Dedryck strolls past England


Hot on the heels of a former Celtic player becoming the most expensive defender in transfer history, we watched Dedryck Boyata stroll through Belgium’s win against England last night.  I would be more animated on this subject if he was secured on a five year contract, but as he his current deal only has one year to go, such a high profile performance could reduce our options for the player.

How many of you thought we would be in this situation after the Ibrox game in March?  That day Brendan Rodgers said there was better to come from Dedryck.  He is still not the finished article, but he’s a key cog in a team who fancy their chances in Russia.

Stiliyan Petrov match worn Champions League shirt raffle

We have a very special raffle, which ends this afternoon! The shirt Stiliyan Petrov wore in Celtic’s 0-0 draw with Bayern Munich during our 2003 Champions League campaign is available. You can buy a ticket for £1 here on ebay.  Stan signed the shirt.

All proceeds go to the Stiliyan Petrov Foundation to aid research into leukaemia and cancer treatments.  Stiliyan’s recover from leukaemia shows us just how far treatments have come, but as our own CQN community knows too well, more progress is needed.  The draw will be made at Woodside Hotel, Aberdour, where the 14th annual CQN Open Golf Day is now underway.

Hope to see you later.

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  1. Unfortunately for Dedryck, if Kompany proves his fitness after last night’s run out, that could be his WC over. Hope not as he’s been excellent but Bobby Martinez will go with his tried and trusted three if fit.

  2. The wee guy left School and his team folded. Tough times.



    He Picked Belgium to Win it.



    I really hope £120 is going to him.



    Dedryck being Capitano. I’d need to up it Big Time. We done a double…… so lets say a Treble.



    Aidan gets £360 if Belgium win?



    Sounds good to me.

  3. 2 weeks without seeing my Son. It is gonnae be so hard.



    2 weeks is actually 3 weeks.



    The wee dude isnae a wee dude anymore.



    Watching him play fitba was the highlight of my week.



    The Celtic Season Tickets Together……. with a lot of Hardcore Uproar….. and Just wanting to be there When Celtic do something Special. Well………………………….

  4. Dinnae make me go Tonto…….. WTF happened to Tony Bhoy?



    Far aff lands negated in more ways than 1.



    Christ Died to Take away EVERY SIN.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    No parking restrictions at CP next season



    Glasgow City Council’s plan, which was due to take effect next season, would have prohibited any parking within a mile of the stadium on match days.



    Celtic released a lengthy statement voicing their opposition to the bid and urged fans to send their objections to council chiefs.








    But it now appears the plan has been delayed with no fresh restrictions being put in place in time for the new season.



    Celtic’s supporter liaison officer John Paul Taylor confirmed the news on social media.

  6. Imagine Lewis Morgan became Messiesque?




    Big hope.




    All the jibber jabber is good – Never seen the dude.




    LEWIS Elvis is my Mums favourite.




    Lets rock

  7. Now gets a railway station at the Forge,and another one at the 5 pounds car park,the underground line runs from Bridgeton Cross right up to the Tunnel behind the pub ,can’t remember it’s name but across from the Emirates,

  8. Timbhoy2 on 29th June 2018 1:30 pm



    Now gets a railway station at the Forge,and another one at the 5 pounds car park,the underground line runs from Bridgeton Cross right up to the Tunnel behind the pub ,can’t remember it’s name but across from the Emirates,








    Good thinking TB2.

  9. bada bing



    Excellent news! What I would like to see is Celtic take a temporary lease on the London Rd – Springfield Rd site and turn it in into a parking area. Even better if we could get EU/GCC funding to do it. Trebles all round!

  10. Opinions, opinions.



    Dedryck did OK but was well beaten by Vardy who played Rashford in on goal. Loftus-Cheek stepped around him too easily a few minutes later (in a dangerous position).

  11. I was always worrying about so much.



    The New Testament is a short read compared to the Olde Testament.



    I’m still worrying so much.



    I’m guessing that is Life.



    I don’t think the Brilliant Ryan C will make it @ Celtic.



    I want Scottish Players there kicking it Big Time.

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Celtic Mac- the proposed parking ban was/is a huge issue for many folk who go to CP, i hope the gazebo used for the Broonie game gets used every home game.HH

  13. Mahe the Madman on

    Good morning bhoys,


    If Boyata has one year left on his contract then he has been mismanaged. With 2 years to go open negotiations and if unsuccessful sell. Dont let walk away for free if at all possible.


    Some might argue its worth our while to let him run his time down and help us get into Champs league. If might well be financially but it does set a precedent that might not be for the best in the long run. Hes in the big shop window,,and should be asset managed.



    Neganon,,,Once again Ive decided not to watch the team again this coming season. I feel better for being away from the stench of Scottish football although I feel extremely sorry for anyone who lives in Scotland . How people on this blog stay in that rotten sectarian masonic dump is beyond me.


    And on yesterdays article I happen to agree with you. There seems to be a willingness to put the boot into MONs tenure in the lead articles,,we were told not long ago this current crop would beat them ( they might beat them NOW but thats it ) and that Martin lost money.


    Well my question would be was Martin told to balance the books and not to lose money ?


    THat is the crux of the issue. If he wasnt and was told to raise the clubs profile as they expected EPL entry then why denigrate him? I suspect the person running the show at Parkhead was not happy with the power Martin had and hopes to never have another under him with such influence.


    I personally long for that person to depart. And hopefully take his golf loving boss with him.



    As for is this it,,is it over and the game is up ? Its about time we all found out one way or the other so we can decide what to do with our weekends.


    “ We had our chance , those running Celtic betrayed us and most of you jollies along with it “


    Thats it right there in a nutshell. All we had to do was say youre a new club and you will get the same allocation as anyone else and charged the same. The old firm is offically dead.


    Broke my effing heart.


    Ah well Ive other things to do with my money and time. Not nice being clubless but im happy with what I see in the mirror.



    Hope you are well and hopefully today spells the end of the Messi myth also.

  14. weebobbycollins on

    Castlebhoy @ 10.10 …Boyata = £20m


    Gary67 @ 10.38………..Boyata = £8m


    BSR @ 11.15……………..Boyata = £12m


    Gary67 @ 12.10………..Boyata = £10m


    Cubist Funk @ 1.42…..Boyata = £ 5m + add ons


    Petec @ 24/7…………….Boyata not for sale….

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