Dempster must regret mutual consenting Neil Lennon


Leeann Dempster must have looked at the Celtic dugout on Saturday and wondered if she backed the right horse in January, when she suspended the then Hibs manager Neil Lennon, five days before he left the club by “mutual consent”.

Neil took over from Scottish Cup winning manager, Alan Stubbs, and won Hibs promotion back to the Premiership for the first time in three years, finishing fourth in the table in the only season he completed with the club in the top flight.  He would finished the following season as league and cup winning Celtic manager.

Dempster replaced Neil Lennon with Paul Heckingbottom, who started brightly, but Hibs now sit just a point off joint-bottom Hearts and St Mirren.  I’m sure the players who were upset at working for Neil Lennon are much happier now, though.

Hibs will not go down, there are worse teams in the league, and for 20 minutes on Saturday, they demonstrated what they can do, if they can be motivated, but having got rid of one manager, there are controls in place to undermine whoever comes next.

Few managers in history can have come through the “mutual consent” trauma so successfully.


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  1. !!BADA BING!! on 5TH NOVEMBER 2019 4:16 PM


    Oops…..I think they used to play it in winter…





    They did. I think they used to play it every 12 months too.

  2. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    I was upwind of the gb section on sat – sweet mother there was large herbal clouds wafting up to us all match – when his scored again I just smiled. Mind you the polis had noticed, watch out young ‘uns.

  3. nally81 on 5th November 2019 4:39 pm



    I didn’t call you a hun. I said that the your post suggested you were a hun, because the motivation attributed to PL was so ridiculous that the most likely explanation was that you were a hun at the wind up.

  4. Sin City Bhoy on 5th November 2019 4:11 pm




    ‘and the unionist troll multi-moniker Ernie Lynch’






    Out of curiosity, can you maybe let me know what other monikers I use?



    Or, if you’re shy, let the mods know.

  5. And while the site is quiet.



    Katie Taylor , magnificent. As a former footballer , maybe Celtic ladies have lost out.



    This girl is awesome. The best ever and I’m dissapointed more recognition has not followed her phenomenal sucess.



    Of course I’m biased as one of my grandmother’s came from Bray.




  6. Greenpinata



    Did you see the keeker on her after the fight?



    Big bucket of concealer needed there!




    Cheers pal ……its the Shadow and me thats going lol.



    Back friday night and pick up two new labrador pups on Saturday morning ….brother and sister to the 2, 4 year old labs we have already .

  8. . 🍀🍀👍



    CONEYBHOY on 5TH NOVEMBER 2019 7:52 PM



    I did my friend. No gain without pain.



    She is awesome.




  9. Just catching up with The Herald’s accounts of both semi-finals at the weekend. I found the Player Ratings very interesting. Celtic’s combined efforts earned a total of 73 points for our starting 11. Sevco on the other hand were awarded a combined total of 81 points for their starting 11. Morelos was awarded the highest score, 9, for any player in both games. This was attributed to him scoring 2 goals and an assist for Helander. Elyounoussi scored 2, hit the post and had 2 assists which only earned him a score of 8 points.



    With regard to the opposition, Hearts were awarded a total of 60 points. If you watched their game to the bitter end you will know that they were appalling and offered nothing during the game. Hibs, on the other hand, scored two and came close on another couple of occasions. They competed and contributed. For this they were awarded a total of 57 points.



    So as far as The Herald is concerned Rangers were superior to Celtic and Hearts were superior to Hibs.



    I’m still trying to work out if this guff can be attributed to sheer incompetence and lack of football knowledge or naked blue-tinted glasses bias. Maybe Sandman could offer some advice.

  10. TOSB



    I really don’t think The Herald is long for this world.



    Fuck them.



    I know the truth.

  11. Greenpinata



    I think she is recognised in Ireland , as a great champ and person.



    Wonder what she thinks of that new Darklands show



    (For those outside Ireland; it is a show set in Bray about gangs and also around a young MMA fighter trying to stay out of it. There was a gang shooting at Katie’s dads gym a while back; in Bray)




  12. TOSB,



    The BBC programme about the Herald summed up their football coverage. When someone had to be fired in the sports department, the first out the door was their one and only journalist who covered Celtic, an Allison McConnel, I think. Their sales have collapsed and they have obviously made the decision to pander to the deid team’s “support”.

  13. On another subject



    I have a spare for the Rennes game(over 65 ticket), lower jungle , celtic end side



    I know they are still on sale but if anyone knows a good home for a free ticket(someone who doesn’t get to go to games often), please ask Paul67 for my email and I will send it over or meet up to pass it on (on the day).

  14. Emeraldbee



    We have won 3 trebles; of course everyone wants to see how we can be beat



    In the 90s; when we beat rangers it was big news in the press- honest

  15. glendalystonsils on

    Used to occasionally buy the Herald , then I discovered that what you don’t buy (or read) can’t annoy you.



    Don’t support their transparent anti-Celtic bias by buying or reading the lavvy roll

  16. Thanks for the replies lads.



    Emeraldbee, I read that too. They have now offered several teams advice on how they can beat Celtic. I’ll miss their Sudoku and Crossword, though, when they go under. 🤣

  17. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Well, good news day, Paddymacoz out of hospital and back with


    the family, although he’s still very sick and more tests to be done yet.


    Our other Very ill bhoy in France has been in touch and is recovering


    slowly and my pick for the Melbourne cup Prince of Arran had me


    shouting and screaming like a teenager at a Beatles concert.


    Really thought it had got it but what a thrill.


    Now all that remains to make it a great week is for our bhoys to take


    at least a point from Lazio.


    Is it worth having another wee gamble?


    You bet it is ( see what a done there )


    H.H . Mick

  18. Melbourne Mick



    Tell PaddyMacoz and bigyinimilan


    They are in the thoughts of this Tim


    God bless he both hail hail :-))





    To the Tim’s out in Rome I hope the knees are sore from praying lol, have yourselves a good Celtic time.





  19. 4 minutes added an absolute joke,been saying since VAR started, need to stop the watch during a review




    Will do, and i’m sure when both bhoys are well enough they’ll


    be on to thank all on CQN for the prayers and good wishes.




    If you’re still about, regarding our wee conversation about Arran


    yesterday, i got talking to my son Paul who also had a love of the


    island and had good friends there who they stayed with frequently.


    Nick Goatley and his wife Gail, there place for a wee refreshment


    was the Cammy? i believe.


    Wondered if you knew them.


    H.H . Mick

  21. Good evening, friends.


    Anyone bought a new laptop recently? About to replace mine and open to recommendations on a budget of £500. Essentials would be HDMI port, 256GB storage and a 15″ screen, or larger. Or email me at jobobaldie@yahoo.co.uk HH

  22. Marspapa


    It’s important to remember that Ernie Lynch is a CQN treasure.


    He is a fine man and that’s not just because his close relative was an Argentine revolutionary.






    HH Mate…


    Your Post about “Newspaper” Player Ratings interested me.


    Several years ago, Hugh Keevins did HIS Match report on a Celtic Match in the Daily Record. This was almost a full page, but in a Margin next to his “Report” was the Player Ratings for both Teams.



    I cant remember who Celtic beat, or the exact scoreline, but having attended the Match, I can honestly say that Celtic won quite easily and by at least a 2 Goal margin, maybe more ?


    This was more or less supported by Keevins in His Match Report……However, in the “Player Ratings”, the total score for both teams Players told a different story, with Celtic Players as a Team, only just being ahead by 3 or 4 Points in comparision to the Points total awarded to the opposition, who were well beaten on the Day ?


    A few days later, Mr Keevins was on Radio Clyde as a “Phone In Pundit”, and I couldnt resist calling up and asking him directly ” How is it that in his Match report, he was quite Full some in his praise for Celtic’s display a few Days earlier, and HIS Match Report clearly showed Celtic to be in control that Day, not in any real danger of dropping Points, and fully worthy of their decisive victory…… and yet His “Player Ratings” Total had BOTH Teams almost level on Points when added up, and where giving the Reader a complete DIFFERENT View of the Match itself ” ?



    Mr Keevins then answered, ” ” Those were NOT MY Player Ratings, it was someone else who gave those Ratings” !


    i then asked him ” So your telling me that the Daily Record sent YOU to Celtic Park to cover the Match etc, but someone else in the Record provided the Player Ratings ? Was this other “Journo” actually at the Match, and why would the Daily Record send TWO of you to cover One Game” ?


    Mr Keevins would only say that ” I do NOT know who the other person was who gave the Player Ratings, it was nothing to do with ME” !


    At that point, I asked him ” So you do NOT know who it was, so i take that despite working for the same Newspaper, you and the other Journo didnt even sit together, or at least compare Notes” ?


    Mr Keevins wouldnt say, and they moved on to the next Caller.



    Unreal !





    Good news about Paddy being home, and my best wishes also to BIGYINMILAN.


    I am home a week now from hospital after my recent scare, and its still tough but very glad to be in my own home all the same.


    HH Mate.

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