Dermot’s return to the fray, Kodak moment


A Dermot Desmond interview! Remember him? It’s been a while since we’ve seen or heard from our major shareholder, so I am pleased STV got hold of him. His absence for so many years is not in itself an offence, but there has been no evidence he remains engaged with the club, and that’s not healthy.

His comments on Ronny Deila I agree with. Ronny is here because we think he can improve players and therefore improve the team. The evidence cited by Dermot Desmond (Nir Bitton, Tom Rogic), suggests he’s able to do this. There have been downsides of course. Ronny’s twice fallen in the Champions League to lesser-resourced (although decent) teams.

If we’re going to build a team we need to be patient enough to let the guy get on with the job.

The comments about a British league within 10 years are worth examining at a later date, but for brevity: this is no more than blue-sky thinking.

I agree in principle that technological changes are underway which will undermine the BSkyB business model. This model relies on the pull of English Premier League football to deliver high-value subscription rates from a huge portion of the UK population.

We talked in the summer about the switch to what the Americans call ‘cutting the cord’; moving away from expensive subscription TV to watching feeds streamed from foreign broadcasters, effectively free of charge. This is happening and its impact will only increase.

I know lots of CQNers are already consuming their English football in this manner, it works and it’s practically undetectable (i.e. it really is undetectable). But it’s not easy yet. You need to know what you are doing, and you need decent broadband. Products are improving all the time, as is broadband provision. Soon paying £100 per month for TV, as many do, will be a goodwill option.

Should there be even a modest shift in BSkyB’s ability to generate huge revenue from EPL football, the fallout in the English football bubble (it is a bubble) will be swift and structurally damaging.

Getting to the point. English football has a business model with risks which could bring it down. Technological changes are underway which undermine this model. Lots will happen in the next 10 years.

Let me share one of my favourite graphs………..

Kodak had a great marketing slogan, they called a great image a ‘Kodak moment’, when people would turn to their cameras to capture the memory on Kodak paper. The phrase was turned on its head in recent years when the realisation that Kodak’s entire business model was about to be destroyed by digital cameras.

The moment of realisation became the ultimate ‘Kodak moment’, it now meant a moment when you realise technology is about to wipe you out. Those who were saying this about Kodak 20 years ago were mocked. Some of us already think we’ve seen English football’s Kodak moment.

This is Kodak’s market capitalisation between 1989 and 2012, where was your Kodak moment?
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  1. The Green Man on 1st October 2015 11:44 am



    You may well be right. We’ll just have to wait and see (assuming RIFCs form continues).



    I’m not looking forward to it either. I’m certainly not looking forward to explaining to the boys why I’m not taking them, if I choose not to.



    Whatever happens the club can’t say anything until it does.



    Once again I don’t think DDs comments should be taken as anything more than his opinions on the business side of the game/club. They’re certainly not to be taken as official club statements.

  2. lennon's passion on




    I have Celtic mate’s who wind me up about getting their season book back when Zombie nation get back.


    Don’t care who Celtic play I want to be there. Hate big game HUNTERS.

  3. When Dark Souls 2 return to cheat Celtic….Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


    There wont be many happy about the resurrection of the old firm, when they are blatantly cheating us out of money once again.


    You aint seen nothing yet.


    They will be like rabid zombies.





  4. Lennon’ Passion,



    Couldn’t agree more re big game hunters. The dentist who killed Cecil should be ostracised at a minimum.




  5. Macjay,


    More lies to suit your political agenda,


    The miners were not looking to fill their pocket, they were looking to protect their livelihoods and indususrty.


    They predicted the death of the mining industry and that is exactly what happened they were proven correct in all of their predictions.

  6. JUDE2005



    Yeah….like a mix of Win 7&8…..lots better than Win 8.1


    Whats up?





  7. Jude,



    I have not upgraded to windows 10 yet, but I have heard that generally it is good.