Déjà vu for Celtic


It was déjà vu for Celtic as, one week on from the club’s end of season awards, at the PFA Scotland gala, Scott Sinclair won Player of the Year, Kieran Tierney won Young Player of the Year and Moussa Dembele won Goal of the Season, for the remarkable move away to St Johnstone. All three won the same awards at the club event last weekend.

The PFA also named Brendan Rodgers Manager of the Year, to complete a clean sweep for the champions. Sinclair is the 17th Celtic player to win the top award in the last 21 seasons, a Generation’s worth of Domination………

Brendan Rodgers will be delighted to have picked up three points on Saturday, while giving an outing to teenagers Anthony Ralston and Michael Johnston. Captain, Scott Brown, remains rested by SFA instruction ahead of Friday’s game at Pittodrie, which on paper is offers our greatest threat to invincibility.

I took the weekend off normal duties but read over the blog last night.  Many thanks for the kind wishes, they are enormously appreciated.  Feel like I’m among friends.


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    Is Judge Stacey feckin ” Moonlighting” ?



    Maybe she was one of the Huns that invaded the pitch in Maryhill, and got lifted ?




    BIGJIMMY 211



    When we finally meet up,I’ll tell you about my 16yo pal who’s 34 now. And a big lad.



    His Dad did similar to him,kicked a young lad out the house.



    To where,well,he didnae care. I took him in,despite people warning me of the fallout. I even let him “decorate” his bedroom.



    Cut a long story short,he said to me one night that he’d been brought up to hate Catholics. He knew who was to blame for it,and he wasn’t going to do the same to his kids.



    Fair play,he hasn’t. But WTF is wrong wi some people?



    Your child and grandchild matter eff all cos someone fell in love?

  3. ernie lynch on

    BIG JIMMY on 8TH MAY 2017 2:54 PM


    Junk food and Weans………Whatever happened to parents just tellin the weans…”NO” ?




    or is that to feckin straight forward ?






    Why does the junk food industry spend millions on TV advertising?





    Every party is electioneering at the moment.



    Labour come out with that-for whatever reason-and all the tories have to do is stay silent. Let the electorate be turned off potential opponents rather than turned on by amazing policy.



    It’s inexcusable. Since the election has been called,I have not seen ONE single policy or interview that makes me want to vote Labour.



    And I’ll be voting for them regardless!



    So what chance do they have of persuading anyone else wi the absolute ordure and embarrassmentthat they are dealing out just now?



    The manifesto isn’t out yet? Magic.



    Tell everyone that this time next year they’ll all be millionaires and I’ll bet most people would still ignore them.



    I don’t mind Labour being down,I’ve dealt with that most of my life. But we are becoming a laughing stock now.



    Is Kelvin McKenzie running the campaign,cos he couldnae f..k it up by design any more than these choobs are by rank stupidity.





    I saw my first-ever Celtic defeat in 71-72,my fifth season.



    Oh,I picked a belter. 4-1 fae Thistle.



    End of the season,the 6-1 game v Hibs. Glorious sunshine throughout,and a thunderstorm afterwards. Heaven for an 8yo.



    Bertie came on that day as a substitute for Hibs. My,what a cheer he got,socks round the ankles right away,I recall for some reason.



    My Dad was obviously miles up the back of the terracing,but I asked him after the game-was that Bertie? Why was he not playing for us?



    His brother said he should have been playing for us,son. In October!

  6. Extracts from the Herald:



    MEMBERS of the Orange Order have won council seats in the local elections by standing for the Labour and Tory parties, the Sunday Herald can reveal. The Orange Order has boasted that its elected councillors will work to derail a second independence referendum, the organisation’s Scottish leader said.


    Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland Grand Master Jim McHarg said the organisation now wanted to stir the Unionist population against independence.


    A “huge number” of Lodge supporters are Tories, McHarg said, as he praised Ruth Davidsonfor basing her council election campaign on opposition to a second referendum.


    However, McHarg said most of the Protestant Order’s members are Labour supporters as he revealed the organisation’s attempt to extend its political influence. He said the majority of Orange Lodge members who had successfully been elected as councillors were Labour, but added that at least one Tory had also been voted in.


    McHarg said at least six of members had been elected as councillors, with dozens more sympathisers also returned in the local elections.


    Members of the Orange Order could now sit on council committees that will make decisions on local education policy, including the funding of Catholic schools.


    The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland’s website describes state sponsored Catholic education as “a thorn in the flesh”. It also criticises legislation which “fully legitimised religious apartheid in Scottish schools by enriching the Catholic Church by paying the full price for its school buildings”.


    Speaking about the political leanings of Lodge members, McHarg added: “Our members are very diverse. There are a huge number of Tories, but the majority are Labour.” “We’ll never tell people how to vote, but I’d guide people to support Unionist candidates,” he added.


    McHarg also said the Lodge could stage another mass parade against independence like that held in Edinburgh days before the referendum on September 18 in 2014. He said: “At the moment we’ve no desire to, but if we think there’s a need to stir the Unionist people we’d consider it.”

  7. ernie lynch on




    I’ve just looked at the Guardian’s site just to get an idea of what political policies are being mentioned.



    Labour are promising to abolish hospital parking charges, the Tories to restrict immigration.



    No doubt there will be something again tomorrow, and so on.



    I anticipate that the Labour manifesto will go big on a sensible Brexit, the NHS and affordable housing.



    The policies will be popular enough, but a combination of media hostility and the disloyalty of current and ex MPs will undermine any advances. that could be made.

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    B67- the huns would have been out partying after their famous Glasgow Derby win….far too busy to attend the POTY gig, no money to pay for a table more like….



    I watched Corbyn ( who I admire in many ways) in a TV Interview TODAY talk about nothing other than Labours plans about Junk Food…….so this wasn’t just some comment/remark by some nondescript Labour MP ?



    BMCUWP..yer spot on mate…Labour are becoming the ” sevco” of the political world…a feckin laughing stock. Sad to post this also.




    BARNEY67 on 8TH MAY 2017 2:41 PM



    watch as the guy with ball crosses half way line.2 players punching lumps out of each other and then fall to the ground. do games not get stopped for that??.who was THISTLE player fighting??has FAT SALARY not demanded to know yet.





    No doubt.



    And I expect them to be ignored.



    Like every other sensible Labour policy,it will be a footnote while the headline will be the foot in mouth.

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Well said the orange order.



    The religious apartheid comment is accurate in the extreme.



    For younger readers (who may not be old enough to remember), the apartheid system was introduced by an establishment elite of black politicians in South Africa to keep white people down.



    Did I get that right?

  13. BARNEY67 on 8TH MAY 2017 3:29 PM



    I’m sure the Huns have a “History” on this, as when Smith and Fat Salary were the managership team ( hahaha)…the Huns didn’t turn up at POTY Awards on at least one occasion…I may be wrong ?



  14. BARNEY67 on 8TH MAY 2017 3:29 PM


    Hard Cheese an Crackers!



    Maybe the NO SHOW by the Huns..is them finally admitting that ” They are NOT Ranjurs any more ” ?


    the table set for them should have said ” PEDROS PAUPERS or SIMPLY SEVCO” !



  15. ernie lynch on

    TIMGREEN on 8TH MAY 2017 3:29 PM



    Brilliant piece of journalism.



    It’s based on a claim by the Orange Order that 6 of Scotland’s 1,223 local Cooncillors are members.



    No attempt to identify them, or verify the claim, or ascertain whether this is more or fewer than previously.



    Simply regurgitate a claim made by the Orange Order.



    And the nats lap it up.

  16. ernie lynch on

    BIG JIMMY on 8TH MAY 2017 3:34 PM





    ‘I watched Corbyn ( who I admire in many ways) in a TV Interview TODAY talk about nothing other than Labours plans about Junk Food’






    How long was the interview?

  17. FAVOURITE UNCLE on 8TH MAY 2017 3:40 PM


    I noticed that, looked like a square go. If they hadnt scored ref would have given them a pen.

  18. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on




    Just reading back and saw your post about your Mother, I am sorry for your loss so soon after your brother.



    She lived a long life and I hope she is a peace now with your brother, with the best seats in the house.



    Thoughts also with Wee Oscar’s family today, as it is 3 years since he gained his angel wings







  19. SFTB



    God rest your Mum – the beautifully named Bridie Anton.


    I’m sorry for all the heartbreak you’ve had to deal with over the last couple of weeks.


    In time I hope you are able to reflect on the good times & memories you will have, as well as being grateful for the good Donegal grounding & values that your parents passed on to you all. May the both of them and your brother rest in peace.




  20. ERNIE LYNCH on 8TH MAY 2017 3:53 PM


    BIG JIMMY on 8TH MAY 2017 3:34 PM







    ‘I watched Corbyn ( who I admire in many ways) in a TV Interview TODAY talk about nothing other than Labours plans about Junk Food’








    How long was the interview?




    3/4 minutes maybe longer ?…..long enough to tell the interviewer and the nation that the proposals on Junk Food weren’t at The Top of The Labour ” Menu” ?


    Food for Thought ?



  21. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Ernie at 3.52


    100% in agreement, must be the hot weather :/)

  22. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    any sggestions as to where newco were instead the awards



    me , I think at the bingo raising funds for the new kit

  23. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Temp over 12 degrees in Lanarkshire and train systems grind to a halt




  24. GG……..



    “We stand on the shoulders of giants”…….



    Your words of comfort to SFTB are words of consolation for all of us who have lost loved parents and others from those generations.



    I have doubts such an epitaph will apply in my turn!




  25. An Tearmann on

    Labour party members also being members of the worlds first fascist organisation….


    What do you expect of a party who had Blair the war criminal as its leader


    -looking forward to zero being done to redistribute income from rich to poor


    -zero done against capital and its flow in and out the country


    -recall notes apologizing for leaving no money in coffers after Gordon of cantcount and 2tone heid socialist/merchant banker.


    All you need is a memory


    Not pfi’s guised as public expenditure


    Not ‘marketization’ of nhs


    And most of all on behalf of the poor weak and disenfranchised can youz as a party do one as being the only party for them.


    You betrayed them(like hardie in 30s/healey in 76 and the boak inducing war criminal.



    Labour party has a long history of this schizophrenic duality of socialisty/fascistyOO.Their ex member for livi?


    Speakin to mates 97 y.o da bout OO influence in labour


    Its there and always has been, as a veteran old socialist he knew they would vote tory regardless of their grinding poverty around lanarkshire.


    Dont vote for them


    They want the power but as Tony proved no responsibility.


    Apologies for having a memory


    Things did not getbetter and the D:ream collapsed into austerity.

  26. BABASONICOS71 on




    Speakin to mates 97 y.o da bout OO influence in labour




    You’re at it.Yoda is a fictional character. ;))

  27. The Labour Party….



    The whole point was to have working people represented in Parliament not only to provide for those in distress but to overthrow the causes of that distress.



    Lack of health care, lack of housing, lack of education and lack of fair employment being the main evils.



    It is not rocket science, it’s not Marxism, it’s not empty vessel grandstanding either.



    How is it the People’s Party struggles to promote this basic and essential message. All the rest is frippery.



    Dear God give me the strength……




  28. Jimmynotpaul on



    Condolences on the loss of your mum Bridie. A lovely touching tribute from yourself.


    Hopefully in time all the happy memories of your mum, brother and indeed all your extended family, will help you through what must be a very difficult time for you and your loved ones.


    Hail Hail.

  29. ernie lynch on

    AN TEARMANN on 8TH MAY 2017 4:52 PM



    ‘Speakin to mates 97 y.o da bout OO influence in labour



    Its there and always has been, as a veteran old socialist he knew they would vote tory regardless of their grinding poverty around lanarkshire.’






    So the OO influenced Labour by its members voting Tory?



    Not quite sure how that was supposed to work.



    But anti Catholicism and in particular anti Irish Catholicism as expressed by the OO and others (BIlly Woolfe for instance, ex leader of the SNP) has been part of Scotland’s political and cultural history for over a century. It’s one of the things that makes us different to the English.



    I thought you’d be proud of that.

  30. “Jeremy Corbyn is a man of peace, he’s a good friend of Ireland, we wish him well.”


    said – Sinn Fein supremo, Gerry Adams.


    Since the above words left Mr Adams lips……


    The British / Establishment have released the hounds on Mr Corbyn…..


    the Cellic JUNGLE that I stood in for over two decades….


    taught me to back the under siege, under dogs to the hilt….




    lovers of……


    the peaceful


    the sick


    the poor


    the disabled


    the oppressed


    the underdogs of Theresa Thatchers Tyranny…




    your flags fly eternal on the roof…..


    of a JUNGLE, that used to be packed with….


    the underdog, fenian, rebels of society.


    Now, there isn’t a JUNGLE anymore…..


    No rebels anymore….


    Now there are folk who don’t like….


    a man of peace because,….


    he disny wear a tie ?


    or, an armani suit ?


    or, cause he’s got a beard ?


    or, cause he isn’t full of himself ?


    ah mean, JESUS didn’t do any of…


    the above things and yeez love him !?!?!?








    Thoughts and Prayers for all


    who are close, sorry to read


    your news pal.