Don’t mention the (boardroom) war


With financial projections which provide entertaining reading, Rangers International promoted director, Walter Smith, to the position of chairman.  Smith immediately proclaimed, “Unity among the directors is vital”, although he was not asked about the forthcoming EGM where fellow directors Malcolm Murray and Chris Morgan face dismissal, while a third director, Charles Green, suggested he was going to resign by today, but has not got around to filling out the form yet (does this guy have ‘form’ when it comes to filling Companies House forms?)…..

They don’t do unity very well.

The only show in town is season ticket sales; for all clubs.  Maybe Celtic should appoint Martin O’Neill to the board for a few weeks to allow the newspapers to provide some bluster for those who more convinced by headlines and sound-bites than strategy?  Perhaps not.  Let’s stick to plan.

Lisbon Lion in Ayrshire, send reinforcements!

Willie Wallace will be at Waterstons in Ayr from 1-3pm this afternoon, get along (with camera) if you can.

Tomorrow Willie will be at the Celtic Superstore from 12-2pm before going to the Celtic Shop, Clydebank, from 3.30-5.30pm.  Get out and meet the man.

Great to meet so many people at Waterstons, Stirling, last night. The store sold out of Willie’s autobiography. There was actually a queue of people waiting to enter the store at one point.

Just a few days left on the auction for the signed Messi strip, a magnificent piece of football memorabilia. Keep an eye on it here.

Order your copy of Heart of a Lion, delivered before Father’s Day, below…..

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  1. bournesouprecipe



    It’s beyond belief that such a talentless man can hang around football like the smell from last nights curry for years and years getting hand outs and leg ups and still be a total failure, Scottish Football where ineptitude is a quality admired and rewarded.





    Canny understand the storminateacup garbage about Kris Commons.



    About a year ago the Scotland manager publicly stated he was SEVENTH in the queue in his position.



    The only shock about the fella deciding not to be available is that he was so polite about it.



    Enjoy your break,Kris,Lisa et al.


    Will Duffield be using his licence-payer-funded payments from the BBC to pay off his creditors,or will those payments be to a different company,owned by his wife perhaps,which employs him as a consultant and pays him a small proportion of the fee charged?

  4. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Just received the Final Adjudication from ASA re; the huns being Scotland’s most successful team……………..I now believe in Santa.



    isthatraindear csc

  5. Can he not just become ‘The Gordon Smith’ ?



    His daughter could buy his house for £100 and then left him stay in it.



    That’s the way things are done these days, I hear.

  6. !!Bada Bing!!



    11:29 on 1 June, 2013



    gerrybhoy-the tackling was fierce in those days eh?




    No kidding! Mind you, 1970-74 I played left back on Saturdays in the London Banks league and sometimes for Blackheath at Hackney Marshes on Sunday mornings. That was war! Later, when I played in Germany, they wondered what planet I had come from. :-)




  7. Wonder who he’s referring to………………



    Gregory Ioannidis ‏@LawTop20 33m


    It offends against fairness & justice for a national federation to have secret agreements with an applicant club and/or its company operator



    I believe he’s in Glasgow this weekend.

  8. South Of Tunis on




    My local bookies board says —–



    Croatia to win ———— 1/4 .



    I thought I’d take it ———— but he wouldn’t take it .



    ” Sorry —–a draw or an away win only “.



    I’ll need to go somewhere else for the opportunity to buy money

  9. DJBEE – many thanks for posting that like …. as i read that link i started to think it might be fake … saddened to find it is indeed true.



    Power to the people.




    Celtic … more than just a club. CQN more ……than just a football blog

  10. That clown Tam Cowan has just spent 20 mns attacking Kris for going on holiday and letting his ‘country’ down blah blah blah



    Frank McAvennie then asks him if he should have played more for Scotland, the unfunny one answers: ‘not necessarily…’




  11. Old “Knights Templar” Smith certainly believes in the D word.



    No! Not dignity, dissolved!



    Company Name Company Status Position Appointed Resigned


    W.L.F.A LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 04/12/2004 –


    GSF PLAYER MANAGEMENT LTD Financial Statements not filed / too old Director 01/11/2006 25/06/2007


    GSF PLAYER MANAGEMENT LTD Financial Statements not filed / too old Company Secretary 01/11/2006 25/06/2007


    ALL STAR MATCH PROMOTIONS LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 11/02/2004 –


    CAPITAL GUARDIAN (EUROPE) LIMITED Company is dissolved Company Secretary 25/11/2005 –


    SCOTTISH FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION LIMITED (THE) Active – Accounts Filed Director 27/06/2007 19/04/2010


    SCOTTISH FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION LIMITED (THE) Active – Accounts Filed Company Secretary 27/06/2007 19/04/2010


    PROSTAR MANAGEMENT LIMITED Active – Accounts Filed Director 07/01/2002 12/03/2004


    KNIGHTS TEMPLAR LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 03/06/1997 16/12/1999


    HAMPDEN PARK LIMITED Active – Accounts Filed Director 27/06/2007 19/04/2010


    GORDON SMITH SPORTS MANAGEMENT LIMITED Company is dissolved Company Secretary 28/03/2000 07/01/2002


    GORDON SMITH SPORTS MANAGEMENT LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 28/03/2000 12/03/2004


    SPORT PRO TRAVEL LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 25/08/2000 –


    SPORT PRO TRAVEL LIMITED Company is dissolved Company Secretary 12/10/2005 –


    21ST CENTURY DECOR LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 01/03/2004 –


    GLOUCESTER STRUAN ASSOCIATES LLP Company is dissolved LLP Designated Member 07/04/2011 –


    GGMS MANAGEMENT LTD. Company is dissolved Director 08/10/2010 02/08/2012




    I thought that with Gavin Masterton’s “handshake banking” the bank just kept on giving the brethren more loans?



    It seems to be that way for Minty.





    Grant Smith played for Swindon a few years back.



    An unbelievable player.



    Words failed me any time I saw him play,but they seldom failed the rest of the crowd.

  13. Im sure winning gemmell could add anogher chapter to his series now that duffield has gone bankrupt and fergie has retired. ..




    You know you want to…

  14. Cowan & Cosgrove getting stuck into Kris on Shortie the now. Craigie ‘ sing the sash Broon ‘ apparently did the same this morning in some rag.



    Could it be that Kris realises all his football dreams can be realised in green & white hoops. Why should he turn up for Scotland squads to be ignored for inferior players?



    Could it also be that the people who get worked up about Scotland do so coz their club teams are crap?



    Why any Celtic player would want to play for that mob I have no idea.



    I wouldn’t draw the curtains to watch them play in my back garden.



    Really not surprised their is no incisive chat on Sevco by MSM.



    Pursue the agenda, crucify a Tim.That always has and always will be their mantra.



    Hurting Huns

  15. AS Monaco have just (today) announced their season ticket prices for 2013-14. Cheapest seat is €200, which is up from €75 last year (highest price this year is €900, which gets you a seat near Bono, Ringo, or Prince Albert). This increase reflects the difference between Ligue 2 and Ligue 1 I guess, and of course Monaco’s spending for the coming season will see them becoming the new Manchester City. For comparison, Olympique Lyonnais have season ticket prices starting at €169 for adults. And Ligue 1 is a pretty good league. Monaco of course are in negotiations with Ligue 1 clubs about tax, so their position is not guaranteed. .




    “The Rangers” are asking a minimum of £258 for the 3rd tier in Scotland. Even their concessionary prices are higher than the Monaco or Lyon minimum.



    I’d be tempted to say that the product provided by “The Rangers” was overpriced, but I’m sure that they would not rip off their supporters. It’s probably just market pricing; that people in Govan are willing to spend more on high-quality football than people in Lyon or Monaco. Even I would not suggest that the fans can afford more in Govan than in Monaco.



    And besides, I’m sure that if the comparison was made, fans of “The Rangers” would assume that Monaco fans would be crazy to fork out for a club who’s future in the league is not guaranteed….



    Wealthofftheradar CSC

  16. Snake Plissken on

    Starry plough



    To be fair Kris Commons’ Scotland career was stop start.



    He didn’t have too many outstanding games for Scotland and the ones he did were against Northern Ireland and the Faroes in friendlies.



    The joke was that clown Levein who said there were 6 better players than him out there in his position. Well we’ve yet to see them.



    I think wee Gordon would have got the best out of Kris for Scotland but that is by the by now. A shame but Alan Shearer stopped at 30 when he could have gone on. I don’t see a big deal in Kris leaving but the SMSM need some anti-Celtic story.



    A shame they never called up anyone every time Rangers players pulled out of squads (frequently) and the week before we had to go to Ibrox in 2008 SIX of thems pulled out and all played on the Saturday. Our mugs played and we lost and they even tried to send Barry Robson home injured (and he wasn’t).



    That Old Firm bias eh?





    I used to have a few beers in The Players’ Lounge with the centre-half and his dad.



    I suggested that Smith must,surely,be doing it in training.



    His reply warranted a red card…..

  18. South Of Tunis on




    Sicilian radio stated that Falcao has signed for Monaco . 5 year deal . He cost them 55 million euros.



    Big sun / clear blue sky and a very cold wind -way down south . The wind is very unusual .

  19. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    Embdy remember e team called Rangers? I can’t recall any outbursts from wee paw Broon when the withdrawal of their players from Scotland squads was a standing joke in Scottish football.

  20. wee Broon was too busy serenading his latest conquest down the phone with a wee ‘folk tune’ at the time his heroes were withdrawing from Scotland squads…he couldn’t criticise the undignified ones.

  21. BT – a decent run on a new course, Tollcross Park. very undulating but managed 10th place in around 21’15”. Thanks for asking;-)