Dempster must regret mutual consenting Neil Lennon


Leeann Dempster must have looked at the Celtic dugout on Saturday and wondered if she backed the right horse in January, when she suspended the then Hibs manager Neil Lennon, five days before he left the club by “mutual consent”.

Neil took over from Scottish Cup winning manager, Alan Stubbs, and won Hibs promotion back to the Premiership for the first time in three years, finishing fourth in the table in the only season he completed with the club in the top flight.  He would finished the following season as league and cup winning Celtic manager.

Dempster replaced Neil Lennon with Paul Heckingbottom, who started brightly, but Hibs now sit just a point off joint-bottom Hearts and St Mirren.  I’m sure the players who were upset at working for Neil Lennon are much happier now, though.

Hibs will not go down, there are worse teams in the league, and for 20 minutes on Saturday, they demonstrated what they can do, if they can be motivated, but having got rid of one manager, there are controls in place to undermine whoever comes next.

Few managers in history can have come through the “mutual consent” trauma so successfully.

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  1. Mmm, not one for conspiracy stories, but I never quite got the whole ‘mutually consented’ story at the time



    Did Lenny get a tip off that Rodgers would be on his way the first chance he got and to make sure he was available when the time came?




  2. Arsenal say KT not available for Scotland, why are we not doing the same with our Bhoys, given the schedule until New Year

  3. Random question – does Olivier switching national teams adversely affect his saleability in any way?



    Does he now require a work permit within the EU?



    No idea personally

  4. You say you want the resolution


    Well, you know


    Our board don’t won’t to say a word



    The Rangers are an institution


    Anything else is just absurd



    The moustache says the other club are great


    If you want justice brother you’ll have to wait



    Don’t you know it’s gonna be


    All right, all right, all right



    You say you got a real solution


    Well, you know


    We’d all love to see the plan




  5. UNCLE JIMMY on 5TH NOVEMBER 2019 12:32 PM


    Random question – does Olivier switching national teams adversely affect his saleability in any way?



    Does he now require a work permit within the EU?



    No idea personally






    No. He has dual nationality. He was born in France.

  6. Macjay1



    Having said that , it is entirely possible that they have mishandled the whole affair.




    There is more than enough evidence to support that theory.



    Much more.



    However it makes Celtic not the SFA the target and mistakes and mishandling that can be construed as bad judgement or worse, deliberate, can always be corrected.



    It might take more than an Our Father and Three Hail Marys to get absolution but the choice is there.



    Better to confess than be found guilty.

  7. I think Celtic did expect Rodgers to leave in the near Future. Peter Lawwell had to have a plan in place should Rodgers leave them in the lurch.



    When Lennon left Hibs, I guarantee that Peter Lawwell would have been quickly on the phone to Neil asking if he would consider returning.



    Neil had left due to believing that he would land a job in the EPL after convinced by his agent. Instead, he ended up at Bolton. I believe he was sorry for leaving.



    Neil had shown great strength of character while at Celtic, resisting the assaults, Bombs and threats he received. He also stood up to the media and called the bigots out.



    Peter Lawwell was alive to the threat of no manager mid-season and spoke to John Kennedy and convinced him to stay and not leave with Rodgers.



    John Kennedy is from a celebrated Celtic family and is loyal to the club unlike certain “Celtic Fans” like Rodgers. He would have agreed to work with Neil.



    The same day Rodgers walked out, Neil was appointed Acting Manager. When he was on trial in that he had to achieve his target of the Treble, he duly achieved it.



    He was therefore, getting the permanent job with Dermot wanting to give him the good news immediately after the final before he disappeared ut the country.



    This resulted in the ham fisted news in the showers situation.



    Lots of Celtic fans didn’t want Neil but his pragmatic approach to start with Rodgers Tactics and adapt them to a more traditional Celtic attacking model has worked well and this season we seem to have a more attractive style. Good recruitment at the end of the window shows Neil’s ability to pick a player



    I reckon even if Neil had still been at Hibs, he would have wanted to come back. Dempster couldn’t have stopped him although Petrie would have been after Celtic for compensation

  8. On the latest press release regarding the rules to adhere to while in ROME , i can’t understand why they think banning colours will help.



    Surely it will be harder to segregate/ identify opposing fans if they are all dressed in neutral colours going to and coming from the match.



    A recipe for disaster methinks.






























    Subs to come on .










    COYBIG …….2-2 :)))))

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    The Celtic Star has the following Final Ticket prices, eye watering !!


    South Stand Lower Section J1 – Adults £45


    South Stand Lower Section I – Adults £40


    South Stand Upper Section H – Adults £40


    North Stand Section D – Adults £40, Over 65/Under-16 £22


    East Stand Sections F & G – Adults £35, Over 65/Under-16 £18


    North Stand Accessible Seating – Adults £22, Over 65/Under-16 £6


    South Stand Accessible Seating – Adults £18, Over 65/Under-16 £6


    East Stand Accessible Seating – Adults £12, Over 65/Under-16 £6

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    AULDHEID on 5TH NOVEMBER 2019 1:11 PM



    That being the case , hopefully you will manage to achieve a ” Bless me Father ” .


    Perhaps off the record .


    And a firm purpose of amendment .


    Best wishes.

  11. whitedoghunch



    Could get even more interesting if it leads to Saracens losing recent Premier and European titles.

  12. South Of Tunis on

    MARSPAPA @ 1.51



    ” banning colours ”



    There is no ban on the wearing of ” colours ” . That stuff stems from standard advice issued by the British Embassy in Rome to visiting supporters from the UK . .. You are simply being asked to consider what you are doing – not any different to considering re whether wearing the Hoops and a Celtic scarf on the subway journey between Partick and Copland Rd before a Glasgow Derby at Ibrox is a good idea (or not )


    Same press statement also includes — ” Under no circumstances should supporters make their own way to the stadium ” . I intend to walk to and from the game .

  13. Auldheid:



    `Scottish football is sick, it should be a source of entertainment and joy, not anger and hate,`



    On reading that, I asked myself if I could experience `joy` in competition against a Club such as Sevco now, Rangers then.


    I concluded that whilst I continue to believe that the game in Scotland is loaded in their favour, then this `source of entertainment and joy` would be too difficult for me to access.


    I could also add Celtic`s approach to the events of the last seven years as an important factor in affecting the lack of joy I feel for the game as a whole here.

  14. Bada


    I thought someone said earlier that that Tournament was now in the summer?


    Cheerio for now.

  15. Yorkbhoy and Macjay from last thread..




    Those are 3 of the reasons I had thought of as well among others.



    Another left-field consideration i thought of was-


    Is PL scared that due to the strong dislike of Celtic from the SFA, media, Sevco, masons etc that if we went all guns blazing on this, that they might suspend us or even expel us from the league? Maybe under the guise of ‘serious dispepute’.


    It would solve their 10 in a row problem straight away.

  16. Nally


    If that is the case, then tell the shareholders and the support, why the secrecy which allows conspiracy theories to develop in the absence of facts from the club? We are grown ups, and that is blackmail.

  17. nally81 on 5th November 2019 3:31 pm




    No offence, but that post suggests you’re a hun at the wind up.



    Though I suppose there might possibly be one or two Celtic fans who really are deferential/gullible/craven/desperate enough to think that way.



    More to be pitied than scorned.

  18. Popped on the blog to read the latest on Lazio craic.



    Instead it’s the ubiquitous obsession with the “Old Firm”, and the unionist troll multi-moniker Ernie Lynch insulting people as he has done since the appearance of CQN, without censure. No wonder so man have disappeared over the years.



    Good luck to all traveling Tims over the ensuing days, stay safe.



    Lazio 1 – 2 Celtic yet again.







    Thanks for clearing that issue up , most fans i’ve spoken to are also under the impression colours were banned .



    if you are near the COLONY Hotel area i would be more than pleased to buy you a beer or two for all your music input down the years , and also the local info .



    We’re going to the 9 o’clock mass on Thursday morning , maybe meet you and a few other CQNR,s there.




    Grazie ;)))




    A friend just sent me a text from the newspaper issuing the warnings “AVOID wearing club colours”, Big difference to what i was lead to believe was said , “banning”.

  21. Ernie… I never said that that is what I thought. Or that I think it is a sound reason.


    You really lower the blog and yourself when you call posters huns.

  22. Ernie Lynch @ 3:51



    If `No offence,`was your objective, do you think you succeeded , Ernie?



    `Celtic fans who really are deferential/gullible/craven/desperate enough to think that way.


    More to be pitied than scorned.`

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