️…