Duff and Phelps in Bobby Tait added time


With no bids on the table and no one prepared to pay a deposit to get an exclusive and detailed look at the books, Duff and Phelps are adding on extra minutes like referee Bobby Tait in the famous Rangers-Kilmarnock game on 2 May 1998.  Rangers needed a win to keep the pressure on Celtic but the game was scoreless after 90 minutes.  This was a time before referees indicated how many additional minutes they would play and Tait, on his farewell appearance as a referee at Ibrox before retirement, allowed the game to continue well beyond the anticipated period as Rangers battered at Kilmarnock’s goal.

In the 96th minute Ally Mitchell scored for Killie in a breakaway and Tait brought the game to an end soon thereafter.  There was nothing more the referee could do.  Duff and Phelps have gone beyond their self-declared last chance date but, like Tait, there is nothing more they can do.

If they cannot sell the company, and no one else is prepared to put money into it, they will need to accept that they cannot present the company in a saleable condition (long suspected here) and will have to bring an end to proceedings.  They cannot continue to spend creditors’ money without a viable strategy to earn a greater return.

I bet you remember where you were when Tait finally blew his whistle to end that game in 1998.  You’ll long remember the moment Duff and Phelps bring the curtain down on Rangers Football Club.

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  1. was listening to commentary that day and thought, how long is he going to give Rangers to score.



    And then the goal came.



    Laugh, I nearly crashed the car!




  2. The Ally Mitchell moment. I was in the Vogue Bar when the news came through, needless to say mayhem ensued.

  3. Steinreignedsupreme on

    merseycelt lmfao as the big house door slams shut on 23 April, 2012 at 14:38:



    “In their mind, Rankers Football Club will never die because they arra peepil and, as much as it hurts me to say this, I can understand this view and suspect strongly that I would think likewise if, god forbid, Celtic were to be liquidated.”



    I know what you mean, but it’s like ‘first-love syndrome’.



    Many people experience a situation in their lives where they hold a candle for a former girlfriend – but the reality is that relationship is well and truly over and there is absolutely no chance of getting together again.



    Rangers fans will always love the club that was – despite that club ceasing to exist.

  4. South Of Tunis on

    Billy’s Bhoy



    Billy Bowden ?



    Memorably described by Martin Crowe ——



    ” A total clown .,a self obsessed a -hole. His head is so far up his own ass it’s a wonder he can see anything “

  5. TheGreenManalishi(WithTheTwoProngedCrown) on

    Was Harry Lime not the third man ?




  6. Ah, Faustus.


    Now hast thou but one bear hour to live,


    And then thou must be damn’d perpetually!


    Stand still, you ever-moving spheres of heaven,


    That time may cease, and midnight never come;


    Fair Nature’s eye, rise, rise again, and make


    Perpetual day; or let this hour be but


    A year, a month, a week, a natural day,


    That Faustus may repent and save his soul!


    O lente, lente currite, noctis equi!


    The stars move still, time runs, the clock will strike,


    The devil will come, and Faustus must be damn’d.


    O, I’ll leap up to my God!–Who pulls me down?–


    See, see, where Christ’s blood streams in the firmament!


    One drop would save my soul, half a drop: ah, my Christ!–


    Ah, rend not my heart for naming of my Christ!


    Yet will I call on him: O, spare me, Lucifer!–


    Where is it now? tis gone: and see, where God


    Stretcheth out his arm, and bends his ireful brows!


    Mountains and hills, come, come, and fall on me,


    And hide me from the heavy wrath of God!


    No, no!


    Then will I headlong run into the earth:


    Earth, gape! O, no, it will not harbour me!


    You stars that reign’d at my nativity,


    Whose influence hath alotted death and hell,


    Now draw up Faustus, like a foggy mist,


    Into the entrails of yon labouring clouds,


    That, when you vomit forth into the air,


    My limbs may issue from your smoky mouths,


    So that my soul may but ascend to heaven!


    [The clock strikes the half-hour.]


    Ah, half the hour is past! ’twill all be past anon.


    O God,


    If thou wilt not have mercy on my soul,


    Yet for Christ’s sake, whose blood hath ransom’d me,


    Impose some end to my incessant pain;


    Let Faustus live in hell a thousand years,


    A hundred thousand, and at last be sav’d!


    O, no end is limited to damned souls!


    Why wert thou not a creature wanting soul?


    Or why is this immortal that thou hast?


    Ah, Pythagoras’ metempsychosis, were that true,


    This soul should fly from me, and I be chang’d


    Unto some brutish beast! all beasts are happy,


    For, when they die,


    Their souls are soon dissolv’d in elements;


    But mine must live still to be plagu’d in hell.


    Curs’d be the parents that engender’d me!


    No, Faustus, curse thyself, curse Lucifer


    That hath depriv’d thee of the joys of heaven.


    [The clock strikes twelve.]


    O, it strikes, it strikes! Now, body, turn to air,


    Or Lucifer will bear thee quick to hell!


    [Thunder and lightning.]


    O soul, be chang’d into little water-drops,


    And fall into the ocean, ne’er be found!


    [Enter Devils.]


    My God, my God, look not so fierce on me!


    Adders and serpents, let me breathe a while!


    Ugly hell, gape not! come not, Lucifer!


    I’ll burn my books!

  7. brimmer on 23 April, 2012 at 14:47 said:



    A lot has been said (only by us timmys mind you) re: the Whittaker assault that only produced a yellow, rather than the nick, on Sat.


    But not only did Sportscene not show it, he also got away with this whilst on said yellow. It’s at 4.11. It’s unreal how often this tool gets away with stuff.





    Comments would be nice, but i’m assuming you’ll all just shake your heads.




  8. “I bet you remember where you were when Tait finally blew his whistle to end that game in 1998. You’ll long remember the moment Duff and Phelps bring the curtain down on Rangers Football Club.”



    How soon Paul67? Need to know when to restock on Jelly & Ice Cream! :-)

  9. P67



    Ah..but will D&P get a gig in the masonic after dinner circuit regaling the masses about their efforts to assist all things RFC …:¬))

  10. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul67 –



    Bobby Tait – the toast of every Celtic supporter in May 1998.



    Duff & Phelps – the toast of every Celtic supporter in May 2012.

  11. Paul67



    To be fair, why pay £500,000 to see the crap their in when you can just go on to all the Celtic blogs and get detailed info for free.




  12. brimmer



    Saw the first “assault” on Sat evening but not that one.



    How is that not a yellow, he made no attempt to get ball at all.




  13. If I was a creditor I’d be asking D&P some tough questions.



    Like what the hell are they doing to get me some money? Why do they persist in this fiction that an unconditional bid can be made? And do they know what the word ‘deadline’ means?

  14. Big Swee walks on with Neil Lennon on




    Just watched it. A truly shocking lunge and clearly intent on doing the player a serious injury. Straight red in my book.

  15. enmac, a bampot stands shoulder to shoulder with Neil Lennon on

    that ally mitchell momnet……….i was over at firhill with my dad, taking in the a junior game. cant remember if it was a final………anyways, walking up towards ruchill park folk started cheering and cuddling each other in wee groups. No idea what was going on, then heard the shout “killmarnock 1 up in injury time”. cue a lot of cheering and grabbing the nearest happy person for a cuddle




  16. West Wales Celt on



    Any whispers on when?


    not that I’m impatient, just don’t want my ice-cream melting you understand…

  17. merseycelt lmfao as the big house door slams shut on

    Mort on 23 April, 2012 at 14:47 and steignreignedsupreme



    In my mind, and I suspect yours, Celtic could never die regardless of our financial circumstances.



    Why should the huns think differently especially when you consider their less than impressive critical thinking capabilities?



    Got to go now but I’m interested in your response to this question so will check (much) later!




  18. jorges barnet on

    the end is getting near Paul.


    I still get a bad feeling though that like the baddie in horror films they might somehow still survive. Hope I am wrong.

  19. Gordon_J, worse than/better than. At least Fergie got a result.



    paulsatim, we’re finally in the end game but it could be today/tomorrow or who knows??



    obonfanti1888, get stocked. It really could be any hour now.



    RogueLeader, thank you, but this one is more momentous.



    PFayr, ha! I suspect not.



    Bryce Curdy, hope you bought a programme!



    Steinreignedsupreme, very true.



    ASonOfDan, true.

  20. Paul



    are D&P in added on time after the initial added on time or are they still at the onset of added on time?

  21. West Wales Celt, could be any time now. This is the first time that there is not a serious impediment to overcome before liquidation. Everything is now in place, it’s just a matter of process.



    jorges barnet, this baddie will not survive.



    Che, they are in Tait + time.

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