Dundee v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12:30.


Paul John Dykes and Kevin Graham are joined by Celtic authors, Stephen Sullivan and Stevie Murray for a special festive episode – Christmas Jumpers for Goal-Posts.

Stephen Sullivan is a former Celtic View reporter who wrote the much-lauded Sean Fallon biography, ‘Iron Man’. He is now the editor of FIFA.com.

Stevie Murray has now written two books on Celtic – ‘Ten Men Won The League’ and ‘Kenny of the Celtic’ – and he is a respected and authoritative voice on the club.

Treat yourself to a signed copy of Jim Craig – Right Back to 67 and you will receive a copy of That Season on Paradise signed by Bertie Auld, just order the Jim Craig book at CQNbookstore.co.uk and we’ll do the rest…


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  1. SFTB- I think Clancy has booked Broony 7 out of last 8 games he been in the middle, not sure if true

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Not bad today. Job done.



    Most Celts played OK. McGregor was poor but difficult to play on Dundee’s pitch today.



    (perhaps the surface will improve after the potato harvest in August).



    BTW – remember a non-penalty at ICT being rerun 40 times by BT Sport?



    Not a single replay of Meetings assault on Hayes shown.



    Hail hail

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on 26th December 2017 4:47 pm


    Who is swinging the lead Saturday, have the SFA announced yet?

  4. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Fellow Celts



    Enjoy the rest of your Boxing Day, back to work the morra but life could be much worse :-)



    Good evening n god bless

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Oh and Clancy is an uncle Tim.



    I genuinely can’t remember a single instance of this guy officiating a game of ours efficiently and evenhandedly.

  6. In Crossmaglen, the Fire burns true……..




    The Patriotic flame Won’t ever ever Die.




    Celtic, Do it for Belfast and Glasgow.



    Sky is the Worst Broadcaster Ever.



    Make it such a Perfect day CELTIC.

  7. WARRENPOINT18 on 26TH DECEMBER 2017 4:53 PM


    !!Bada Bing!! on 26th December 2017 4:47 pm



    Who is swinging the lead Saturday, have the SFA announced yet?



    A pal text me last week that Madhun was ref v Sevco, i checked both schedules, he was not doing any , checked SFA site half hour ago, no info yet…he got thems a point last season, so he must be in the squad…..

  8. I thought your hero Sutton described the assault on Jonny Hayes as “a coming together”.



    His comments range from the the sublime to the ridiculous.

  9. I reckon Bobby Madden has to be in for a shout come Saturday. After his deftifying no penalty ruling in his last New Firm outing at CP it’s his jersey to lose. Willie Collom’s recent hun bottler officiating wont rule him out of the reckonig however a trustworthy Dallas name may do enough to calm der hun hordes nerves ahead of the game and give the bookies some food for thought concerning odds. Kevin Clancy’s stake is too little too late surely?


    It’s anybody’s guess but the Masonsfa.

  10. Springfield Road isnae an option against the Huns.




    The Aiberdeen Support has a few young Knobs.




    Nah the Hun that goes to Celtic Park has nothing but HATE. So Sad. Grow up.




    I reckon Celtic will only take 6 off them….. They are likely to score wan.

  11. GERRYFAETHEBRIG. hi gerry was talking on the phone just now to another ex st augustines pupil he was just asking if the old st augustines chapel was still there. we used to go every friday to mass there from the school.hh.

  12. Update, who starts next game upfront ?



    Moussa Dembele ;


    Cowie Bhoy









    Leigh Griffiths ;


    Bad Bing



    Anymore ???

  13. Happy St Stephen’s day everyone. These are indeed the best of times. We are watching a fantastic football team with our best manager since Jock. Hh

  14. G64,




    I know Nothing.



    I know you are a Super Super Super Star.



    I Know FFM dropped likely Wan of the best Tracks EVah on CQN.







    Wonderful jibber jabber.



    FFM Legend

  15. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Well played today Celtic. I’m happy to call 2017 a fantastic year in our history now, ahead of whatever result Saturday brings.





    All good luck to the Unite Scotland members at the Emirates in their dispute with Glasgow Life over the withdrawal of pay allowances for set-ups and de-rigs at the Arena. The picket line on Saturday meant no lunch in the cafe for us, unfortunately, but I understand there’s no action planned for the 30th.





    My best wishes for this holiday period go to all users of this great Celtic site.



    On we go to 7IAR!, five more to go.

  16. G64



    Celtic are sparkling.



    BR2 is coming in the New Year.



    Mikey is the future.



    Anthony is the future.



    Who else is coming through?






    Next year is the 70th anniversary.



    A lot of things are going to happen.



    I hope Beer Sheva win Everything.

  17. EK WEATHER WARNING- ( i realise that could be any month), snow melted , hard freeze right now, terrible underfoot, be careful HH

  18. nally81 on 26th December 2017 6:05 pm



    Dembele to start on Saturday.



    Thought Boyatta was excellent today.











    He wasn’t really tested.



    Dembers will definitely start on Saturday – likely scoring a Hat-trick during the 75 minutes he plays. ;))

  19. I’ve watched the Meelins tackle about 10 times now. In real time It was a bad one. Examining the recording of it is even worse. He meant it big-time. The guy has form, and his reaction was the same as Elbows on Biram Kayal, the immediate feigning of his own injury.


    That was a career- ending tackle.


    It needs to be looked at by the compliance officer, but don’t expect any outrage from the BBC or the Scottish press. Despicable people, all of them.

  20. Stephbhoy, Barrowfield should have been upgraded,a long time ago,but this board at Celtic, definitely have no ambition, young children play there,the pitches are fine,but it’s a dump,and I don’t think Celtic own that land,so if anything needs upgrading it’s Glasgow City Council, Problem,back to the Celtic Board ,they definitely get a easy ride with all the Celtic Blogs,but as long as Lawell and co pick up easy cash,then they won’t ,upgrade Celtic Park,or Barrowfield

  21. Thought Madhun already anointed as ref for Saturday????


    Score at least 6 Celtic. Destroy their delusions fostered by the compliant establishment.


    Was Meekins not also “involved” in the farce that was the ICT Cup semi?



  22. JIMBOB on 26TH DECEMBER 2017 6:18 PM


    Stephbhoy, Barrowfield should have been upgraded,a long time ago,but this board at Celtic, definitely have no ambition,



    No ambition?



    You need to get a grip mate,moan about trite things ,Celtic football club helping more folks than ever,


    get a fekn grip and see the big picture.hh

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