Ethics, Fifa, support for Beram


Remember when Barcelona were regarded as the model of an ethical football club?    I don’t know if it’s just every time I see Tumbling Neymar that I feel a little less affinity with brand Barca but that image has proven to be a mirage.

The clubs tax affairs, specifically over compensation to Lionel Messi, brought it into more disrepute than could be compensated for by the ethically immaculate (cough) ‘Qatar’ emblazoned across their shirts.  Tax is not just for the wee guys.

Now Fifa (you know you have issues when these guys can get moralistic with you) have banned the club from signing players for the next two transfer windows and a fine of 450k Swiss francs after investigations into the signing of 10 foreign minors over the period 2009-2013.  Their accomplices, the Spanish FA, were fined 500 Swiss francs for their role in the episode.

We’ll see if the Spanish FA have the equivalent of What-school-did-you-go-to Ogilvie in charge, who is able to arbitrarily change which transfer windows the ban applies to, in order to assist the club.

Speaking of Ogilvie, after leaving now-liquidated Rangers he continued his work at Hearts, who administrator Bryan Jackson yesterday admitted were themselves facing liquidation.  Ogilvie had a legal responsibility for Rangers during the period they introduced the ruinous EBT scam, some of which was found to be illegal during the First Tier Tribunal, the remainder of which is currently subject to an Upper Tribunal deliberation.

Indeed, the man, who remains president of the SFA, pocketed a £93k EBT, but he can claim no credit for the liquidation of Hearts, which was brought about by the liquidation of the club’s shareholders and lenders.  If there were two clubs in the whole world you would ask karma to liquidate……….

Before you react to this acknowledged possibility, check, are you a fan, or player and fan?  If you are a fan, feel free to proclaim the situation loudly.  If you are player and fan, stop.  The SFA don’t want you proclaiming an acknowledged possibility, as though you were a fan.  Hearts are going bust, but the only man in football allowed to say this is the Hearts administrator.

I see a bit of push-back against Beram Kayal, which is harsh.  After a very promising start Beram is increasingly out of the picture at Celtic and needs to construct a narrative for himself and potential future employers.  Everything he said was almost certainly true: he was ‘done’ by Lee McCulloch, leaving him with a poor first-hand experience of our game.  Why would he retain a love for a league which is offers him nothing?

The comments about Liverpool and Manchester United showing an interest in him prior to his injury tells you lots about how the game works.  Promising, though he was, he was never in this class, but all clubs watch hundreds of players every year.  I see no reason why his agent would be unable to get Beram scouted by a couple of top English clubs.  This would have been reported to the player, but should not be confused as being a qualified interest.

Seville – The Celtic Movement:

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  1. Geordie Munro on

    Isn’t the guy who done the kayal story in the record today not the same guy who tore him a new one yesterday for taking a selfie??




  2. Billy Bhoy 05 on




    Thank you for your comments which are hard to disagree with but sometimes the abuse I receive gets to me and I retaliate.


    I also believe in fairness.

  3. Billy Bhoy 05 on




    When you meet up with BMCUW I will tell you a cracking wee story about Curleys.





    How long have we waited for a Celtic player to tell it like it is?



    Good on ya Beram. I wish you well,and I wish you were still the player you were before your injuries.



    At 25,you still have a long career in front of you.



    Strangely,it was at the end of The Record article that I saw a link to this.




  5. Paul 67



    Beram has been pissed-off since he heard his manager saying


    that – “There was nothing wrong with Lee’s tackle – just two players going for the ball.”





    Hail Hail

  6. antipodean red on




    From the previous article, you make a lot of good points and I am in agreement with most of them, I think you will find that I did not criticise Celtic, I just think that it is time that we met this mob head on.




  7. The Scottish footballing establishment has been anti-Celtic


    since Brother Walfrid had his 1st pie and bovril. imho



    Anybody who thought that there would be some level of ‘balance’


    introduced when, PL went inside the tent is a wee bit niave. imho



    LG will score goals like a new cannonball-kid, if, he gets the chances. imho



    LG’s scoring prowess will make him a threat and as a result, will become


    a ‘priority’ target of the establishment. imho



    So, the management – I assume – will have to be smarter with their management


    of LG. imho



    When LG scored his 1st goal for us v’s Hearts, he ran straight to the Hearts


    fans to celebrate. Now, for me, that was the cue for the management team to sort LG


    out and explain to him that – as soon as you pull on those hoops, the rules will be applied more rigidly. imho



    So, for me, the Celtic management knew what they were taking on when they signed LG.



    Are the Celtic management at times lax / ponderous / lackadasical , when it comes


    to players overall sharpness of mind ?



    To conclude – LG has to be better ‘managed’ by the management team. imho


    Hail Hail

  8. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Elbows is a sleekit coward managed and defended by an even more sleekit coward.



    This is who THEY are.

  9. Snake Plissken on

    There are two sides to the Kayal thing.



    The McCulloch tackle finished him but I think people are forgetting in the 3-3 game at Kilmarnock he had completely lost the plot and should really have been sent off.



    That day for a lot of people we could see the boy’s head was not all there and many questioned whether his heart was as well.



    My opinion was that he thought he’d be in Scotland, have one good season and get a big move.



    His injury at Inverness put paid to that and in a season where we played our former rivals and he had starred in a number of those games with UK -wide exposure it’s legitimate to think that he might have got said move.



    There was also a video of him back in Israel doing the rounds where he wanted to play for Man U. (They might take you now Beram cause they’re gash and facing a decade of being nowhere in my opinion).



    I really liked Beram in his first season I would chalk him up to being one whose talent got stifled and spoiled by injury or by over-estimation of his own ability.



    We’ll always have that day at Ibrox in 2011 and that goal against Dundee United to remember him by.

  10. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    I know it won’t be the popular opinion but I don’t think Elbows deliberately set out to ‘do’ Kayal. For me it was a committed tackle by both players where one came off worse than the other.



    Aside from that, I’d never, ever have given him a Celtic jersey again after his performance at Rugby Park.

  11. HT



    Soreee, have to disagree, had it been anyone else, I would tend to agree with you, elbows is an out and out thug who should never be allowed anywhere near a football pitch.




  12. Geordie Munro on

    Mcculloch is a thug. The worst kind of thug. The kind who dishes it out but screams and rolls about when he’s on the receiving end.



    His challenge on kayal happened yards from me. It was a strong but careless tackle with no regard for safety and his rolling and squealing quickly disappeared when he knew he wasn’t going to be shown a red!!

  13. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    I agree, he’s both a coward and a thug.



    However, in this instance I don’t believe he was either, gents.



    I know it’s not a popular opinion but it’s just my opinion on the incident.

  14. Agree with HT on Kayal. Would never have given him a jersey again after the 3-3 game at Rugby Park.


    Wont miss him………..

  15. FourGreenFields on

    hamiltontim is praying for oscar



    See geordie munro’s post mate and other incident’s involving elbows on other players .

  16. McCulloch is a coward, a useless excuse for a man, a real (as they call them) Raners man, has kicked, clogged, and elbowed in every game he has played in Scotland, apologists for this clown are few and far between in here, (but there are a couple) and they are entitled to there opinion same as the rest of us, but as an athlete or a football player I have never seen any of this from this poor excuse for a man, a low life and a big sleekit coward is all he is, has been, and always will be, human beings who play this wonderful game are not safe on a football park when this Neanderthal is on the same park as them, one of the dirtiest players since bobby Shearer and he was a rat, only my opinion, lurking Huns GIRUYs.

  17. Beram’s time at Celtic is almost certainly up.



    We now have players like Biton, Johansen and Henderson.



    Wish him all the best for the future.




  18. tonydonnelly67



    13:01 on 2 April, 2014




    1000000 % in agreement with ye – ya eejit :)


    Hail Hail



    Imagine an eejit calling anothe eejit an eejit – CSC

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