Europe a sideshow to league duty at Fir Park


A Europa League tie against Rennes on Thursday would normally set midweek pulses racing but when Celtic have such a crucial game ahead in the fight for second place Neil Lennon has a major decision to make, does he rest players for the Motherwell game?

Sunday’s game at Fir Park is set to become one of the most important games of the season for Celtic and I’m sure Neil would prefer a clear midweek to prepare for it, but resting players, with the inherent increased chance of defeat, could further damage fragile morale.

Celtic need a confidence boosting win but they need heads focussed on beating Motherwell even more. The consequences of defeat on Thursday are unpleasant, but the consequences of defeat on Sunday are incalculable.

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  1. philvisreturns says:



    1 November, 2011 at 13:41


    googybhoy – See the SNP are to put a,minimum price on alcohol.


    Price controls eh?


    Has anybody in the SNP ever read an economics textbook? (thumbsup)







    Song controls and now price controls.


    Have they ever read a songbook?

  2. merseycelt loves Neil Lennon and will always be thankful to him for standing up to the bigots and the cowards on




    “I don’t think CQN should be the equivalent of the Gaurdian reading Celtic fan forum”



    Why not?




  3. The Lizard King on

    Ten Men Won The League says:


    1 November, 2011 at 13:41



    Hooiveld has played 9 games for Celtic over 2 seasons. I don’t have the stats to hand to say how many games were consecutive.



    We are very quick to discard players in our minds – the same is happening to Bangura.



    For my part I feel like I’ve hardly ever seen Hooiveld play. I didn’t see the Utrecht away game where collectively we were garbage, apparently, yet that game seems to have sealed Hooivelds fate to many.



    I’d agree with Joos, he’s not yet had a chance to shine.







  4. googybhoy – Song controls and now price controls.



    The common theme with the SNP seems to be “control”.



    Sadly the other parties in the Scottish Parliament aren’t noticeably better.



    Is there anybody in Scottish politics who believes in letting people mind their own business? (thumbsup)

  5. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    For me it would be wrong to understate the importance of the europa league tie



    Especially when I look at the circumstances. We would not be taking the europa league lightly because we felt like we are a CL team who somehow ended up in the wrong cup. No, we would be taking this europa league lightly because we feel that it is a lost cause and conceding that even the EL is too high a level for us



    That’s a poor state of affairs to be in, but lets not admit it, lets put up a fight against Rennes and who knows maybe get a morale boosting win before fir park. We could certainly do with any cash that an extended run or win bonus might provide



    Another reason is that right now I don’t believe that we have an established or settled first 11 and in many cases the “back up” player is as good (or as mediocre) as the “first teamer” For example which two center halves would we save for fir park and which two would we play in the EL match?



    IMO this team might need as much match practice as they can get, in an effort to “click”



    Of course there is a risk of injuries vs Rennes, but we treat the EL with disdain at our own risk.


    It will be a long time in the slow lane before we can consider ourselves too good for the EL

  6. bournesouprecipe says:


    1 November, 2011 at 13:47





    Did you contact Paul re your address/

  7. The Lizard King – I agree.



    Also, you’re right about Bangura. He’s barely been in Scotland five minutes and is already being written off in some quarters.



    I don’t think we should give up on our players so easily. Presumably they were scouted before they joined Celtic, so won’t have suddenly become bad players overnight.



    Give the bhoys a chance. (thumbsup)

  8. Re Naismith,



    Maybe, just maybe this could make the difference.



    Yes I know its not going to improve us. However, that wee cheat is a massive player for them. I’ve said for 6 weeks that the most important thing for Celtic is to hang onto their coat tails until January.



    This could be a break for us.

  9. Cultsbhoy



    When Jos was here he was a better supporter, than he was as a player.



    He’s still our player, but maybe the climatic change has done him good, – I don’t think he managed consecutive games for Celtic, let alone


    a run.



    Who knows what will happen, we have at least seven senior CB’s none of whom, have escaped critique.

  10. Paul The Spark on

    I think our support is too quick to put god like status on some new signings and write off others way too hastily.Probably a symptom of the desperation we feel for the good times returning.


    Hail Hail

  11. merseycelt loves Neil Lennon and will always be thankful to him for standing up to the bigots and the cowards on

    On cb’s



    Apologies if covered already but leeds fans think Darren O’Dea is the real deal. Apparently, they play him alonside a lump of a ch who does the heading whilst Daz does the sweeping.



    Only saying, like!




  12. The Honest Cover-up on




    That boy sure talks a good game. He is as slow as a week in the jail though and can’t tackle, doesn’t dominate in the air and buckles under pressure. All the talk of “proving a point” will count for nothing when he turns slower than his Dad’s oil tanker! I remember a poster hit the nail on the head when describing him as “Stephen McManus with better patter”. My only objection to that was that Stephen was an honest player who knew his limitations.


    He may well go on to have good career, as many players who don’t make it at Celtic and good luck to him. But he should continue to do some talking on the park. Anyone who watches the Championship regularly knows it ain’t all that.

  13. 7 appearances in 2 years including a role in the Braga debacle. How many chances has big Dan had over the same period?

  14. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Players need to get a run in the team!



    And in their normal position.



    We don’t afford some of these guys that pleasure.



    I see some posters still want to play Ledley at left back!

  15. Philvis,



    “Is there anybody in Scottish politics who believes in letting people mind their own business?”



    -Aye, wee Tommy Sheridan!

  16. Hello from a very wet and cold Sicily.


    Grim days to be a Tim. At least in the 90’s we had some hope( not misplaced) that there was a saviour out there. We could also point to the Huns massive financial advantage for our plight. What’s our excuse now?


    We can only hope something will turn up. Again we dont seem to have many young players coming through which I think is a fatal flaw in our organisation. Incredibly the Huns are set to get 4 in a row for only the 4th time in their history and we have let it happen.

  17. I’m alone



    In a house choc (smirk) full of Hallowe’en booty



    God please help me be a stronger man…



    … mmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhh funsize…



    Sorry God.




  18. The Honest Cover-up on

    I thought that at big clubs players EARNED their chance then took it. I didn’t realise they were to be given chance after chance, year after year in the hope that a 28 year old (Hooiveld) might, just might come good.

  19. jungle1967 – Grim days to be a Tim.



    Not really.



    It’s always great to be a Tim.



    Losing a few games, or even a few leagues doesn’t change that.



    Don’t you ever stop being dandy, showing me you’re handsome. (thumbsup)

  20. Eyes Wide Open on




    Just getting chance to pick up on your post re Celtic’s “attacking” tactics.



    Needless to say I disagree – not in its entirety because I think we are coming from different perspectives.



    Picking lightweights like Forrest and Commons away from home for example – isnt what I mean when I say I want Celtic to attack.



    The problem has been picking the wrong teams in the absence of any real tactics.



    In order to ‘attack’ you have to have the ball. In order to have the ball you need players who can win it, then the same players need to be able to keep it. When you control a game – you can attack until your heart is content.



    We consistently pick the wrong teams, enforced upon us because player recruitment is lacking (or being directed from elsewhere) evidenced by 4/5 years after Strachan commented that when he saw the Man Utd and Celtic players running out at Celtic Park we reminded him of the 7 dwarfs – we still have the same problems.



    In addition we have an absolutely atrocious defence. We also spent the last day on transfer deadline day chasing additional temporary left back cover, when we had no centre halves (well at that point we thought we had one – K Wilson).



    At this moment in time we need to go back to basics – a midfield of Brown, Ledley, Kayal and Wanyama should be strong enough to mean we win the ball back before it becomes a goalscoring opportunity.



    It should also be tough enough to mean we can build more potent attacks as well as being more safeguarded at the back.



    Then we can ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Ten Men Won The League on

    We need 2 centre halfs who are built like brick **** houses



    The kind of guys whom opposition forwards look at in the tunnel and think ” I genuinely wish i wasn’t here today”

  22. bournesouprecipe says:


    1 November, 2011 at 13:55






    I did indeed, – maybe he’s busy? – but he never misses an email.



    Looking forward to conversing.








    Me too.

  23. It’s Nonsense tae suggest that Neil doesn’t have the Players.


    at his Disposal,in order tae Do his Joab.



    Neil DOES so… have the Players.. and those same players


    Mollicated Motherwell, a Few weeks Ago,with Style and Elan.



    Four to Nil, in our Favour.



    Neil, has been more than adequately provided, by the Board, with an Abundance of Players who are more than amply skilled in order to handle any team whom they shall meet,in the S.P.L.



    It is not the Board’s Fault that these Players have turned into a Bunch of Jeykals


    and Hydes.



    Then, who is to blame for this Celtic Team’s Calamitous and Vexing Recent Results?



    No, Virginia, is it No .. Mr. Lawwell.



    and .. No, Virginia… it is No the Big Bad Mr. Desmond,eethur.



    Howevah .. It is a Yes.. To Mr. Shakespeare ..He is Correct..



    when he says…



    ” The Fault , dear Celtic, is Not in the Stars,but in Thyselves, that You are Underlings to.. The Benighted, G.A. ”



    Like Ah opened wi’,when Ah wrote that..



    Celtic Whipped the Frilly Panties aff.. this Same Motherwell bunch..


    and they should… by all that’s Holy…. be capable o’ daeing the Same oan Sunday, Next.



    And if they Don’t?



    Then Ah dinnae want tae read any rubbish oan here that it is .. The Board’s or Mr. Lawwell’s or Mr. Desmond’s Fault ..Should the Unacceptable Happen.



    Fur that wid Be..






    And Ah Canny Stand to be Reading Absurdity!




  24. One of Italian football’s brightest talents, Antonio Cassano, is recovering in hospital after reportedly suffering a stroke.


    The 29-year-old AC Milan striker was taken ill on a flight back from his side’s 3-2 win over AS Roma on Sunday.



    Reports in Italy had claimed the forward had suffered a “suspected stroke” but that’s being denied by club officials, who claim Cassano is making a “marked improvement”.



    His AC Milan team mates are currently in Belarus preparing to play BATE Borisov in the Champions League.



    His side’s coach, Massimiliano Allegri, is dedicating the fixture to Cassano.



    “We will play for Antonio. There are so many aspects apart from the sporting ones and we’re all saddened.



    “The team is calm but disappointed at what has happened. From the human point of view it’s always disappointing, especially when it happens to a lad of 29.”



    Cassano is one of Italy’s biggest stars after a career of big money transfers and off-the-field controversies.



    He has played for some of Europe’s biggest clubs including AS Roma and Real Madrid but has a “bad-boy” reputation after a series of bust-ups with coaches and appearances in the Italian tabloid press.



    But Cassano has flourished since joining Milan in January, earning a regular spot in the Italy squad and becoming a father for the first time.



    He will undergo further tests over the next few days at the Policlinico hospital in Milan.

  25. No budding centre backs in our under 19s? When was the last quality defender we brought through the ranks?

  26. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on




    Just trying to be inclusive.. But I’d rather the post were pitched at Gaurdian level than the sun..or in the case of some ‘the Star’.. Maybe even ‘the Sport’..,



    Hopefully you get my point.. The blog was descending there for a while..

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